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    290184Thermo Scientificsensor 2252 ohm@25c.156x2
    290185Thermo Scientificsensor 2252 ohm@25c.156x2
    290193Thermo Scientific1440 bsc airflow sensor
    290194Thermo Scientificmidi rtd temp sen 1000hm
    290195Thermo Scientificmidi co2 sensor assy
    290196Thermo Scientificcable for 290154 sensor
    290199Thermo Scientificult pt100 probe option for all forma 900 series, tse series, exf series and hfu b series upright freezers
    291020Scilogexsilicone adapter for levo plus
    29127H01Thermo Scientificgasket, outer door
    29204G19Thermo Scientificfan motor shoud asy, 23' ref b
    29283H01Thermo Scientificshelf channel, seam rp 4-2
    293032Scilogexreplacement battery for levo plus
    293033-MScilogexac power/charger adapter for levo plus/levo me
    29313Thermo Scientificglass magnet, 9-311-7 -a-
    29333G02Thermo Scientificevaporator unit asy 23' refrig
    29333G13 SThermo Scientificevaporator unit asy, 23-30' re
    29333G15 SThermo Scientificevap unit asy, 12'ref 115v serv
    29336G06 SThermo Scientificevaporator unit asy, 50' ref.
    29336G07 SThermo Scientificevap asy, 75' ref 115v serv
    29423G12Thermo Scientificservice cord asy, 20 amp "a" v
    29423G13Thermo Scientificservice cord asy, 15 amp "d" v
    29430G02 SThermo Scientificsurge protect asy "a" 20a ser
    29430G05Thermo Scientificsurge protect asy"d"15a ser
    29430G09Thermo Scientificsurge protection asy b-c-s-v-w
    29430G27Thermo Scientificsurge protection asy uprt "d"
    29453H01Thermo Scientificcoupling, panel, quick-connect, 3
    29454H01Thermo Scientificinsert, straight, quik-conect, 3/
    296167Thermo Scientificsolenoid assy #2 fill rpo
    29701Brandtechblaubrand bulb pipette, cl. as conf. cert. 0.5 ml, pk of 12
    29702Brandtechblaubrand bulb pipette, cl. as conf. cert. 1 ml, pk of 12
    29703Brandtechblaubrand bulb pipette, cl. as conf. cert. 2 ml, pk of 12
    29704Brandtechblaubrand bulb pipette, cl. as conf. cert. 2.5 ml, pk of 6
    29705Brandtechblaubrand bulb pipette, cl. as conf. cert. 3 ml, pk of 6
    29706Brandtechblaubrand bulb pipette, cl. as conf. cert. 4 ml, pk of 6
    29707Brandtechblaubrand bulb pipette, cl. as conf. cert. 5 ml, pk of 6
    29708Brandtechblaubrand bulb pipette, cl. as conf. cert. 6 ml, pk of 6
    29709Brandtechblaubrand bulb pipette, cl. as conf. cert. 7 ml, pk of 6
    29710Brandtechblaubrand bulb pipette, cl. as conf. cert. 8 ml, pk of 6
    29711Brandtechblaubrand bulb pipette, cl. as conf. cert. 9 ml, pk of 6
    29712Brandtechblaubrand bulb pipette, cl. as conf. cert. 10 ml, pk of 6
    29713Brandtechblaubrand bulb pipette, cl. as conf. cert. 15 ml, pk of 6
    29714Brandtechblaubrand bulb pipette, cl. as conf. cert. 20 ml, pk of 6
    29715Brandtechblaubrand bulb pipette, cl. as conf. cert. 25 ml, pk of 6
    29716Brandtechblaubrand bulb pipette, cl. as conf. cert. 30 ml, pk of 6
    29717Brandtechblaubrand bulb pipette, cl. as conf. cert. 40 ml, pk of 6
    29718Brandtechblaubrand bulb pipette, cl. as conf. cert. 50 ml, pk of 6
    29719Brandtechbulb pipette, 100 ml, pk of 6
    29760Thermo Scientificadding mach tape 2 1/4
    29999H01Thermo Scientificclamp, accumulator fpgt1
    300001Scilogexdilvac dry-ice maker, c/w pressure hose and pressure gauge, international version
    300002Scilogexdilvac dry-ice maker, c/w pressure hose and pressure gauge, usa version
    30002Brandtechbulb pipette, pp, 1 ml, one-mark
    30003Brandtechbulb pipette, pp, 2 ml, one-mark
    300067Thermo Scientificrelay 3pdt, 10a 120v encl
    30007Brandtechbulb pipette, pp, 5 ml, one-mark
    300073Thermo Scientificrelay spdt 30a 120v coil
    300088H01Thermo Scientificcontactor 3 pole 40a (50a res)
    300099Thermo Scientificstart relay for 990009 ss
    300109Thermo Scientificrelay dpst n.o.20a 120v c
    30012Brandtechbulb pipette, pp, 10 ml, one-mark
    300123Thermo Scientificrelay, encl dpdt 20a, 24vac
    300145H03Thermo Scientificheat exchanger, brazed plate
    30015Brandtechbulb pipette, pp, 25 ml, one-mark
    300161Thermo Scientific25a encl.relay dpdt 120v
    300175Thermo Scientificssr 40a 280v 100-135vcoil
    30018Brandtechbulb pipette, pp, 50 ml, one-mark
    300218Thermo Scientific737rtv clear silicone
    300230Thermo Scientificrelay dpst 30a 120v coil
    300253G02 SThermo Scientificgas inlet/outlet pipe, service
    300253G04 SThermo Scientificgas inlet/outlet pipe, 4.25'ser
    300261Thermo Scientificrelay, spst, 12vdc coil
    300275Thermo Scientific20a encl.relay dpdt 120v
