Harvey Water Pretreatment Systems

from Barnstead International

Harvey* Water Pretreatment Systems from Barnstead International AY1273X4 BC1144X2A D11441 D50279


Quick Pure Water for Your Steam Sterilizer!

  • Removes calcium, magnesium, and other ionic impurities that can harm your steam sterilizer.
  • Easy to install.
  • Low cost operation.

Product Description

  • Easy to set up-quick fitting connectors connect directly to your faucet-requires no power.
  • Compact-fits on the countertop or mounts to the wall for easy installation.
  • Fast-produces 0.5 liters of pure water per minute.
  • Reliable-Barnstead has been in the pure water market for over 100 years-trust the water expert.
  • Low Cost-50 cents per gallon cost based on average tap water (171 ppm).
  • No need to store containers of distilled water.
  • Connect a Harvey DI system to your faucet and pure water is available at your request.
  • The new Harvey DI system incorporates nuclear grade resin enclosed in virgin polypropylene canister to purify tap water.


  • Cartridge resin changes color when it is time to install new cartridges.
  • Simple Maintenance-remove cover for easy access when replacing cartridges.
  • The Harvey DI water system provides pre-treated water for your steam sterilizer at the push of a button.
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