STEM ReactArray Workstation

    from Barnstead International

    STEM* ReactArray Workstation from Thermo Fisher Scientific REACTARRAY


    ReactArray Automation Platform

    • Automates reaction preparation, sampling, quenching and dilution.
    • Improves productivity approximately 10-fold over manual process studies.
    • Optional HPLC/MS analysis available.
    • Large working platform.
    • Simple to use software.
    • - ReactArray, the Chemist’s Workstation was designed for the chemist through collaboration with chemists in the leading pharmaceuticals.
    • - The world’s most popular “Fully Integrated Synthesis/HPLC/Data Handling System” integrates the Gilson 215SW autosampler and syringe pump with user-friendly software to automatically prepare and monitor reactions under precisely controlled conditions.

    The ReactArray Workstation Consists of:

    • Gilson 215SW Liquid Handler with a 402 Dual Syringe Dilutor.
    • Choice of STEM Reaction Racks.
    • Inerting Solvent and Reagent Racks and a Two Tier Analytical Rack.
    • ReactArray Control Software.
    • Optional RDM Data Management Software with Agilent 1100 Control Software.

    Gilson 215 Liquid Handler

    • This single-probe, liquid handler delivers a robust performance with fast and accurate injections.
    • The large working platform has been designed for maximum flexibility; accommodating a large range of racks.
    • While the on-board wash platform minimizes the risk of cross contamination.
    • The liquid handler integrates an injection port for automatic sample injection into a wide range of HPLC and MS instruments for online analysis.

    Full Range of Racks

    • Customize your racks to create a system that fits your specific application.
    • Analytical Racks: Two Tier analytical rack to hold 175 2ml vials.
    • Inerting Solvent and Reagent Racks: Choice of Reagent Rack (Accommodates 18 of the 40ml Scintillation Vials) or Solvent Rack (Accommodates 6 of the130ml Solvent Bottles).
    • STEM Reaction Racks: Choose one or a combination of the STEM Reaction Blocks.
    • These blocks include the RS10 Reaction Block, RS12 Reaction Block, RS1000 Reaction Block, RS1050 Reaction Block and RS600 Reaction Block.

    ReactArray Control Software-Up and running in five easy steps.

    • The ReactArray Control Software has been designed to support maximum flexibility and usability.
    • Operation can be conducted in five easy steps:
    • Use wizards to set all method parameters.
    • You can select from a range of rack: inerting, reagent, solvents, reaction and analytical.
    • In step one, you simply drag and drop commonly used liquids (Wash, Diluent, etc.) to any named rack (solvent, etc.)
    • You can also prepare reagents automatically and enter a reduced starting volume for reagent positions.
    • Liquid can be added to this vessel to facilitate reagent preparation.
    • Click on dedicated Task Buttons to display a simple user dialogue for each task.
    • You can view your recipes and sampling protocol as you build it up for each reaction vessel.
    • Tasks can be quickly re-ordered from recipe file-just drag and drop.
    • Multi-Reaction Vessel function - allows you to apply a task to multiple reaction vessels with one click, or copy tasks from one Reaction Vessel to another.
    • Use of 'Smart Mix'-allows new mix task is to address more "difficult" sample/diluent combinations to maximize quantitative performance
    • ReactArray automatically checks for time and volume errors.
    • Comprehensive user information enables rapid corrective action.
    • ToolTip describes the error that has been detected to assist with corrective action.
    • Solvent consumption calculator warns if method will exhaust any reagent positions and assist in making up the correct amount of an expensive reagent.
    • Comprehensive scheduling ability optimizes workstation resource to maximize efficiency and shorten run times.
    • On-line analysis can be performed, after each sampling event.
    • Time cursors allow the user to pin-point the time of execution of any task within the method.
    • Real-time status display for each reaction vessel.
    • Graphical Scheduler tracks the progress of your method.
    • Configuration view shows consumption of reagents.
    • System’s color-coding confirms which samples have been taken.
    • - ReactArray Data Management Software is the first HPLC Data Handling Package available in the market.
    • The ReactArray Data Management Software combines Agilent 1100 HPLC control software with ReactArray Data Management Software for a fully integrated synthesis, HPLC and data handling system.
    • RDM allows the experimental procedures and HPLC data to be stored in the same database.
    • For earlier evaluation of experimental data, real-time data can be gathered while the experiment is running.
    • By using common software architecture and standard HPLC data acquisition algorithms, training on the software is minimal, just simply point and click.
    • The software helps the chemist eliminate assumptions on how analytes react, by using internal and external standards.