    300276Thermo Scientific20a encl.relay dpdt 240v
    300278Thermo Scientificstart relay for 203007
    300285Thermo Scientificrelay dpst 30a 24vac coil
    300307Thermo Scientificrelay 3pdt, 10a 115v encl
    300308Thermo Scientificstart relay
    300309Thermo Scientificstart relay
    300310Thermo Scientificstart relay
    300319Thermo Scientificstart relay
    300319TFThermo Scientificstart relay
    300323Thermo Scientificstart relay
    300345Thermo Scientificcontactor 3 pole 30a 120v
    300347Thermo Scientificstart relay aspera comp
    300349Thermo Scientificadhesive 9" x 9" flask mat for maxq shakers
    300363Thermo Scientific8 hr interval timer 230v
    300367H01Thermo Scientificaccumulator -30'(hlt30v-4bbsa1
    300373H01Thermo Scientifictube, drain 30'
    300374H01Thermo Scientifictube, drain 23' and 50'
    300384Thermo Scientific3/4uhmw polyethylene tape
    300387Thermo Scientific3/4 acrylic dbl foam tape
    300400G01 SThermo Scientificdrain tube asy, 30'frr 115v ser
    300400G02 SThermo Scientificdrain tube asy, 23'frr 115v ser
    300400G03 SThermo Scientificdrain tube asy, 30'frr 230v ser
    300400G04 SThermo Scientificdrain tube asy, 23'frr 230v ser
    300400G05 SThermo Scientificdrain tube asy, 12'frr 115v ser
    300400G06 SThermo Scientificdrain tube asy, 12'frr 230v ser
    300400G07 SThermo Scientificdrain tube asy, 50'hot gas ser
    300400G11 SThermo Scientificdrain tube asy, 50'fr 115v ser
    300400G13 SThermo Scientificdrain tube asy, 50'fr 230 servi
    300538H01Thermo Scientificcont, temp #2132 eurotherm
    300684H01Thermo Scientificscrew, swing door cap
    300693H01Thermo Scientificair filter-incub.
    300718H01Thermo Scientificgasket, neoprene foam rub 1/8 x
    300734H03Thermo Scientificelement, tubular, 225w, 240v, gi20
    30077Thermo Scientific1-1/2 in snap bushing
    300796H01Thermo Scientificbracket, remote
    300807H01Thermo Scientificplate, hearth kb
    300811H01Thermo Scientificheater, chamber 115v/230v
    300837H01Thermo Scientificdoor, inner(insulation) kb
    300845-012Thermo Scientificslab, matl 1071, hearth plate, 51
    300845-020Thermo Scientificslab, matl 1064, front, 51664
    300845G01Thermo Scientificinsulation, furnace (51664) 9x1
    300880H01Thermo Scientificinsulation, fce(chamber half) k
    300884G01Thermo Scientificdrain pan heater asy, 12' frz
    300884H01Thermo Scientificdrain pan heater 100 watts 115
    300891G01Thermo Scientifictube suction/cap asy all 50' r
    300900H01Thermo Scientificunit, tube furnace heater (4 1/
    300901H01Thermo Scientificunit, tube furnace heater (7 1/
    300BLANKETKITBriskHeatairbus a300 elevator heating blanket kit (kit a, 6 blankets)
    300STroemner500 g x 1 g weight set stainless steel
    300STTroemner500 g x 1 g weight set stainless steel w/ traceable cert
    3010Thermo Scientificwater jacket incubator, co2, t/c, 120v, 50/60hz
    30100Thermo Scientificclmn pcs molded for maxq orbital shakers
    30105Thermo Scientific13x11 comb. platform for maxq orbital shakers
    30106Thermo Scientific24 x 18 comb platform for orbital shakers
    301070H01Thermo Scientificscrew 1/4-28 nf x 3/4 socket h
    301094G04 SThermo Scientificelec asy-built in tank sw.ser
    30110Thermo Scientific18x18 comb. platform for maxq orbital shakers
    30115BIThermo Scientific30x18 comb. platform for maxq orbital shakers
    30120BIThermo Scientific36x24 comb. platform for maxq orbital shakers
    301210H01Thermo Scientificplate, steel top
    301230H01Thermo Scientifichtr, beehive 12x12x18 240v no b
    30124Thermo Scientificdual tier combo pltf disassem for maxq orbital shakers
    30125Thermo Scientific11"x13" dual stacked platform for maxq 2000 wo clamps
    30128Thermo Scientific18"x18" dual stacked platform for maxq 2000 and maxq 6000
    30129Thermo Scientificclamp starter kit
    301308G01Thermo Scientificmagni-whirl control retrofit k
    301332H01Thermo Scientificchart paper, temp, co2 inc
    301367H01Thermo Scientificr.h. hinge brkt asy bottom
    301367H02Thermo Scientificl.h. hinge brkt asy bottom
    301405H01Thermo Scientificfurnace insulation bf51314
    301433-008Thermo Scientificfurn ins kit, top 1700c
    301433-010Thermo Scientificfurn ins kit, sides 1700c
    301433-015Thermo Scientificfurn ins kit, bottom 1700c
    301433H01Thermo Scientificfurnace insulation - 51524
    301457H01Thermo Scientifichandle, offset pull
    301458H01Thermo Scientificasy, torque rod
    301458H03Thermo Scientificasy, torque rod
    301459H01Thermo Scientifichold open assy for glass door,
