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    562X86LSLabstrongadapter straight ¼ 10mm pipe fitting (john guest)
    562X86LSLabstrongadapter straight ¼ 10mm pipe fitting (john guest)
    562X8LSLabstrongreservoir float switch (2 posn., 5 pin)
    562X8LSLabstrongreservoir float switch (2 posn., 5 pin)
    562X9LSLabstrongsolenoid valve 240v
    562X9LSLabstrongsolenoid valve 240v
    56322Thermo Scientificsensor assy, temp air, rc3bp
    56323Thermo Scientificsensor assy, temp, floor,
    56326Thermo Scientificbezel assy, rc3bp
    56350Thermo Scientificpcb, display rc-3bp (5607x)
    56360Thermo Scientificpcb brush motor adapter(5607y)
    564-072-00Thermo Scientificwasher - flat 1/4"
    564-382-00Thermo Scientificwasher, flat nylon rpo 6/09
    564-383-00Thermo Scientificwasher, nylon .252idx.472od
    564-387-00Thermo Scientificwasher, nylon
    564-422-00Thermo Scientificbonded sealing washer
    56409Thermo Scientificlcd module assembly
    56419Thermo Scientifickit rc-12bp / 3bp std.cont.pcb
    56420Thermo Scientifickit, rc3/12bp, i/o pcb
    56422Thermo Scientifickit, rc3bp, cmpnt intfc
    56431Thermo Scientificdrive box assy rc3bp mfm
    56448Thermo Scientificdrive box assy rc-3c+ mfm
    565-129-00Thermo Scientificscrew-machine 3/8-16 fh sh sst
    566-336-00Thermo Scientificblock puller/thumb screw
    56636Thermo Scientificcord 16-3 sjt 120 13a 96
    569-055-00Thermo Scientificfinger pull
    570-064-00Thermo Scientifichinge
    570-275-00Thermo Scientifichinge
    570-276-01Thermo Scientifichinge, 2"l x 2" open with np
    5763Thermo Scientific0.5ml adapter for espresso microcentrifuge
    5764Thermo Scientific0.2ml adapter for espresso microcentrifuge
    580120FThermo Scientific801 rotor system with 305/315 6x50 ml falcon/corning for cl2 compact centrifuge
    580920FThermo Scientific809 rotor system with 302/668 12x15 ml falcon/corning for cl2 compact centrifuge
    581-461-00Thermo Scientificshelf angle
    581530FThermo Scientific815 rotor system with 302/668 24x15 ml falcon/corning for discontinued centrifuges
    581620FThermo Scientific816 rotor system with 305/315 8x50 ml falcon/corning for discontinued centrifuges
    584-961-00Thermo Scientificupper bearing housing
    585-001-00Thermo Scientifichumidifier
    588-802-01Thermo Scientificshelf support brkt
    590-486-00Thermo Scientificshaker box insulator
    590-500-00Thermo Scientificchamber bottom insulator
    59008Thermo Scientific8-32 x 7/8 ss php screw
    59194Thermo Scientificspindle assy rc28s
    59264Thermo Scientifichandle, rework
    59407Thermo Scientifictransducer assy.sonic
    59448Thermo Scientificholder assy sensor unbal(4803b
    59511Thermo Scientificlindberg blue m 1200c split-hinge tube furnace tube adapter
    59519Thermo Scientificlindberg blue m 1200c split-hinge tube furnace tube adapter blank for 55122
    59522Thermo Scientificlindberg blue m 1200c split-hinge tube furnace tube adapter
    59523Thermo Scientificlindberg blue m 1200c split-hinge tube furnace tube adapters
    59524Thermo Scientificlindberg blue m 1200c split-hinge tube furnace tube adapter 2.5
    59525Thermo Scientificlindberg blue m 1200c split-hinge tube furnace tube adapters
    59529Thermo Scientificlindberg blue m 1200c split-hinge tube furnace tube adapters
    5953Thermo Scientificcover for stainless steel box/per each
    5954Thermo Scientific2 x 5.25" x 5.25" fiberboard box
    59541Thermo Scientificlindberg blue m 100c tube furnace ring slip
    59543Thermo Scientificlindberg blue m 100c tube furnace label warning
    59545Thermo Scientificlindberg blue m 100c tube furnace tube adapter 3
    59549Thermo Scientificlindberg blue m 100c tube furnace tube adapterblank for model 5
    59555Thermo Scientificlindberg blue m 100c tube furnace tube adapter 3
    59556Thermo Scientificlindberg blue m 100c tube furnace tube adapter 4
    59557Thermo Scientificlindberg blue m 100c tube furnace bracket ksb rc-28s
    59558Thermo Scientificlindberg blue m 100c tube furnace bracket ksb rc28s tube hldr
    5956Thermo Scientific3 x 5.25" x 5.25" fiberboard box
    59572CFThermo Scientific4x100ml short form conical oil rotor for gp6 for discontinued gp6 / gp6r series centrifuge
    5958Thermo Scientific7/16" grid box divider (100-12 mm vials)/per dozen
    595810FThermo Scientific958 rotor system with 325/320/315 6x50 ml falcon/corning for discontinued centrifuges
    595830FThermo Scientific958 rotor system with 350/323/571 6x50 ml falcon/corning sealed for discontinued centrifuges
    5959Thermo Scientific5/8" grid box divider (49-16 mm vials)
    5960Thermo Scientificfiberboard grid dividers, 8x8, 0.61" cell (14mm vials)
    59631Thermo Scientificgauge, urr calibation
    59680Thermo Scientificu.r.r. pc board
    5970-0513TCThermo Scientificnalgene full test tube rack - red 72x13mm
    5970-0516TCThermo Scientificnalgene full test tube rack - red 72x16mm
    5970-0520TCThermo Scientificnalgene full test tube rack - red 40x20mm
    5970-0525TCThermo Scientificnalgene full test tube rack - red 40x25mm
    5970-0530TCThermo Scientificnalgene full test tube rack - red 24x30mm
    5972-0013TCThermo Scientificnalgene half test tube rack - white 36x13mm
    5972-0016TCThermo Scientificnalgene half test tube rack - white 36x16mm
    5972-0020TCThermo Scientificnalgene half test tube rack - white 20x20mm
    5972-0025TCThermo Scientificnalgene half test tube rack - white 16x25mm
    5972-0030TCThermo Scientificnalgene half test tube rack - white 9x30mm
    59722Thermo Scientifictemperature sensor assy.
    5983Thermo Scientificsingle stack, 1 drawer for (12) plasma boxes ; 5 7/8"h x 5"w x 19 3/4"d ( for old 16, 21 cu.ft.. models)
    5994Thermo Scientificsingle stack, 4 drawers for (12) 2" boxes; 9 3/8"h x 5 3/4"w x 16 1/16"d (for old 11 cu.ft.. models)
    600-002-00Thermo Scientificdoor latch as purchased
    600-041-00Thermo Scientificlatch
    600-045-00Thermo Scientificlatch mounting 393
    600-110-00Thermo Scientificconcealed latch rpo 2/09
    600-124-00Thermo Scientifictension catch 3 way standard
    600-129-00Thermo Scientificplastic cabinet catch
    600-139-00Thermo Scientifictwo point cam
    600-140-00Thermo Scientificlatch roller
    600-147-00Thermo Scientificl-handle & housing rpo 11/06
    600-147-01Thermo Scientificl-handle & housing
    600-148-00Thermo Scientific3-way ball tensn ctch rpo 2/09
    600-150-00Thermo Scientificlatch & pin
    600034Thermo Scientific.375" snapper hose clamp
    600045Thermo Scientific7/8" snapper hose clamp
    600056Thermo Scientific9"band clamp w/draw catch
    600063Thermo Scientific.312" snapper hose clamp
    600065Thermo Scientific5/8" snapper hose clamp
    600074Thermo Scientifictest tube rack, 21-25mm (30ml tubes), 40 places, for use with 600088
    600075Thermo Scientifictest tube rack, 26-30mm (50ml tubes), 24 places, for use with 600088
    600076Thermo Scientifictest tube rack and holder for 10-13mm tubes (3-7ml tubes), 72 places for maxq hp open air shakers
    600077Thermo Scientifictest tube rack and holder for 16-20mm tubes (10-20ml tubes), 40 places for maxq hp open air shakers
    600078Thermo Scientifictest tube rack and holder for 21-25mm tubes (30ml tubes), 40 places for maxq hp open air shakers
    600079Thermo Scientifictest tube rack and holder for 26-30mm tubes (50ml tubes), 24 places for maxq hp open air shakers
    600088Thermo Scientificuniversal adjustable angle test tube rack holder for maxq 8000 and hp series
    600089Thermo Scientificmicroplate rack insert holds 9 standard plates for maxq 8000 and hp series
    600090Thermo Scientificmicroplate rack insert holds 6 deepwell plates for maxq 8000 and hp series
    600210Thermo Scientificwirewound heat 300w 120v
    60023Thermo Scientificretaining ring, ext.truarc
    6003-1Troemner100lb class 1 weight
    6003-2Troemner100lb class 2 weight
    6003-3Troemner100lb class 3 weight
    6003-4Troemner100lb class 4 weight
    6004-1Troemner50lb class 1 weight
    6004-2Troemner50lb class 2 wt.
