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Revco* Ultima Plus HD Ultra-Low Temperature Upright Freezers

from Thermo Fisher Scientific

Revco* Ultima Plus HD Ultra-Low Temperature Upright Freezers from Thermo Fisher Scientific ULT2586-10HD-A ULT2586-10HD-D ULT2586-10HD-V ULT2586-10HD-W ULT3280-10HD-D ULT3280-10HD-V ULT3280-10HD-W


Safeguarding Your Precious Samples with Advanced Technology and Exceptional Quality

  • Thermo Scientific Revco PLUS ultra-low temperature freezers combine the highest reliability and superior performance with cost-effective operation and innovative features.
  • Our Revco® PLUS freezers feature an advanced technology platform, refrigeration, microprocessor controls and high-quality construction, delivering.

Maximum Temperature Recovery

  • Up to 20% more heat removal capacity over ordinary freezers, ensuring faster temperature recovery after door openings.

Operational Efficiency

  • Up to 15% less power to maintain cabinet temperature compared to other freezers.

Comfortable Lab Environment

  • Quiet, comfortable operation allows our ultra-low temperature freezers to reside directly in the lab, creating a more productive and efficient work environment.


  • Up to 15% less heat into the lab environment, minimizing air conditioning costs.

Our new Revco PLUS HD freezers feature a highly-efficient, innovative thin wall insulation technology.

  • This allows for expanded interior storage capacity without increasing the exterior cabinet footprint.

Quality, Reliable Construction

  • Delivering the highest quality you expect, our Revco PLUS freezers feature robust, high-quality construction with your choice of foam or HD insulation, flexible storage and precision controls.

The Largest Capacity Ultra-Low Temperature Freezer Available

  • Our 32 cu ft freezer delivers the industry’s highest capacity and vial to footprint ratio - store up to 70,000 sample vials in 35 inventory racks.

More Capacity, Small Footprint

  • Uses HD technology and design to allow 31.4 cu ft (889 L) of capacity in a 24.8 cu ft (702 L) footprint.
  • Features seven optional racks per shelf and five shelf positions hold up to 700 2” (50mm) boxes, 525 3” (76mm) boxes or 3,430 microplates.

Ultimate Sample Protection

  • Each inner door operates independently on a continuous hinge to protect entire sample contents from ambient thermal exposure.

Flexible Interior

  • Five shelves, three adjustable in 1” (25 mm) increments, permit alternate inventory configuration.

Sophisticated Microprocessor Controls

  • Our Revco Plus HD line features sophisticated, easy-to-read microprocessor controls - delivering industry-leading performance to protect the integrity of your work.

PLUS Power Management System

  • Low Voltage Surge Protection: minimizes voltage spikes; protects sensitive electronics.
  • Voltage Buck/Boost: protective device used to correct low or high voltage into the unit; protects and extends the life of electrical components.

A.I.M. Automatic Incident Monitor: identifies temperature deviation (due to power failure or temperature failure) beyond alarm setpoint

  • Battery Backup: continuous charge provides full function to control panel in case of power failure.
  • On-Board Diagnostics: continuously monitors sensors to ensure proper performance.

Standard Features

  • Chart recorder, RS232 output and 4-20 milliamp output.

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