    301460H01Thermo Scientifichold open assy for glass door,
    301461H01Thermo Scientificstud, hold open
    301465H01Thermo Scientificpin, hinge, .301
    301469H01Thermo Scientificasy, lock, complete
    301472H01Thermo Scientificgasket, magnet, blk
    301472H02Thermo Scientificgasket, mag, blk 23 1/16 x55 1/2
    301478H01Thermo Scientificheater, hot plate, hp53013a
    301478H02Thermo Scientificheater, hot plate, hp53014c
    301478H03Thermo Scientificheater, hot plate, hp53015c
    301478H04Thermo Scientificheater, hot plate, hp53016a
    301498-009Thermo Scientificfurn ins comp, hearth plate 17
    30150BIThermo Scientific10ml erlenmeyer flask clamps for maxq orbital shakers
    30151Thermo Scientific25ml erlenmeyer flask clamps for maxq orbital shakers
    30152BIThermo Scientific50ml erlenmeyer flask clamps for maxq orbital shakers
    30153Thermo Scientific125ml erlenmeyer flask clamps for maxq orbital shakers
    30154BIThermo Scientific250ml erlenmeyer flask clamps for maxq orbital shakers
    30155Thermo Scientific300ml erlenmeyer flask clamps for maxq orbital shakers
    30156BIThermo Scientific500ml erlenmeyer flask clamps for maxq orbital shakers
    301571H01Thermo Scientificheating unit, mini mite tube fu
    30157BIThermo Scientific1 l erlenmeyer flask clamps for maxq orbital shakers
    30158Thermo Scientific2 l erlenmeyer flask clamps for maxq orbital shakers
    30159Thermo Scientific4 l erlenmeyer flask clamps for maxq orbital shakers
    30160Thermo Scientific6 l erlenmeyer flask clamps for maxq orbital shakers
    301607H01Thermo Scientificprobe, temperature, go1300/1305
    30161Thermo Scientific2500ml culture flask clamps for maxq orbital shakers
    30162Thermo Scientific2800ml fernbach flask clamps for maxq orbital shakers
    301621H01Thermo Scientificshelf, wire 15.750 x 21.750
    301622H01Thermo Scientificshelf, wire 14.625 x 18.688
    301665G01 SThermo Scientificasy, pivot arm bracket (fce)
    301665G02Thermo Scientificasy, pivot arm bracket, rt hd
    301667H01Thermo Scientificlink, drag 1f2-n f6cb14
    30175Thermo Scientificdeep well titer plate clamp for maxq orbital shakers
    301785G01Thermo Scientificretro kit, control asy ov490 (
    301802H01Thermo Scientificlatch, adj lever non locking
    301804G01 SThermo Scientificdoor assy, glss rh 23/50/75'ser
    301804G02 SThermo Scientificdoor asy, gl lh 23/50/75'"a"ser
    301804G03 SThermo Scientificdoor asy, gl rh 30' 115v ser
    301804G04 SThermo Scientificdoor asy, gl lh 30' 115v ser
    301804G05 SThermo Scientificdoor asy, gl rh 12'ref 115v ser
    30180BIThermo Scientificadj angle tube rack 72-13mm for maxq orbital shakers
    30181Thermo Scientificadj angle tube rack 36-13mm for maxq orbital shakers
    30182Thermo Scientificadj angle tube rack 73-16mm for maxq orbital shakers
    30183Thermo Scientificadj angle tube rack 36-16mm for maxq orbital shakers
    30184Thermo Scientificadj angle tube rack 40-20mm for maxq orbital shakers
    30185Thermo Scientificadj angle tube rack 20-20mm for maxq orbital shakers
    30186Thermo Scientificadj angle tube rack 40-25mm for maxq orbital shakers
    30187Thermo Scientificadj angle tube rack 16-25mm for maxq orbital shakers
    30188Thermo Scientificadj angle tube rack 24-30mm for maxq orbital shakers
    30189Thermo Scientificadj angle tube rack 9-30mm for maxq orbital shakers
    30190Thermo Scientificmicro tube rack 1.5ml 8x12 for maxq orbital shakers
    30191Thermo Scientificmicro tube rack 1.5ml 4x6 for maxq orbital shakers
    301923G01Thermo Scientificupgrade kit, go1310 to yokogaw
    301923G02Thermo Scientificupgrade kit, go1320-1350 yokog
    301934H01Thermo Scientificheater, moldatherm (hot plate)
    301935G01 SThermo Scientificdcs ir sensor, drilled
    301STroemner1000 g x 1 g weight set stainless steel
    301STTroemner1000 g x 1 g weight set stainless steel w/ traceable cert
    3020Thermo Scientificwater jacket incubator co2, ir, 120v, 50/60hz
    302023H01Thermo Scientificchamber plug asy
    302025H01Thermo Scientificplug, door bf51866/51766
    302030H01Thermo Scientificremote cable
    302073H01Thermo Scientificcondenser, 12" x 11"3r/12p, 10fp
    302079H01Thermo Scientificharness, thermister (water) 35
    302079H02Thermo Scientificharness, thermister (chamber)
    302110H01Thermo Scientificfixture, florescent (horz, snap
    302111H01Thermo Scientific6748bulb, flourescent (13 watt)
    302182G01Thermo Scientificcondensate evap. asy, 45' ref
    302182G02Thermo Scientificcondensate evap. asy, 45' ref
    302201H02Thermo Scientificdoor, glass rh double pane 12'