    6004-3Troemner50lb class 3 weight .
    6004-4Troemner50 lb class 4 weight
    600420Thermo Scientificcart heater 200w 240v
    600460Thermo Scientificheatr cartridge 150w 120v
    6005-1Troemner30 lb class 1 weight
    6005-2Troemner30 lb class 2 weight
    6005-3Troemner30 lb class 3 weight
    6005-4Troemner30 lb class 4 weight
    6006-1Troemner25 lb class 1 weight
    6006-2Troemner25 lb class 2 weight
    6006-3Troemner25 lb class 3 weight
    6006-4Troemner25 lb class 4 weight
    600600Thermo Scientificcart heater 180w 120v
    6007-1Troemner20 lb class 1 weight
    6007-2Troemner20 lb class 2 weight
    6007-3Troemner20 lb class 3 weight
    6007-4Troemner20 lb class 4 weight
    600760RThermo Scientificresistor wirewound 750ohm 30w
    6008-1Troemner10 lb class 1 analytical weight
    6008-2Troemner10 lb class 2 weight
    6008-3Troemner10 lb class 3 weight .
    6008-4Troemner10 lb class 4 weight
    6009-1Troemner5 lb class 1 analytical weight
    6009-2Troemner5 lb class 2 weight
    6009-3Troemner5 lb class 3 weight .
    6009-4Troemner5 lb class 4 weight
    6010-1Troemner4 lb class 1 weight
    6010-2Troemner4 lb class 2 wt.
    6010-3Troemner4 lb class 3 weight
    6010-4Troemner4 lb class 4 weight
    6011-1Troemner3 lb class 1 weight
    6011-2Troemner3 lb class 2 weight
    6011-3Troemner3 lb class 3 weight
    6011-4Troemner3 lb class 4 weight
    6012-1Troemner2 lb class 1 weight
    6012-2Troemner2 lb class 2 weight
    6012-3Troemner2 lb class 3 weight
    6012-4Troemner2 lb class 4 weight
    6013-1Troemner1 lb class 1 weight
    6013-2Troemner1 lb class 2 weight
    6013-3Troemner1 lb class 3 weight
    6013-4Troemner1 lb class 4 weight
    6014-1Troemner.5 lb class 1 weight
    6014-2Troemner.5 lb class 2 weight
    6014-3Troemner.5 lb class 3 weight
    6014-4Troemner.5 lb class 4 weight
    6015-1Troemner.3 lb class 1 weight
    6015-2Troemner.3 lb class 2 weight
    6015-3Troemner.3 lb class 3 weight
    6015-4Troemner.3 lb class 4 weight
    6016-1Troemner.2 lb class 1 weight
    6016-2Troemner.2 lb class 2 weight
    6016-3Troemner.2 lb class 3 weight
    6016-4Troemner.2 lb class 4 weight
    60166H10Thermo Scientificstrip-breaker
    60166H11Thermo Scientificstrip-breaker
    6017-1Troemner.1 lb class 1 weight
    6017-2Troemner.1 lb class 2 weight
    6017-3Troemner.1 lb class 3 weight
    6017-4Troemner.1 lb class 4 weight .
    6018-1Troemner.05 lb class 1 weight
    6018-2Troemner.05 lb class 2 weight
    6018-3Troemner.05 lb class 3 weight
    6018-4Troemner.05 lb class 4 weight
    60188Thermo Scientifico-ring, cover ss-34
    60189Thermo Scientifico-ring, 9/32x3/4x3/32 neoprene
    6019-1Troemner.03 lb class 1 weight
    6019-2Troemner.03 lb class 2 weight
    6019-3Troemner.03 lb class 3 weight
    6019-4Troemner.03 lb class 4 weight
    60196G01 SThermo Scientificcondensate sump weld asy ser
    6020-1Troemner.02 lb class 1 weight
    6020-2Troemner.02 lb class 2 weight
    6020-3Troemner.02 lb class 3 weight
    6020-4Troemner.02 lb class 4 weight
    6021-1Troemner.01 lb class 1 weight
    6021-2Troemner.01 lb class 2 weight
    6021-3Troemner.01 lb class 3 weight
    6021-4Troemner.01 lb class 4 weight
    6022-1Troemner.005 lb class 1 weight
    6022-2Troemner.005 lb class 2 weight
    6022-3Troemner.005 lb class 3 weight
    6022-4Troemner.005 lb class 4 weight
    60221H01Thermo Scientificclip, shelf
    60222H01Thermo Scientificshelf, full zinc plate
    6023-1Troemner.003 lb class 1 weight
    6023-2Troemner.003 lb class 2 weight
    6023-3Troemner.003 lb class 3 weight
    6023-4Troemner.003 lb class 4 weight
    6024-1Troemner.002 lb class 1 weight
    6024-2Troemner.002 lb class 2 weight
    6024-3Troemner.002 lb class 3 weight .
