Barnstead ULTROpure Reverse Osmosis

from Barnstead International

Barnstead* ULTROpure* Reverse Osmosis from Barnstead International D0605 D2622 D6821 D68210 D68211 D6822 D6823 D6827 D6828 D6829 D8451 FL583X1


Larger Volume Requirements? No Problem!

  • Fully automatic operation.
  • Can produce up to 1325 liters per day.
  • Great purified water for entire lab, floor, or small building.
  • Purity monitor, gauges and flow meters standard.

Product Description

  • If you require reverse osmosis to pretreat a NANOpure or provide water for an entire laboratory, floor or small building, the ULTROpure reverse osmosis unit is the logical system.
  • Capable of delivering between 60-157 liters per hour, making it ideal for central systems requiring up to 1325 liters per day.
  • Up to 50% feed water recovery conserves valuable water.
  • Microprocessor controlled, allowing for fully automatic and unattended operation.
  • Monitor system performance with the percent rejection monitor.
  • Provides a real-time indication of membrane performance, including resistivity and temperature of the feed and product water.
  • High and low pressure switches prevent low pressure pump burnout and high pressure hardware damage.
  • Product and reject flow meters allow for quick and easy adjustment and evaluation of system performance.
  • Pressure gauges both pre- and post-prefilter, alerting you when the need exists to change the prefilter.
  • Four membranes available, providing for increased versatility in feed water and flow requirements.
  • Automatic and manual flush, reduces the build-up of contaminants on the membrane surface.
  • Wall mounted, available to be floor mounted with the addition of the optional floor stand, which provides for more flexibility in choosing the location.
  • Computer aided water analysis, in addition to a W.A.T.E.R. analysis, provides for optimal pretreatment and membrane choice, as well as operating conditions.
  • Operates in conjunction with 100 liter reservoir and large capacity fiberglass reservoir.


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Barnstead pre-filter holder, b-pure 1/2 size, 5 micronBarnstead pre-filter holder, b-pure 1/2 size, 5 micron
Thermo Fisher Sci Inc
Barnstead pre-filter holder, b-pure 1/2 size, 5 micronThermo Barnstead FL583X1 Pre-Filter Holder
Product description:Barnstead pre-filter holder, b-pure 1/2 size, 5 micronThermo Fisher Sci IncBarnsteadThermo Barnstead FL583X1 Pre-Filter Holder logoMPN: FL583X1 SKU:FL583X1 Model:FL583X1