    302230H01Thermo Scientificheater, door frame 115v 12' re
    302268G01Thermo Scientificpower supply board asy, 115v
    302268G02Thermo Scientificpower supply board asy, 230v
    302268H02Thermo Scientificrelay board w/pwm output
    302317H01Thermo Scientificduct, top (shelf system-incub)
    302363G14 SThermo Scientifice-prom asy, ref ser
    302363G16 SThermo Scientifice-prom asy, -30 frz ser
    302363G32 SThermo Scientifice-prom asy, ref ser
    302363G34 SThermo Scientifice-prom asy, -30 frz ser
    302364H01Thermo Scientificoverlay, ng cont. refrig w/lig
    302364H02Thermo Scientificoverlay, ng cont. refrig w/o l
    302364H04Thermo Scientificoverlay, ng cntrl prv label w/
    302376G07 SThermo Scientificcond. unit asy, 12' hfc frzr "
    302404H01Thermo Scientifictube, drain trap 50/75' refrig
    302416H01Thermo Scientifictimer, delay&instantaneous cont
    30244Thermo Scientificindicator lamp 125v (rpo)
    302471H01Thermo Scientificsensors & temp cable asy, 4 co
    302471H02Thermo Scientificsensors & temp cable asy, 4 co
    302471H03Thermo Scientificsensors & temp cable asy, 4 co
    302471H05Thermo Scientificsensors & temp cable asy, 4 co
    302471H06Thermo Scientificsensors & temp cable asy, 4 co
    302471H07Thermo Scientificsensors & temp cable asy, 4 co
    302471H08Thermo Scientificsensors & temp cable asy, 3 co
    302471H09Thermo Scientificsensors & temp cable asy, 3 co
    302471H10Thermo Scientificharness extender, 3 pin mini d
    302496G02 SThermo Scientificinner door asy, 21' uprt ser
    302496G03 SThermo Scientificinner door asy, 25' uprt ser
    302496G05 SThermo Scientificinner door asy, 11/32 uprt ser
    302496G06 SThermo Scientificinner door asy, 32' uprt ser
    302543H01Thermo Scientificfilter drier, liq.line parker
    302545H01Thermo Scientificcontrol, temperature eurotherm
    302564H01Thermo Scientificinsul kit, furnace bf51433 150
    302568H01Thermo Scientificpanel, upper side ref
    302571H01Thermo Scientificpanel, top rear 23'
    302621H01Thermo Scientificthyristor control, 50 amp 240v
    302623H01Thermo Scientificfuse, high speed 50 amp 240v
    302637G01Thermo Scientificrecpt asy, single duplex, 115v
    302647G03Thermo Scientificbrace weld asy, 25' uprt ngc
    302649H01Thermo Scientificclip, corner cap retainer
    302659H01Thermo Scientificguard, rear 13/17'uprt
    302660H01Thermo Scientificpanel, side 13'w/o grill
    302761H01Thermo Scientificheater/insulation-crucible 568
    302795H03Thermo Scientificcircuit breaker, 20 amp, 2 pol
    302795H04Thermo Scientificcircuit breaker, 25 amp, 2 pol
    302795H05Thermo Scientificcircuit breaker, 30 amp, 2 pol
    302795H10Thermo Scientificcircuit breaker, 60 amp, 2 pol
    302800G205Thermo Scientificservice circuit breaker retrof
    302800G603Thermo Scientificser circuit breaker retrofit k
    302819H01Thermo Scientificrelay, spst 30a 24v coil nais
    302819H02Thermo Scientificrelay, spst 30a 120v coil nais
    302819H03Thermo Scientificrelay, spst 30a 240v coil nais
    303062H01Thermo Scientificmotor, fan 120/240v obs
    303114H01Thermo Scientificplate, top h-3 hot plate
    303115H01 SThermo Scientificcontrol, ut-130 1/16 din pid w
    303115H03 SThermo Scientificcontrol, ut-150 1/16 din, pid
    303115H04 SThermo Scientificcontrol, ut-150 1/16 din, w/co
    303115H13 SThermo Scientificcontrol, up-550, 1/4 din pid 30
    303115H17 SThermo Scientificcontrol, ut-150, 1/16, din, pid
    303115H20 SThermo Scientificcontrol, up-150, 1/16, din w/co
    303118H01Thermo Scientificser cord, power input module 11
    303118H03Thermo Scientificser cord, power input module 22
    303143G01Thermo Scientificaccum asy, uprt ngc
    303146G01Thermo Scientificaccum asy, 3' chest ng
    303255G01Thermo Scientificcompressor service asy, 1 hp, "
    303255G02Thermo Scientificcompressor service asy, 1 hp, "
    303255G04Thermo Scientificcompressor service asy, 1hp "a
    303255G06Thermo Scientificcompressor service asy, 1hp "v,
    303255G07Thermo Scientific10140d15 scroll comp. ser.kit
    303255G08Thermo Scientific10140d17 scroll comp. ser.kit
    303255G09Thermo Scientific7150d15 scroll comp. ser.kit
    303255G10Thermo Scientific7150d17 scroll comp. ser.kit
    303255G11Thermo Scientific7150/10140e, scrl comp.ser.kit
    303255G12Thermo Scientific7150/10140e17, r17 scroll kit
    303255G16Thermo Scientific7150/10140v17, w17 scroll kit
    303255G17Thermo Scientific1 hp semi-herm. for cfc hlt
    303255G18Thermo Scientific1hp semi-herm.for 14 to 35 suf