    6024-4Troemner.002 lb class 4 weight
    6025-1Troemner.001 lb class 1 weight
    6025-2Troemner.001 lb class 2 weight
    6025-3Troemner.001 lb class 3 weight
    6025-4Troemner.001 lb class 4 weight
    6026-1Troemner8 oz class 1 weight
    6026-2Troemner8 oz class 2 weight
    6026-3Troemner8 oz class 3 weight
    6026-4Troemner8 oz class 4 weight
    6027-1Troemner4 oz class 1 weight
    6027-2Troemner4 oz class 2 weight
    6027-3Troemner4 oz class 3 weight
    6027-4Troemner4 oz class 4 weight
    6028-1Troemner2 oz class 1 weight
    6028-2Troemner2 oz class 2 weight
    6028-3Troemner2 oz class 3 weight
    6028-4Troemner2 oz class 4 weight
    6029-1Troemner1 oz class 1 weight
    6029-2Troemner1 oz class 2 weight
    6029-3Troemner1 oz class 3 weight
    6029-4Troemner1 oz class 4 weight
    6030-1Troemner1/2 oz class 1 weight
    6030-2Troemner1/2 oz class 2 weight
    6030-3Troemner1/2 oz class 3 weight
    6030-4Troemner1/2 oz class 4 weight
    6031-1Troemner1/4 oz class 1 weight
    6031-2Troemner1/4 oz class 2 weight
    6031-3Troemner1/4 oz class 3 weight
    6031-4Troemner1/4 oz class 4 weight
    6032-1Troemner1/8 oz class 1 weight
    6032-2Troemner1/8 oz class 2 weight
    6032-3Troemner1/8 oz class 3 weight
    6032-4Troemner1/8 oz class 4 weight
    6033-1Troemner1/16 oz class 1 weight
    6033-2Troemner1/16 oz class 2 weight
    6033-3Troemner1/16 oz class 3 weight
    6033-4Troemner1/16 oz class 4 weight
    6034-1Troemner1/32 oz class 1 weight
    6034-2Troemner1/32 oz class 2 weight
    6034-3Troemner1/32 oz class 3 weight
    6034-4Troemner1/32 oz class 4 weight
    6035-1Troemner1/64 oz class 1 weight
    6035-2Troemner1/64 oz class 2 weight
    6035-3Troemner1/64 oz class 3 weight
    6035-4Troemner1/64 oz class 4 weight
    60352G01 SThermo Scientificcondensate evap asy ser
    60356Thermo Scientifico-ring 6.737 x 0.103 gsa
    60357Thermo Scientificretaining ring ext.truarc same
    60358Thermo Scientifico-ring 1.046x0.139
    6036-1Troemner.5 oz class 1 weight
    6036-2Troemner.5 oz class 2 weight
    6036-3Troemner.5 oz class 3 weight
    6036-4Troemner.5 oz class 4 weight
    6037-1Troemner.3 oz class 1 weight
    6037-2Troemner.3 oz class 2 weight
    6037-3Troemner.3 oz class 3 weight
    6037-4Troemner.3 oz class 4 weight
    6038Thermo Scientificadditional access port, 2" for refrigerators, 1" for freezers, specify location when ordering
    6038-1Troemner.2 oz class 1 weight
    6038-2Troemner.2 oz class 2 weight
    6038-3Troemner.2 oz class 3 weight
    6038-4Troemner.2 oz class 4 weight
    6039-1Troemner.1 lb class 1 weight
    6039-2Troemner.1 oz class 2 weight
    6039-3Troemner.1 oz class 3 weight
    6039-4Troemner.1 lb class 4 weight
    6040-1Troemner.05 oz class 1 weight
    6040-2Troemner.05 oz class 2 weight
    6040-3Troemner.05 oz class 3 weight
    6040-4Troemner.05 oz class 4 weight
    6041Thermo Scientificcasters, 2 dual wheel, 2", 50 mm (set of 4) for all units except 45.8 cu ft model
    6041-1Thermo Scientificcasters, 3 dual wheel, 3", 76 mm (set of 4) for all units except 45.8 cu ft model
    6041-1Thermo Scientificcasters, set of four 3" casters for refrigerators / freezers
    6041-1Troemner.03 oz class 1 weight
    6041-2Troemner.03 oz class 2 weight
    6041-3Troemner.03 oz class 3 weight
    6041-4Troemner.03 oz class 4 weight
    6042-1Troemner.02 oz class 1 weight
    6042-2Troemner.02 oz class 2 weight
    6042-3Troemner.02 oz class 3 weight
    6042-4Troemner.02 oz class 4 weight
    6043-1Troemner.01 oz class 1 weight
    6043-2Troemner.01 oz class 2 weight
    6043-3Troemner.01 oz class 3 weight
    6043-4Troemner.01 oz class 4 weight
    60430ARThermo Scientificresistor, 50w x 50 ohm
    604320RThermo Scientificresistor(milw #12m59-200)
    60468H01Thermo Scientificheater, condensate 150watt/115v
    6050Thermo Scientificprecision high-performance mechanical oven, 1.4 cu. ft. (39l) 120v
    6051Thermo Scientificprecision high-performance mechanical oven, 1.4 cu. ft. (39l) 208/230v
    60517Thermo Scientificclarostat #cm39990
    6052Thermo Scientificprecision high-performance mechanical oven, 1.4 cu. ft. (39l) 120v
    60523H01Thermo Scientificsupport, shelf clip kb
    6053Thermo Scientificprecision high-performance mechanical oven, 1.4 cu. ft. (39l) 208/230v
    6054Thermo Scientificprecision high-performance mechanical oven, 4.0 cu. ft. (113l) 208/230v
    6055Thermo Scientificprecision high-performance mechanical oven, 4.0 cu. ft. (113l) 208/230v
    6056Thermo Scientificprecision high-performance mechanical oven, 9.5 cu. ft. (269l) 208/230v
    60568Thermo Scientificscrew, mach, hex hd, sst, #10
    60594H37Thermo Scientificcond. unit, copeland 3/4hp 115
    60594H41Thermo Scientificcondensing unit, 1/3 hp "a" vo
    60594H42Thermo Scientificcondensing unit, 1/3 hp "d" vo
    60594H43Thermo Scientificcondensing unit, 1/3 hp "v" vo
    60594H44Thermo Scientificcondensing unit, 1/2 hp "a" vo
    60594H45Thermo Scientificcondensing unit, 1/2 hp "d" vo
    60594H46Thermo Scientificcondensing unit, 1/2 hp "v" vo
    60595H10Thermo Scientificevaporator, climate control
    60595H11Thermo Scientificevaporator, climate control 11
    60595H13Thermo Scientificevaporator, climate control 11
    60595H14Thermo Scientificevaporator, climate control
    60595H15Thermo Scientificevaporator, climate control kb
    60595H16Thermo Scientificevaporator 115v kb
    60595H22Thermo Scientificevaporator, climate control 23
    60654G04Thermo Scientificcondensate sump asy.
    60678H02Thermo Scientificbattery, gel cell 12v
    60691H01Thermo Scientificswitch, dr dpdt black
    60696Thermo Scientifico-ring 5.500 x 0.125 sm-24
    60737Thermo Scientifico-ring 0.375x0.063
    60738Thermo Scientifico-ring 1.313x0.094
    60739Thermo Scientifico-ring 2.000x0.094
    60751Thermo Scientificwasher, flat, sst, #1/4, .500
    60782H03Thermo Scientificprobe, temp thin film prtd 1 e
    60809Thermo Scientifico-ring, 0.875 x 0.125
    60912Thermo Scientificscr, hex hd, sst, #8-32x.375
    6097Thermo Scientificsingle full rack holds (8) plasma boxes ; 5"w x 5 1/4"d x 16 1/2"h (for 3 cu.ft.. model)
    6098Thermo Scientificsingle full rack holds 13 plasma boxes ; 5"w x 5 1/4"d x 26 3/8"h (all models except 3 cu.ft..)