    303255G19Thermo Scientific1hp semi-herm.for 1st stage 36
    303255G20Thermo Scientific1hp semi-herm.for 2nd stage 36
    303255G21Thermo Scientific1.5hp semi-herm.for 1st stage
    303255G27Thermo Scientificcmpr srv asy, 1 hp "v" 46 frz
    303255G28Thermo Scientificcomprssr serv 115v h/s plus
    303255G29Thermo Scientificcomprssr serv 115v l/s plus
    303255G30Thermo Scientificcomprssr serv 208/230 h/s plus
    303256G01Thermo Scientificstart gear revco plus 115vac
    303265H01Thermo Scientificgasket, door outer 3 lobe 25'
    303298H01Thermo Scientificbracket, control bulb & capill
    303308H02Thermo Scientificfuse, slo-blo 30a 3ab 250v
    303309H01Thermo Scientificfuse, slo-blo 1a 5x20mm 250v
    303313G01Thermo Scientificheater asy, 120v/240v
    303323G02Thermo Scientificservice, door insulation w/fra
    303325G01 SThermo Scientificdoor asy, bf51634/664 ser
    303369G01Thermo Scientificservice replacement, crucuble p
    303369G02Thermo Scientificservice replacement, crucuble p
    303390H01Thermo Scientificbag, "t & l" brackets ics (9 t
    303390H02Thermo Scientificbag, "t & l"brackets ics(12 t's
    303396H01Thermo Scientificglide, adjustable yukon 1/2"-1
    303402G01Thermo Scientificcable asy, internal com
    303402G02Thermo Scientificcable asy, internal com
    303412H01Thermo Scientificbracket, inner door retrofit
    303419G02Thermo Scientificinsulation asy, door w/frame (
    303426G01Thermo Scientificdoor insul. asy w/frame - bf51
    303431H01Thermo Scientificinsulation kit, door - bf51433
    304063G01Thermo Scientificcontrol panel weld asy, go1310
    304084G01Thermo Scientificbottle charge, suva 95 dot
    304087H01Thermo Scientificsub lid, pull out 5' uc
    304102H02Thermo Scientificheater, (8 watt/115v) pep
    304125G01Thermo Scientificretrofit kit, inner door 13/17
    304125G03Thermo Scientificretrofit kit, inner door 25' u
    304159H01Thermo Scientificbracket, condenser mounting
    304161H01Thermo Scientificheater/insulation, crucible 56
    304174H01Thermo Scientificadaptor, frame, yokogawa f5aa4
    304262G01Thermo Scientificretrofit conrtols-mw1145, yoko
    304349H03Thermo Scientificgasket, door outer 2 lobe 32'si
    304349H04Thermo Scientificgasket, door outer 2 lobe 11'si
    304349H06Thermo Scientificgasket, door outer 2 lobe 25'si
    304406H02Thermo Scientificharness, power supply to sig.
    304406H10Thermo Scientificharness, power supply to cpu
    304408Thermo Scientificf/i 6 recorder-tabletop 230v
    30445Thermo Scientificrubber bumper (rpo)
    304501H01Thermo Scientificoverlay, control panel go1310
    304611G01Thermo Scientifickit, moldatherm patch
    304651H01Thermo Scientificmanual, lind/blue m gravity w/y
    304680H01Thermo Scientificgasket, magnet, blk dbl pane 5
    304708H01Thermo Scientificbracket, hinge - top - right h
    304708H02Thermo Scientificbracket, hinge - top - left ha
    304709H01Thermo Scientificbracket, hinge-glass top
    304742H01Thermo Scientificdoor insulation, 1700 deg c fur
    304747H01Thermo Scientificdoor, ins inner 51848 kb
    304770G01 SThermo Scientificdoor plug&frame asy ser
    304775H01Thermo Scientificheater, tubular 1400w, 120v (ele
    304839H01Thermo Scientificbracket, reach-in bottle (jewe
    304841G03 SThermo Scientificdoor asy, foam, 25/55'ref/frz rh
    304846G01Thermo Scientificcontrol panel weld asy, hp2000
    304846G04Thermo Scientificcontrol panel weld asy, hp2000
    304853G01 SThermo Scientificevaporator asy, 17/25'ref 115v
    304853G02 SThermo Scientificevaporator asy, 17/25'ref 230v
    304855G01Thermo Scientificdrawer slide asy, 25/55' refri
    304857G01Thermo Scientificdigital display asy, refrigera
    304859G01 SThermo Scientificdrawer slide asy, 25/55'fr ser
    304860G01 SThermo Scientificdrawer weld asy, 25/55'frz ser
    304863H03Thermo Scientificpcb, display, refrigerator
    304864G30Thermo Scientificpcb service kit (must be calib
    304864G33Thermo Scientificpcb service kit (must be calib
    304864G34Thermo Scientificpcb service kit (must be calib
    304864G36Thermo Scientificpcb service kit (must be calib
    304864G37Thermo Scientificpcb service kit (must be calib
    304864G41Thermo Scientificpcb service kit (must be calib
    304864G44Thermo Scientificpcb service kit (must be calib
    304864H05Thermo Scientificcontrol board w/rj45, ult
    304864H06Thermo Scientificcontrol board w/rj45, refrig
    304865H02Thermo Scientificcompressor, copeland 115-1-60
    304872G01 SThermo Scientificasy, heater failsafe, bod ser
    304969H01Thermo Scientificheater insulation asy, 13x7x11