    60997Thermo Scientificglass tube 14-313-25 -a-
    610003Thermo Scientificheater silicon 1200 watt
    610011Thermo Orionphuture ph electrode fill solution, 5x60ml
    610032Thermo Scientificbrass nut 1-1/2"-18
    610066Thermo Scientific10-32ss hex nylon ins nut
    610080RThermo Scientificbridge (gi #gbpc15-02)
    61010STroemner1 mg, aluminum
    61010STTroemner1 mg, aluminum w/ traceable cert
    61011STroemner10 mg, aluminum
    61011STTroemner10 mg, aluminum w/ traceable cert
    61012STroemner100 mg, aluminum
    61012STTroemner100 mg, aluminum w/ traceable cert
    61013STroemner1 g, stainless steel
    61013STTroemner1 g, stainless steel w/ traceable cert
    61014STroemner10 g, stainless steel
    61014STTroemner10 g, stainless steel w/ traceable cert
    61015STroemner100 g, stainless steel
    61015STTroemner100 g, stainless steel w/ traceable cert
    61016STroemner1000 g, stainless steel
    61016STTroemner1000 g, stainless steel w/ traceable cert
    61020STroemner2 mg, aluminum
    61020STTroemner2 mg, aluminum w/ traceable cert
    61021STroemner20 mg, aluminum
    61021STTroemner20 mg, aluminum w/ traceable cert
    61022STroemner200 mg, stainless steel
    61022STTroemner200 mg, stainless steel w/ traceable cert
    61023STroemner2 g, stainless steel
    61023STTroemner2 g, stainless steel w/ traceable cert
    61024STroemner20 g, stainless steel
    61024STTroemner20 g, stainless steel w/ traceable cert
    61025STroemner200 g, stainless steel
    61025STTroemner200 g, stainless steel w/ traceable cert
    61026STroemner2000 g, stainless steel
    61026STTroemner2000 g, stainless steel w/ traceable cert
    61050STroemner5 mg, aluminum
    61050STTroemner5 mg, aluminum w/ traceable cert
    61051STroemner50 mg, aluminum
    61051STTroemner50 mg, aluminum w/ traceable cert
    61052STroemner500 mg, stainless steel
    61052STTroemner500 mg, stainless steel w/ traceable cert
    61053STroemner5 g, stainless steel
    61053STTroemner5 g, stainless steel w/ traceable cert
    61054STroemner50 g, stainless steel
    61054STTroemner50 g, stainless steel w/ traceable cert
    61055STroemner500 g, stainless steel
    61055STTroemner500 g, stainless steel w/ traceable cert
    610573Brandtechjunction cable 230v for in-line valves
    610580RThermo Scientificrelay c11 technologies type 25
    610999Brandtechprotective cap dn 10/16
    6110Thermo Scientificrack assembly for (12) plasma boxes ; 9.08"h x 5.06"w x 15.25"d (for pre-'94 models)
    6110-1Thermo Scientificplasma rack (12) plasma boxes ; 9.38"h x 4.96"w x 15.25"d (for '94 models and newer)
    611034Brandtechshock absorber (rubber foot for 4 head pumps)
    611050Brandtechfan cover for me2,me2c (should order with 611070)
    611060Brandtechfan cover
    611061Brandtechfan blade (s/n needed)
    611063Brandtechfan, md 1
    611064Brandtechfan cover for 550w motor, rz8, re16
    611065Brandtechfan cover (check serial #) (should order with 611069)
    611069Brandtechfan blade (check serial #) (should order with 611065)
    611070Brandtechfan blade (should order with 611050)
    6111-1Thermo Scientificplasma rack (16) plasma boxes ; 9.38"h x 4.96"w x 20.19"d (for '94 models and newer)
    611100Brandtechtolerance ring (for vacuubrand pumps)
    611101Brandtecho ring 32x3 md 8c
    611102019999Scilogexre100-pro rotary evaporator, 5l bath, excluding glassware, 110v, 50/60hz, us plug
    611102229999Scilogexre100-pro rotary evaporator, 5l bath, excluding glassware, 220-240v, 50/60hz, euro plug
    611102329999Scilogexre100-pro rotary evaporator, 5l bath, excluding glassware, 220-240v, 50/60hz, uk plug
    611112229999Scilogexre100-pro rotary evaporator including vertical coiled condenser, 5l bath, 1000ml evaporating flask ns 29/32 and 1000ml receiving flask ks 35/20, 220-240v, 50/60hz, euro plug
    611112329999Scilogexre100-pro rotary evaporator including vertical coiled condenser, 5l bath, 1000ml evaporating flask ns 29/32 and 1000ml receiving flask ks 35/20, 220-240v, 50/60hz, uk plug
    611132019999Scilogexre100-pro rotary evaporator including vertical coiled condenser, 5l bath, 1000ml evaporating flask ns 24/40 and 1000ml receiving flask ks 35/20, 110v, 50/60hz, us plug
    611132069999Scilogexre100-pro rotary evaporator including vertical dry-ice condenser, 5l bath, 1000ml evaporating flask ns 24/40 and 1000ml receiving flask ks 35/20, 110v, 50/60hz, us plug
    611172229999Scilogexre100-pro rotary evaporator including vertical dry-ice condenser, 5l bath, 1000ml evaporating flask ns 29/32 and 1000ml receiving flask ks 35/20, 220-240v, 50/60hz, euro plug
    611172329999Scilogexre100-pro rotary evaporator including vertical dry-ice condenser, 5l bath, 1000ml evaporating flask ns 29/32 and 1000ml receiving flask ks 35/20, 220-240v, 50/60hz, uk plug
    611210Brandtechset of seals for r8/r9/r16
    611212Brandtechset of seals for separator re/rz8-16
    611213Brandtechset of seals for oil mist filter re/rz8-16
    611214Brandtechset of shaft seals
    6115Thermo Scientificstainless steel interior for 23.3 cu ft models
    6116Thermo Scientificstainless steel interior for 51.1 cu ft models
    6117Thermo Scientificstainless steel interior for 78.8 cu ft models
    612058Brandtechmains cable 230v, cee
    612065Brandtechmains cable 120v, us
    612090Brandtechwall plug power supply cvc/dcp 3000, 100-230v/50-60hz, each
    612094Brandtechspanner "face wrench" 40/4 for changing "c" diaphragms
    6121Thermo Scientificstainless steel interior, 3 ft chest
    612120Brandtechkey pad for cvc 211
    612171Brandtechflat cable 14-pole, each
    612182Brandtechcircuit board for cvc 2000
    612186Brandtechvap5 complete circuit board(need s/n)including sensor & lcd
    612191Brandtechcircuit board for cvc, 115v
    612220Brandtechbattery block 9v 1.2 ah lithium
    612220RThermo Scientificxformer int. (#9765)
    612228Brandtechelectronic board for 120v, cvc 2000
    612263Brandtechlcd/pc board for dvr 2
    612273Brandtechsensor for cvc 211
    612333Brandtechcircuit board 24v, 6/5,5a
    612336Brandtechlcd electronic board equipped w/lcd cvc2000f (need s/n)
    612350RThermo Scientifictransformer (#9392)
    612524Brandtechfuse 7a
    612544Brandtechpower supply 25w 24v dc
    612552Brandtechextension cable for vacuu-bus, 2 meters
    612554Brandtechcable vacuu·bus for venting valve vb m-b, cable length 2m
    612556Brandtechcable for isolation valves-for cvc 3000 to use w/old valve
    61265BRThermo Scientifictransfrmr (less mtg brkt)#9925
    6128Thermo Scientificstainless steel exterior for 23.3 cu ft models (excludes glass door models)
    61289Thermo Scientifico-ring 0.313x0.063
    6129Thermo Scientificstainless steel exterior for 51.1 cu ft models (excludes glass door models)
    6130Thermo Scientificstainless steel exterior for 78.8 cu ft models (excludes glass door models)
    613430RThermo Scientifictriac 25a 600v #q6025p
    61429H01Thermo Scientificlock, comp. hdwr. (the cam is
    61487Thermo Scientificres, braking, 2.7 ohm 1000w
    61498Thermo Scientificscr, pan hd sltd, sst, #5-40x.250
    615-178-00Thermo Scientificlatch
    615-239-00Thermo Scientificplatform glide
    615-278-00Thermo Scientificshaft extension rpo 2/09
    615-370-00Thermo Scientificfan shaft extension rpo 7/09
    615340RThermo Scientificdiode bridge (ir# 26mb60a)
    61556Thermo Scientificgrease alvania 1/3 oz tube
    61616Thermo Scientificseal, oring, buna n 5/32x9/32x1/
    61617Thermo Scientificlocking knob oring 0.563x0.063
    616210RThermo Scientificpotentiometer
    61669H01Thermo Scientificmotor, condenser fan 230v 35w
    61669H02Thermo Scientificmotor, condenser fan 115v 35w
    61682Thermo Scientificscr, set, hex skt, cup pt, stl, blk
    61757Thermo Scientificnut, hex, 10-32 (1/4 across flat
    61768Thermo Scientificseal, teflon fbr 7/8 id x
    61817Thermo Scientificscrew, mach, pan hd, sltd, ss
    6183-6A185Thermo Scientificfactory installed chart recorder for -86°c
    6183-7Thermo Scientificoptional 6" 7-day temperature recorder including 50 charts, not for use with 4.9 cu ft models, factory installed please specify at time of ordering
    61833H01Thermo Scientifichinge
    61833H03Thermo Scientifichinge
    61837FMSThermo Scientifictemperature chart recorder (factory installed)
    6184Thermo Scientificreplacement chart paper, -40°c to +25°c (box of 50)
    61849Thermo Scientificwasher, flat, nyl, .484 od, . 010
    6185Thermo Scientificinkless chart rec paper, 50/pk
    619010RThermo Scientificp supply (vl50-341-00-xx)
    6199-3AThermo Scientificinterior finish
    6199-3AThermo Scientificstainless steel interior for 11.5 cu ft models
    6200-1Troemner50lb-1/32oz class 1 weight
    6200-2Troemner50lb-1/32oz class 2 set
    6200-4Troemner50lb-1/32oz class 4 weight
    6201Thermo Scientificstainless steel exterior for 11.5 cu ft models (excludes glass door models)
    6201-1Troemner50lb-.001lb class 1 weight
    6201-2Troemner50lb-.001lb class 2 set
    6201-3Troemner50lb-.001lb class 3 weight
    6201-4Troemner50lb-.001lb class 4 weight
    6202-1Thermo Scientificstainless steel, full size shelf for 11.5 cu ft model
    6202-1Troemner30lb-1/32oz class 1 weight
    6202-2Troemner30lb-1/32oz class 2 set
    6202-3Troemner30lb-1/32oz class 3 weight
    6202-4Troemner30lb-1/32oz class 4 weight
    6203-1Troemner30lb-.001lb class 1 weight
    6203-2Troemner30lb-.001lb class 2 set
    6203-3Troemner30lb-.001lb class 3 weight
    6203-4Troemner30lb-.001lb class 4 weight
    6204-1Troemner25lb-1/32oz class 1 weight
    6204-2Troemner25lb-1/32oz class 2 set
    6204-3Troemner25lb-1/32oz class 3 weight
    6204-4Troemner25lb-1/32oz class 4 weight
    620430Thermo Scientificheater 6x3/4 120v 400w
    6205-1Troemner25lb-.001lb class 1 weight
    6205-2Troemner25lb-.001lb class 2 set
    6205-3Troemner25lb-.001lb class 3 weight
    6205-4Troemner25lb-.001lb class 4 weight
    6206Thermo Scientificstainless steel column divider for 23.3, 29.2 and 78.8 cu ft models
    6206-1Troemner20lb-1/32oz class 1 weight
    6206-2Troemner20lb-1/32oz class 2 set
    6206-3Troemner20lb-1/32oz class 3 weight
    6206-4Troemner20lb-1/32oz class 4 weight
    6207-1Troemner20lb-.001lb class 1 weight
    6207-2Troemner20lb-.001lb class 2 set
    6207-3Troemner2olb-.001lb class 3 weight
    6207-4Troemner20lb-.001lb class 4 weight
    6208Brandtechadapter for discharge tube w/sealing washer, seripettor pro
    6208-1Troemner10lb-1/32oz class 1 weight
    6208-2Troemner10lb-1/32oz class 2 set
    6208-3Troemner10lb-1/32oz class 3 weight
    6208-4Troemner10lb-1/32oz class 4 weight
    620825Thermo Scientificimm htr 3kw 240v 3ph w/co
    6209-1Troemner10lb-.001lb class 1 weight
    6209-2Troemner10lb-.001lb class 2 set
    6209-3Troemner10lb-.001lb class 3 weight
    6209-4Troemner10lb-.001lb class 4 weight
    6210-1Troemner5lb-1/32oz class 1 weight
    6210-2Troemner5lb-1/32oz class 2 set
    6210-3Troemner5lb-1/32 oz class 3 weight
    6210-4Troemner5lb-1/32oz class 4 weight
    6211-1Troemner5lb-.001lb class 1 weight
    6211-2Troemner5lb-.001lb class 2 set
    6211-3Troemner5lb-.001lb class 3 weight set
    6211-4Troemner5lb-.001lb class 4 weight
    6212Thermo Scientific1/2" grid box divider (81-13 mm vials)
    6212-1Troemner2lb-1/32oz class 1 weight set
    6212-2Troemner2lb-1/32oz class 2 set
    6212-3Troemner2lb-1/32oz class 3 weight set
    6212-4Troemner2lb-1/32oz class 4 weight set
    6213-1Troemner2lb-.001lb class 1 weight set
    6213-2Troemner2lb-.001lb class 2 set
    6213-3Troemner2lb-.001lb class 3 weight set
    6213-4Troemner2lb-.001lb class 4 weight set
    6214-1Troemner1lb-1/32oz class 1 wt. set
    6214-2Troemner1lb-1/32oz class 2 set
    6214-3Troemner1lb-1/32oz class 3 wt. set
    6214-4Troemner1lb-1/32oz class 4 wt. set
    621440FThermo Scientifico-rings 3224/3225 bkts 6/pk
    621470RThermo Scientifico - ring, 2-147, viton
    6215-1Troemner1lb-.001lb class wt. set
    6215-2Troemner1lb-.001lb class 2 set
    6215-3Troemner1lb-.001lb class 3 wt. set
    6215-4Troemner1lb-.001lb class 4 wt. set
    6216-1Troemner8oz-1/32oz class 1 weight set
    6216-2Troemner8oz-1/32oz class 2 weight set
    6216-2TTroemner8oz-1/32oz class 2 weight set w/tc
    6216-3Troemner8oz-1/32oz class 3 weight set
    6216-3TTroemner8oz-1/32oz class 3 weight set w/tc
    6216-4Troemner8oz-1/32oz class 4 wt. set
    6216-4TTroemner8oz-1/32oz class 4 weight set w/tc
    6217Thermo Scientific7 cu.ft.. chest - 2 lg. baskets - bottom, 1 lg. basket - middle, 1 sm. basket - top.
    6217-1Troemner.5lb-.001lb class 1 wt. set
    6217-2Troemner.5lb-.001lb class 2 set
    6217-3Troemner.5lb-.001lb class 3 wt. set
    6217-4Troemner.5lb-.001lb class 4 wt. set
    6218Thermo Scientific10 cu.ft.. chest -3 lg. baskets- bottom, 2 sm. baskets-middle, 2 lg. baskets-top.