    304991G01 SThermo Scientificlatch asy, advanced ult up ser
    3050Thermo Scientificexternal gas guard for water jacket co2 incubator series
    305041G01Thermo Scientificservice asy, nais rly w/snb'r
    305041G02Thermo Scientificservice asy, nais rly w/sn se
    305041G03Thermo Scientificservice asy, nais rly w/sn see
    305054H01Thermo Scientificgasket, door magnet blk 30' re
    305056H01Thermo Scientificrunner, shelf (blue m dwg #660
    305073G01Thermo Scientificpep asy, new style 230v
    305073G02Thermo Scientificpep asy, new style 115v
    305101H01Thermo Scientificpilaster, right&left rp 4-2
    305102H02Thermo Scientificcable, db-9 36"
    305142H01Thermo Scientificshelf 11'asahi si up
    305156H01Thermo Scientificrocker switch
    305172H01Thermo Scientificcontroler, display pcb
    305210G01Thermo Scientificservice kit, .3 ssr replacement
    305215G02Thermo Scientificpep heater asy, 115v new style
    305239G03Thermo Scientificservice asy, aft12 115v hfc re
    305247H01Thermo Scientificcable rj45 84" plug terminatio
    305255H01Thermo Scientifickeyswitch
    305320G01Thermo Scientificgrill, front weldment asy
    305371H01Thermo Scientificcaster, with brake
    305419G01Thermo Scientificbracket, magnet w/threaded stu
    305446G01 SThermo Scientificdisplay, vfd assembly ser
    305484G01Thermo Scientificsensor asy, water (service)
    305484G02Thermo Scientificsensor asy, water (service)
    305562G01Thermo Scientificservice kit, humidity t/c styl
    305574H01Thermo Scientificharness, control panel extende
    305597H01Thermo Scientificgasket, fisher co2 5.8'
    305650H01Thermo Scientifichinge, door outer si
    305650H02Thermo Scientifichinge, door outer led gray
    305654G02Thermo Scientifickit, ult latch asy, eye level, t
    30580Thermo Scientificfan 115v/50-60hz 115cfm a -b-
    305821H01Thermo Scientificsensor, oxygen(o2), partial-pres
    3058513Thermo Scientificoil vac pump mr-100 1l
    305934H01Thermo Scientifichinge, piano inner door, rp4-4
    305992H01Thermo Scientificgasket, door, red silicon - vo
    305993H01Thermo Scientificgasket, door, red silicon - vo
    305994H01Thermo Scientificgasket, door, black silicon - vo
    306005H02Thermo Scientifickick plate & grill, (5') w/o d
    306005H03Thermo Scientifickick plate & grill, (5')
    30601Brandtechbulb pipette, usp bbr as 0.5 ml, one-mark, pk of 12
    30602Brandtechbulb pipette, usp bbr as 1 ml, one-mark, pk of 12
    30603Brandtechbulb pipette, usp bbr as 2 ml, one-mark, pk of 12
    306039H01Thermo Scientificshelf, 18-3/4" x19 1/2" gray p
    306042G01 SThermo Scientificbottle asy, 8oz plastic service
    306042H01Thermo Scientificbottle, 8 oz. plastic
    306043H03Thermo Scientificdoor, 25/55' rh 115v heated gl
    306043H04Thermo Scientificdoor, 17/37' rh 115v heated gl
    30605Brandtechbulb pipette, usp bbr as 3 ml, one-mark, pk of 6
    306050H01Thermo Scientificclip, conduit s/s (5/25')jewett
    306052H01Thermo Scientificcooler, unit- (5') jewett
    306053H01Thermo Scientificcooler, unit (25')-jewett refr
    30606Brandtechbulb pipette, usp bbr as 4 ml, one-mark, pk of 6
    306060H01Thermo Scientificcontainer, 12 oz.-rect.(5/25')-
    306061H01Thermo Scientificlock & strike, cyl (5/25')-jew
    306062H01Thermo Scientifichinge, chrome plt(5')-jewett
    306063H01Thermo Scientifichinge, h.d (25')-jewett
    306065H01Thermo Scientificheater, 75w 115v, j-42 tstat
    306065H02Thermo Scientificheater, 75w 220v, j-42 tstat
    306067H01Thermo Scientificflour light fixture simkar 120
    306068H01Thermo Scientificprobe, upper thermistor hp 200
    30607Brandtechbulb pipette, usp bbr as 5 ml, one-mark, pk of 6
    306078H01Thermo Scientificclip, shelf (5')-jewett
    30608Brandtechbulb pipette, usp bbr as 6 ml, one-mark, pk of 6
    306083H01Thermo Scientificswitch, dbl pole -(25')-jewett
    306085H01Thermo Scientificwiring harness, (5')-jewett
    306087H01Thermo Scientificstrip, base top & bottom frame
    30609Brandtechbulb pipette, usp bbr as 7 ml, one-mark, pk of 6
    306096H01Thermo Scientificgasket, magnetic 20.250 x 20.25
    306096H05Thermo Scientificdoor gasket, uc, 34.625 x 25.3
    306096H06Thermo Scientificdoor gasket, uc, 34.563 x 25.0
    306096H07Thermo Scientificdoor gasket, uc, 14.063 x 25.0
    306096H08Thermo Scientificdoor gasket, uc, 50.750 x 25.0
    306096H09Thermo Scientificdoor gasket, uc, 59.750 x 25.0
    30610Brandtechbulb pipette, usp bbr as 8 ml, one-mark, pk of 6
    306100H01Thermo Scientificcharts, centigrade -j7-10+60-7