    6224Thermo Scientificdeluxe electronic remote alarm system - user programmable to sound alarm in the event of power failure or temperature deviation
    6224TAThermo Scientificdeluxe electronic remote alarm system - user programmable to sound alarm in the event of power failure or temperature deviation
    6225Thermo Scientificred cell press
    62343Thermo Scientifico-ring 1.375x0.063
    62396Thermo Scientificscrew, mach, pan hd, sltd, ss
    6240Thermo Scientifichybaid shake n stack rotisserie oven 220v plus shaker platform
    6241Thermo Scientifichybaid shake n stack rotisserie oven 110v plus shaker platform
    6242Thermo Scientifichybaid shake n stack rotisserie oven 220v
    6243Thermo Scientifichybaid shake n stack rotisserie oven 110v
    6246Thermo Scientifichybaid shake & stack 14 bottle rotisserie oven 110v
    6247Thermo Scientifichybaid shake & stack 14 bottle rotisserie oven 220v
    6248Thermo Scientifichybaid maxi 14 hybridization oven - extra large supplied with 6 position rotisserie 70mm clips includes accessory pack - hbmsov14xl220 , 120v
    6249Thermo Scientifichybaid maxi 14 hybridization oven - extra large supplied with 6 position rotisserie 70mm clips includes acccessory pack - hbmsov14xl220, 220v
    62527H21Thermo Scientificbreaker, strip 20' chest
    62527H23Thermo Scientificbreaker, strip 14' chest
    62527H24Thermo Scientificbreaker, strip 10' chest
    62527H25Thermo Scientificbreaker, strip 7'ft chst/ 13-1
    62527H27Thermo Scientificbreaker, strip low profile
    62527H28Thermo Scientificbreaker, strip 21' upright
    62527H29Thermo Scientificbreaker, strip 13, 17, 21' uprig
    62527H32Thermo Scientificbreaker, strip end
    62527H33Thermo Scientificbreaker, strip 31ls
    62529H03Thermo Scientificbreaker, lid 14' chest
    62529H07Thermo Scientificbreaker, lid end common
    626080RThermo Scientificline filter
    626170RThermo Scientificline filter - sf3
    62618Thermo Scientificdrive adapter o-ring
    62637Thermo Scientifico-ring, 14.5 x 15 x 1/4
    62716Thermo Scientificmicroswitch, spdt
    62721DRThermo Scientificcircuit braker, w28-xtia-15
    6283-5D1Thermo Scientificrecorder, f/s cobex ult - dark
    62833H01Thermo Scientificcorner cap
    6287Thermo Scientific2" hx5.25 64 cell ( 6per pk.) plastic
    62874H01Thermo Scientificsub lid
    62874H02Thermo Scientificsub lid
    62874H03Thermo Scientificsub lid
    62874H04Thermo Scientificsub lid
    630090Thermo Scientificwirewound htr, 600w, 115v
    63017H01Thermo Scientificgasket, inner 20'
    63017H02Thermo Scientificgasket, inner 17'
    63017H03Thermo Scientificgasket, inner 14'
    63017H04Thermo Scientificgasket, inner 10'
    63017H05Thermo Scientificgasket, inner 7'
    63017H06Thermo Scientificgasket, inner 3'
    63017H09Thermo Scientificgasket, inner 36ls & mbf-500
    63017H12Thermo Scientificgasket, inner 31ls
    63018H01Thermo Scientificgasket, outer 20'
    63018H02Thermo Scientificgasket, outer 17'
    63018H03Thermo Scientificgasket, outer 14'
    63018H04Thermo Scientificgasket, outere 10'
    63018H05Thermo Scientificgasket, outer 7'
    63018H06Thermo Scientificgasket, outer 3'
    63018H07Thermo Scientificgasket, outer 13 & 17 upright
    63018H08Thermo Scientificgasket, outer 21' upright kan
    63018H12Thermo Scientificgasket, outer 31ls
    63018H13Thermo Scientificgasket, outer 25' upright kan
    6314TAThermo Scientificcleaning agent, lysol no rinse
    63175Thermo Scientifichigh vacuum grease
    6326Thermo Scientificwater conditioning crystals for water jacket co2 incubator series
    63285H01Thermo Scientificrelay
    63285H02Thermo Scientificrelay
    63285H16Thermo Scientificrelay, start
    63285H21Thermo Scientificrelay, start
    63285H28Thermo Scientificrelay, ge
    63285H35Thermo Scientificrelay, compressor start rf "a,
    635513Brandtechstart up device for rz 9
    635585Brandtechhousing cover 1-cyl. (need serial number)
    635618Brandtechconnection cable for mpt 200 to dcp 3000
    635628Brandtecho-ring 28x2.5 70shore, chemically resistant fluroelastomer
    635638Brandtechpipette tip adapter for vhcpro with tip ejector, each
    635679Brandtech8-channel pipette tip adapter with ejector for vhcpro
    635680Brandtechstand for vhcpro, each
    635683Brandtechadapter for pipettes with outer diameter 5.5-8.0mm, each
    635689Brandtechadapter for pipette tips 2-200ul and 50-1000ul, each
    635711Brandtechadapter for pipettes with outer diameter 5.5-8.0mm, each
    635807Brandtechset quick-coupling,connection vhc bottle,adapter&inlet tube
    635808Brandtechset quick-coupling, connection bottle to pump, each
    635809Brandtechcollection bottle 2l glass coated sterile filter&inlet tube
    635810Brandtechcollection bottle, 4l, pp, sterile filter and inlet tube, ea
    635839Brandtechadapter for bvc 2l glass bottle, each
    635872Brandtechptfe inlet tube into bottle for bvc, 10/8mm, each
    635899Brandtechg1/4(female)-g1/4(male), 10/8mm, bvc collection bottle, each
    635982Brandtechpackage pirani controller cvc 3000, each (see notes)
    635983Brandtechcvc 3000, 100-230v/50-60hz, kf 16, pirani controller package
    636008Brandtechmain cable, l-shaped iec socket/iec plug, l=2500mm, each
    636034Brandtechfitting for tyro 12, each
    636044Brandtechintermediate bearing plate
    636050Brandtechfuse 2.5a with cable, blue, each
    636051Brandtechfuse 2.5a with cable, black, each
    636054Brandtechhousing cover insert for me 1c, each
    636062Brandtechhose nozzle, dn 6/10mm, thread g1/8"
    636070Brandtechhousing cover me 1, each
    636073Brandtechfan blade for me1 / me 1c, 120v or 230v, each
    636075Brandtechmain switch, blue
    636081Brandtechfan cover rear side for me1 / me 1c, 120v or 230v, each
    636122Brandtechhead cover mz 2/md 4 v-sp, each
    636124Brandtechconnection cable sub-d on vacuu*bus
    636129Brandtechcapacitor, 25uf with cable
    636130Brandtechcondenser 30uf
    636134Brandtechcapacitor for rz6
    636136Brandtechcapacitor, 12uf
    636141Brandtechstart capacitor
    636156Brandtechsilicone tubing, vaccuhandcontrol(2 meter minimum),per meter
    636163Brandtechvsp3000 external sensor
    636178Brandtechinlet and outlet valve seal ptfe for me1 and me1c
    636193Brandtechadapter chemistry diaphragm pump nt,gas ballast kf dn16,ss
    636198Brandtechcvc 3000 rack (mounts to back of controller) includes screws
    636228Brandtechdigital i/o interface module vacuu-bus, each
    636229Brandtechanalog i/o interface module vacuu-bus, each
    636269Brandtechset of hose clips 10.5mm, 10 pieces
    636274Brandtechadapter piece for chemistry diaphragm pump nt for ptfe tubin
    636322Brandtechset of internal tubing for nt-pumping units with mz2c nt
    636324Brandtechhead cover md4
    636332Brandtechexhaust silencer, each
    636338Brandtechset of hoses for mz 2c nt, me 4c nt, md 4c nt, me 8c nt
    636339Brandtechconnection fastener with hinged cover for nt-pumps, each
    636341Brandtechfan and fan cover for several nt pumps (see notes), set
    636381Brandtechhose nozzle dn10
    636396Brandtechin line fuses for dual voltage motor
    636428Brandtechexhaust waste vapour condenser ek 500 (replacement part)
    636446Brandtechholder vnc 2
    636455Brandtechcondensor glass insert for pc3001
    63647H01Thermo Scientificrelay solid state.15a --see co
    636503Brandtechformed hose, ptfe, 10/8 mm
    63652H02Thermo Scientificboard, control 303e
    63652H16Thermo Scientificboard, control
    63652H19Thermo Scientificboard, control w/o display
    636542Brandtechset of fuses for nt diaphragm pumps (2 diff. fuses), set
    636546Brandtechcounterholder for ek 500 for nt pumping units
    636547Brandtechholder for ek 500 for nt pumping units
    636548Brandtechak distributor counterholder
    636549Brandtechak holder for distributor head
    636554Brandtechdiaphragm key (w/f 66) for diaphragm pumps nt
    636588Brandtechsilencer for chemistry pumps w/pvc hose 5cm
    636607Brandtechrotor for an re16
    636615Brandtechinterchangeable sleeve d60/18x10.5
    636635Brandtechhose nozzle, 10/6
    636656Brandtechy-connector for vacuu-bus
    636657Brandtechcapacitive gauge head vsk3000
    636668Brandtechvacuu·lan® operating part c3b, in-line isolation valve, ea
    636683Brandtechinverter circuit board nt 230 v
    636684Brandtechinverter circuit board nt 230 v
    636707Brandtechoutlet separator pp for bvc 21 nt / vario
    636745Brandtechvalve head in, single
    636746Brandtechvalve head ex, double, 180°, each
    636747Brandtechvalve head ex, double, 90°, each
    636748Brandtechvalve head in, double, 90°, each
    636758Brandtechhose nozzle sw dn 10, l45 (length 44mm)
    636759Brandtechhose nozzle sw dn 10, l60 (length 60mm)
    636761Brandtechgas ballast tube for nt chemistry pumps, ptfe, long version
    636778Brandtecho-ring, 26mm x 2mm, fpm
    636787Brandtechcoupling for rz6
    636816Brandtechhousing cover md4
    636817Brandtechpart for md4
    636819Brandtechhead cover cowling 2-cyl. nt, each
    636820Brandtechhead cover cowling 1-cyl. nt, each
    636824Brandtechterminal box cover b127 c/us, not standard spare part (s/n)
    636825Brandtechterminal box for me4
    636834Brandtechconnecting rod assembly, 2-cyl. nt
    636847Brandtechspring ring bn 18x10 for md4
    636851Brandtechdistance sleeve d39/d20x64mm for md4
    636853Brandtechconnecting rod assembly, d18 for 4-cyl. nt
    636855Brandtechconnecting rod for md4
    636883Brandtechhose barb for cvc 3000
    636886Brandtechcircuit board for cvc 3000
    636899Brandtechhead cover nt chemistry diaphragm pump, each
    636946Brandtechset of seals for r 2.5/6
    636947Brandtechround head screw 4x18, each
    636967Brandtechcondenser ek for pc 101/201
    636968Brandtechmotor 230v / 50-60hz (need pump s/n)
    636972Brandtechinlet and outlet valve ffkm
    636973Brandtechfan cover
    636983Brandtechcover b95 grey, side electrical connections plug+fuse, c/us
    636985Brandtechmotor for r 2.5, 120 v / 60 hz
    636997Brandtechshaft seal unit for rc 6, complete
    637021Brandtechshaft seal, 18 x 30 x 6, each
    637025Brandtechrotor h d39/18x50k (rotor high vacuum stage rc 6) each
    637028Brandtechptfe diaphragm
    637046Brandtechemission condenser ek 1000 for ex (only the glass part), ea
    637049Brandtechset of seals for ek800 te, each
    637090Brandtecho-ring 28mm x 1.5mm
    637100Brandtechspring ring bn10x16
    637105Brandtechcharger carrier/power supply board pc2001 (order #638375)
    637123Brandtechspring ring bn 19x10 for md4
    637126Brandtechpump head for rz6 complete
    63713Thermo Scientifico-ring for 5ml bkt
    637134Brandtechscrew m4x25mm (for 637171)
    637137Brandtechrotor h d39/18x50
    637147Brandtechreplacment sleeve, d55 complete
    637160Brandtechintermediate bearing plate d84/d18
    637161Brandtechoil-pump vane l32
    637163Brandtechoil-pump rotor d30 (s/n needed)
    637171Brandtechoil seperator (also need 637134)
    637172Brandtechcross coupling for rz6
    637198Brandtechfan cover for me 8c fl
    637221Brandtechvacuu*lan straight connector g 1/4
    637225Brandtechchemistry valve for mz,md,and mv series pumps, chemraz
    637226Brandtechinlet and outlet valve seal (ffkm valve) for md 1c, chemraz
    637238Brandtechdiaphragm, fkm -- pack of 1
    637239Brandtechptfe chemistry diaphragm
    637240Brandtechhousing cover insert (parallel)
    637241Brandtechhousing cover insert (in line)
    637245Brandtechdiaphragm support disk
    637258Brandtechvacuu*lan adapter hose nozzle 10
    637259Brandtechptfe seal (for vacuubrand)
    637260Brandtechsheet metal screw for a5, din7981 3, 9x13
    637263Brandtechsilencer, md1 and md1 vario sp
    637264Brandtechcover caps for a5 screws, black
    637327Brandtechhead cover
    637334Brandtechhose nozzle dn 8mm, 90°, thread npt 1/8"
    637342Brandtechhose connection-t form
    637343Brandtechhead cover, each (need pump s/n)
    637349Brandtecho-ring 26x1
    63736H03Thermo Scientificpot, 10-turn 10k ohm
    637405Brandtechcontrol cable extension 6-pol. with ferrite, length 2500mm
    637425Brandtechscrew-in flange, stainless steel, nw 16 kf/a-g 1/8"
    637462Brandtechvcl sensor connector
    637463Brandtechhose-k 10/8-290 ptfe, each (need pump s/n)
    637484Brandtechsmall flange,alumiunum,dn16kf w/connector for hollow screw
    637522Brandtechhose connection
    637533Brandtechgas ballast straight fitting, npt 1/8"
    637536Brandtechhousing cover insert 1-cylinder, vario
    637580Brandtechface wrench with torque indicator, size 40/4
    637588Brandtechcover plate (for catchpot connection)
    637623Brandtechmotor 100-120v/56 370w 2f120 (need pump s/n)
    637625Brandtechinlet and outlet valve seal ptfe, 0.7mm
    637626Brandtechprotective filter hydrophobic
    637627Brandtechcatchpot clip, ks 35/25, stainless steel, each
    637652Brandtechpower cord 230v, cee l-shaped iec socket, each
    637654Brandtechpower cord uk plug, l-shaped iec socket, each
    637655Brandtechpower cord 120v, us plug, l-shaped iec socket, each
    637656Brandtechswing screwing g 1/8" for hose d 10/8mm
    637657Brandtechmilled nut, pa, m 14 x 1
    637658Brandtechlocking ring pa
    637659Brandtechvacuu·lan® - operating part c3
    637692Brandtechsafety loop
    637726Brandtechmotor 120v / 50-60hz, 370w (need pump s/n)
    637735Brandtechhollow-core screw, g 1/8"
    637737Brandtechbonded seal g 1/8"
    637740Brandtechcap dn 6mm, red, each
    637745Brandtechhose nozzle g 1/8
    637749Brandtechvcl union nut
    637758Brandtechfan cover md1
    637769Brandtechdiaphragm ptfe
    637773Brandtechterminal side plate for md1
    637775Brandtechclamping disk etfe
    637776Brandtechfoot angle
    637777Brandtechdiaphragm wrench w/f 46
    637785Brandtechmotor cover with boring d15
    637791Brandtechmotor cover vario-sp, blue
    637792Brandtechhose pe dn 8/6mm, length 98mm (3.858 inches)
    637794Brandtechswiveling fitting g 1/8" for hose dn 8/6mm
    637796Brandtechover head screw m5x10mm, ss, each
    637804Brandtechvacuum sensor cable with socket for cvc 2000
    637808Brandtechvalve fkm blue (md1)
    637812Brandtechhousing cover serial b87 2z
    637813Brandtechhousing cover parallel b87 2z
    637816Brandtechdiaphragm support disc sw46x7
    637817Brandtechhead cover for md1
    637818Brandtechdiaphragm clamping disk for an md1
    637837Brandtechnull modem cable rs232c, 2x female connector sub-d 9pol,1.5m
    637845Brandtechmotor 100-240v, 180w (need pump s/n)
    637861Brandtechpower cord to connect pump to vnc2 controller
    637863Brandtechextension cable with diode plug
    637888Brandtechmotor 230v / 50-60hz, 180w (need pump s/n)
    637942Brandtechmotor 120v/60hz 180w (need s/n)
    637980Brandtechtubing for mz2c + 2ak (3 inches long)
    637986Brandtechpower supply unit for vacuum gauges dvr 3, 4, 4s, each
    638142Brandtechabsorbent felt, each
    638170Brandtechvalves without inlay layer (blue)
    638181Brandtechvacuum gauge
    638182Brandtechmounting angle
    638190Brandtechsupport for ak and ek (for repair use)
    638192Brandtechadapter (for venting valve connection kit)
    638193Brandtechflow restrictor, outlet connection re/rz 8-16
    638197Brandtechring type nipple
    638216Brandtechhose clamp
    638217Brandtechhose, 12, 8/6, 4 pvc--priced per centimeter (cm)
    638223Brandtechbvc21 viton pressure switch
    638233Brandtechcoupling 1/8 npt-tube 10/8
    638240Brandtechhandle for the diaphragm pumps
    638246Brandtechbottle with cap for new style bvc21
    638251Brandtechlarge plastic hose connector for bvc21
    638252Brandtechsmall plastic hose connector for bvc21/vhc
    638253Brandtechhose connection 1/8 npt pp
    638254Brandtechshock absorber for motor on bvc21 (only)
    638264Brandtechprotection filter hydrophobic
    638266Brandtechreplacement filter for bvc21/01
    6383-5Thermo Scientificfree standing, 6", 7-day circular chart recorder (-120, -140, -150°c frz.)