    30611Brandtechbulb pipette, usp bbr as 9 ml, one-mark, pk of 6
    306118H01Thermo Scientificdoor, 25/55' lh 230v heated gl
    306118H03Thermo Scientificdoor, 25/55' lh 115v heated gl
    306118H04Thermo Scientificdoor, 17/37' lh 115v heated gl
    30612Brandtechbulb pipette, usp bbr as 10 ml, one-mark, pk of 6
    30613Brandtechbulb pipette, usp bbr as 15 ml, one-mark, pk of 6
    306130H01Thermo Scientificmonitor, digital temp power115/
    30614Brandtechbulb pipette, usp bbr as 20 ml, one-mark, pk of 6
    306140H01Thermo Scientificshelf, white epoxy 23-1/2" x 28
    306149H01Thermo Scientificbattery lead asy-8er
    30615Brandtechbulb pipette, usp bbr as 25 ml, one-mark, pk of 6
    306151H01Thermo Scientificpower supply, external 115-60-1
    306152H01Thermo Scientificrtd temp sensor asy-8er
    30616Brandtechbulb pipette, usp bbr as 30 ml, one-mark, pk of 6
    306162H01Thermo Scientificswitch, membrane
    306166H01Thermo Scientificboard, pc-(7er)
    306168H01Thermo Scientificmotor, drive chart 6 wire (8er)
    306169H01Thermo Scientificmotor, drive pen 6 wire ( 7er /
    30617Brandtechbulb pipette, usp bbr as 40 ml, one-mark, pk of 6
    306172H01Thermo Scientificarm, pen (7er)
    306174H01Thermo Scientificdoor, chart (7er)
    306179H01Thermo Scientificpen, blue ink (7er-01)
    30618Brandtechbulb pipette, usp bbr as 50 ml, one-mark, pk of 6
    306187H01Thermo Scientificcooler, unit 115/60/1
    30619Brandtechbulb pipette, usp bbr as 100 ml, one-mark, pk of 6
    306202H01Thermo Scientificthermostat, limit open 26f, sev
    306220H01Thermo Scientificpan, evaporator (refrig/freezer
    306225H01Thermo Scientificaccumulator, refrigeration rese
    306228H01Thermo Scientificcondensing unit, 1/3 hp refrig
    306232H01Thermo Scientificwire harness, u.c. freezer
    306234H01Thermo Scientificheaters, alum overbraid, 230v 18
    306235H01Thermo Scientificcondensing unit, 1/3 hp refrig
    306237H01Thermo Scientificlock & strike, cyl
    306238H01Thermo Scientificcharts, centigrade j7-12+43-8
    306240H01Thermo Scientificcharts, centigrade j7-100+38-8
    306241H01Thermo Scientificcharts, centigrade j7-100+38-7
    306242H01Thermo Scientificpens, #20-200 (6) mark-a-matic
    306245H01Thermo Scientificprobe, thermistor asy, digital #
    306246H01Thermo Scientificcable asy, digital thermistor
    306247H01Thermo Scientificprobe, upper thermistor asy, dig
    306249G01Thermo Scientificcondensate pan weld asy, jewet
    306256H01Thermo Scientificdoor asy, #75- w/lock(right han
    306257H01Thermo Scientificgasket, door #4001 white
    306258H01Thermo Scientificcontrol, temperature for c65r
    306264H01Thermo Scientificdrier, little giant (xh-9)
    306267H01Thermo Scientificcooler, unit 220/50-60/1 less h
    306270G02 SThermo Scientificcond.unit asy, -30 frzr 2b ser
    306270H01Thermo Scientificcondensing unit, 1.25 hp 208-2
    306273H02Thermo Scientificvalve, solenoid 3/8"
    306274H01Thermo Scientificcoil, solenoid 120/240v 50/60h
    306278H01Thermo Scientificmonitor, digital temp power-rem
    306293H01Thermo Scientificmonitor, hp101-1001 temp power+
    306294H01Thermo Scientificmonitor, digital temp/pwr above
    306305H01Thermo Scientificmonitor, hp101-1000 temp power+
    306306H01Thermo Scientificcondensing unit, 1.25 hp 220/5
    306307H01Thermo Scientificmonitor, hp101-3000 temp power
    306316H01Thermo Scientificthermistor sensor hp 2000 lowe
    306317H01Thermo Scientificupper thermistor asy, hp2000 f
    306319H01Thermo Scientificmonitor, digital temp/pwr 1c-10
    306334H01Thermo Scientificmonitor, hp101-3001 temp power
    306341H01Thermo Scientificheater, 84.5" 115v 5w/ft glass
    306351H01Thermo Scientificheater, 161" 230v, 5w/ft alum
    306384H01 SThermo Scientificcapillary/suction tube ser
    306404H01Thermo Scientificcable, upper self test t100 - 1
    306418H01Thermo Scientificcompressor temp probe asy
    306424H01Thermo Scientifictransformer, 115v/10vac ext.
    306432H01Thermo Scientificmain pc board asy-hemapro 101-
    306450H01Thermo Scientificbbr25/55 egg crate div. 55 opg
    306470G03 SThermo Scientificdoor asy, foam 17/37'ref/frz rh
    306505G01 SThermo Scientificdrawer weld asy, 17/37' ser
    306506G01 SThermo Scientificdrawer slide asy, 17/37' freez
    306507G01 SThermo Scientificdrawer slide asy, 17/37'ref ser
    306508G01 SThermo Scientificdrawer weld asy, 17/37'frz ser
    306534H01Thermo Scientificspinco capillary/drier asy
    306537H01Thermo Scientifictube, drain (short)j-trap
    306539H01Thermo Scientificcap./drier/strainer asy, 5' u.