    6383-6Thermo Scientificfree standing chart recorder - freezer (-40°c to -95°c)
    6383-7AThermo Scientificfree stndng cobex rec. for revco high performance refrigerators and freezers
    638316Brandtechvalve flange with valve
    638355Brandtechclip ks 35, plastic (need s/n for manufacturer), pk of 1
    638371Brandtechcable 6-pole, each (s/n needed)
    638374Brandtechpower switch with instrument socket (need s/n)
    638375Brandtechcable set (yellow&green/black/blue) needed part for #637105
    638377Brandtechpressure transducer vsk5(for dvr5 & cvc2000)
    638406Brandtecho-ring, 48mm 2.5mm, fpm
    638415Brandtechdvr 2 front housing with glass pane
    638427Brandtechr-valve plate m14x1,5 d33
    638434Brandtechangle connector for vacuu*lan (2 x dn 10/8 with union nuts)
    638435Brandtecht connector for vacuu*lan
    638438Brandtechspare kit coupling for an rz5
    638440Brandtechinlet and outlet valve seal
    638446Brandtechcontact spring
    638456Brandtechwasher/spacer ps, d28 x 5.2 x 0,1mm
    638470Brandtechhose g 10/8 - 1000 mm pe (priced per meter)
    638484Brandtechtubing connecting ak-pump inlet
    638497Brandtechcatchpot, 500ml, coated glass
    638501Brandtechblind cap
    638511Brandtecho-ring, 16mm x 2mm, fpm
    638517Brandtechrear plate for re16 (bearing cover)
    638536Brandtechhollow bolt
    638543Brandtechhousing cover - mz2b
    638545Brandtechwasher/spacer 0.2 mm
    638547Brandtechwasher/spacer 0.15 mm
    638548Brandtechswivelling screw-in fitting md4/mz4/me8
    638549Brandtechnipple fitting with seal ring m5
    638552Brandtechvs-seal ring
    638555Brandtechhose for internals of cvc 211 (per cm)
    638572Brandtechhead cover (coated)
    638573Brandtechhead cover - mv2 coated
    638595Brandtechangle connection 1/4-18 npt
    638596Brandtechelbow gas ballast
    638643Brandtechrubber foot d 18x10
    638645Brandtechpe hose dn 10/8 (minimum order required-40 meter roll), each
    638656Brandtechinlet head cover mz2d
    638690Brandtechfoil keys for cvc 2000
    638691Brandtechshaft seal 25mm x 35mm x 6mm, fpm, each
    638703Brandtechhead cover (coated)
    638729Brandtechprotective filter and snap ring
    638731Brandtechangle connector
    638732Brandtechelbows 90 degree - connector
    638757Brandtechlarge non return valve with two small flanges dn 25, each
    638759Brandtechlengthening piece c
    638778Brandtechstraight connector
    638817Brandtechg1/2" nw25 adapter
    638821Brandtechpressure-safety valve
    638833Brandtechintermediate bearing with overpressure valve
    638836Brandtechinlet and outlet valve, d24, ffkm, 0.7 mm
    638870Brandtechcatchpot, 250ml for mz 2b
    638871Brandtechdrain valve for pc8
    638885Brandtechdiaphragm support disk - mz 2d
    638886Brandtechclamping disk - mz 2d
    638887Brandtechconnecting rod for mz2d
    638889Brandtechtransducer for dvr1, each
    638913Brandtechcatchpot for oil mist filter and separator re/rz8-16
    638924Brandtechpump head for re16
    638928Brandtechvane l80 for rz8 or rz16
    638933Brandtechsmall flange housing
    638940Brandtechbearing cover with non return ball
    638945Brandtechrotary slide vane
    638956Brandtechmaintenance indicator for oil filter, full-flow, hf r 8/9/16
    638957Brandtechsilencer for md1
    638970Brandtechconnecting rod for me16c
    638977Brandtechinlet-outlet connection, dn25
    638978Brandtechhousing base
    638989Brandtechelbow connector with hose nozzle
    638990Brandtechelbow gas ballast, each
    638993Brandtechdistributor small flange for 8 head c pumps
    638994Brandtechhose 10/8 4.5 cm
    639013Brandtechstator prevacuum inlet stage
    639015Brandtechstator prevacuum exhaust stage
    639016Brandtechvanes - rz 5
    639017Brandtechremovable sleeve - rz 5
    639063Brandtechoil pump rotor (rc 5)
    639092Brandtecho ring, rz 5
    639093Brandtechcylinder pin - rz 5
    639094Brandtechjet - rz 5 nozzle
    639095Brandtechnozzle (jet) 1.0mm
    639096Brandtechoil drain plug/catchpot plug (screw plug g 1/4")
    639097Brandtechcatchpot for oil mist filter & separator
    639100Brandtechend shield
    639101Brandtechgas ballast tube
    639106Brandtechfoam rubber insert
    639119Brandtechoil pump rotor re/rz2,re/rz5 (must provide pump s/n)
    639122Brandtechgasket for pc 5
    639123Brandtechset of seals for oil mist filter
    639125Brandtechnozzle for rz 5
    639129Brandtechshaft seals (set)
    639130Brandtechtube for silencer orifice
    639134Brandtechoil vane w/spring (set of 3)
    639144Brandtechmain switch
    639145Brandtechset of seals for rc5, re/rz2, re/rz5
    639168Brandtechcover for main switch
    639171Brandtechoil case seal
    639177Brandtechhandle for rz 2.5
    639178Brandtechstart up device (complete)
    639184Brandtechplug screw
    639188Brandtechvane - short
    639197Brandtechcoupling bush
    639200Brandtechvane spring for rc5,re/rz2-16
    639215Brandtechdetent ball & spring
    639223Brandtechgas ballast cap
    63932G01Thermo Scientificchome latch asy, af
    63932H01Thermo Scientificlatch & strike plate kanban
    639463Brandtechbuffer d 20/15 with thread m6x8
    639496Brandtechconnecting rod (complete) for me2 & me2c, each
    639499Brandtechconnecting rod (complete) for mz2c & md4c, each
    639554Brandtechhose connection for mz2c + 2ak
    639588Brandtechdiaphragm for me 4p
    639590Brandtechhollow screw, r 1/4" adapter
    639592Brandtechvalve for me 4p
    639596Brandtechhead cover outlet mz 2d
    63960Thermo Scientifico-ring 2.484x0.139
    63961Thermo Scientifico-ring 1.984x0.139
    639659Brandtechhose, dn 10/8, 18.1cm length, pe
    639683Brandtechnon return valve with small flange and hose nozzle
    639684Brandtechgas ballast elbow screw
    639691Brandtechoutlet silencer for vacuum pumps
    639692Brandtechinlet silencer for vacuum pumps
    639695Brandtechfoam rubber insert for silencer 639691
    639709Brandtechdistance ring
    639722Brandtechcheesehead screw
    639724Brandtechcheesehead screw
    639725Brandtechscrews for side panel
    639728Brandtechsilencer for non-chemistry pumps
    639729Brandtechsealing ring
    639731Brandtechscrew for housing cover
    639738Brandtechhose connection
    639739Brandtechhose connection
    639742Brandtechscrew, hollow w/hose nozzle
    639756Brandtechhose adapter for md 4
    639757Brandtechhollow-core screw for md4/me8
    639758Brandtechhose nozzle for rotary vane and non-chemistry pumps
    639762Brandtechhead cover (uses 2 o-rings) (need pump s/n)
    639774Brandtechshock absorber (rubber foot for 1 and 2 head pumps)
    639779Brandtechhousing cover
    639780Brandtechhousing cover insert