    306543G01 SThermo Scientificevaporator asy, 5' u.c. refrig
    306543G03 SThermo Scientificevaporator asy, 6/11' ref 115v
    306602G01 SThermo Scientificdrawer weld asy, u.c.long ser
    306604H01Thermo Scientificdrawer slide, 20" long (pair)
    306621H01Thermo Scientificswitch, push button n.o.
    306629H01Thermo Scientificfan motor 115-60-1
    306630H01Thermo Scientificcutler hammer 8440k3 switch no
    306631H01Thermo Scientificfan blade for va70a coil
    306633H01Thermo Scientificfan motor 115v
    306637H01Thermo Scientificfan motor 115-60-1
    306639H01Thermo Scientificcap, plastic for bottle 306042
    306641H01Thermo Scientificfan motor 115v
    306642H01Thermo Scientifictriple glass unit 23 x 57 7/8
    306648H01Thermo Scientificcooler, unit 6' -30/40 frzr 11
    306662H01Thermo Scientificrelay
    306663H01Thermo Scientificmotor compressor, for cnd332
    306714H01Thermo Scientificblade, fan bohn evap coil
    306724H02Thermo Scientificunit cooler, bohn 115/1/60
    306731H01Thermo Scientificcaplug, red w/two.312 dia hole
    306760H02Thermo Scientificshelves, steel wire, crs, epoxy
    306775H01Thermo Scientificlock, door polarstar units
    306783G03Thermo Scientifictemp surveillance asy, ref, hp10
    306864H01Thermo Scientificfan motor 208-240/50-60/1
    306876H01Thermo Scientificfan motor, 208-230/50-60/1
    306890H01Thermo Scientificfan motor, condenser
    306903H01Thermo Scientificfan motor, 120/60/1 for cnd 33
    306909H01Thermo Scientificswitch, door #443
    306923H01Thermo Scientificmotor, fan cnd336/cnd337
    306957H01Thermo Scientificcondensing unit, 115/60/1
    306998H01Thermo Scientificgasket, door, 25/55
    307010H01Thermo Scientificshelf 29 3/4 x 28 ss ar-615-3b
    307012H01Thermo Scientificgasket, door 25/55' 26 5/16 x
    307020H01Thermo Scientificdoor-underctr htd 120v
    307067H01Thermo Scientificcond. unit. 115-60-1
    307095H01Thermo Scientificunit cooler, bohn 115/1/60
    307105H01Thermo Scientificcancoil evaporator asy, 120-60
    307165H01Thermo Scientificwheel caster 2" twin
    307174H01Thermo Scientifictemp. control, cutler hammer
    307180H01Thermo Scientificcontrol, safety bohn
    307181H01Thermo Scientificcontrol, defrost/fan
    307206G01 SThermo Scientificdoor asy, j11 solid service
    307239H01Thermo Scientificblade, fan tecumseh
    307242H01Thermo Scientificevap. fan guard, bohn
    307244H01Thermo Scientificfan guard
    307245H01Thermo Scientificfan blade, for cnd 332, 341 & 3
    307284H01Thermo Scientificgasket, 21-1/2" sq rhs gray vi
    307287H01Thermo Scientificgasket (26 1/8 x 52 frame)
    307288H01Thermo Scientificgasket 02-144 rhs gray vinyl
    307295H01Thermo Scientificgasket magn. gray 21 3/8 sq.
    307302H01Thermo Scientificgasket magnetic 25 7/16 x 45 5
    307331H01Thermo Scientificdoor, tripple pane 23" x 48 7/
    307345H01Thermo Scientifichinges 1 3/8 offset
    307443G02 SThermo Scientific10' sensor asy, xt11s ser
    307443H01Thermo Scientificprobe, temp. white xr120/160
    307443H02Thermo Scientificprobe, temp. black xr20/60
    307455H01Thermo Scientificbohn 5001-m
    307460H01Thermo Scientificfan motor 208/230-50/60/-1
    307462H01Thermo Scientificfan motor, 208/230-50/60-1
    307465H01Thermo Scientificcancoil fan motor 120-60-1
    307466H01Thermo Scientificcancoil fan motor 230/50/1
    307687H01Thermo Scientificcapacitor, for cnd332
    307699H01Thermo Scientificcompressor, embraco 230/60/1
    307718H01Thermo Scientificoverload asy, embraco
    307719H01Thermo Scientificelect.asy(relay, overload, cover
    307737H01Thermo Scientificrelay for cnd374 & cnd342
    307742H01Thermo Scientificfan motor 115-60-1
    307745H01Thermo Scientificfan motor 115/60/1
    307771H01Thermo Scientificswitch, spst momentary 3/4
    307797H01Thermo Scientifictransformer, 115/230-50/60-12/2
    307805H01Thermo Scientificdigital lcd thermometer (-40c
    307863G01 SThermo Scientificdrawer slide asy, 25/55'pt ser
    307911H01Thermo Scientificmotor fan 220-50-1
    307916H01Thermo Scientificclip, shelf short
    307918H01Thermo Scientificclip, shelf long
    307956H01Thermo Scientificcondensing unit, 115-60
    308-25AQThermo Scientific35mm carousel 304a/308a series for hybridization ovens
    308-5AThermo Scientifichybridization bottle & mesh system mesh, nylon 10x15cm 5/pk
    308-6AThermo Scientifichybridization bottle & mesh system mesh, nylon 23x23cm 5/pk
    308098G01Thermo Scientificcondensate pan asy, 115 v
    308147H01Thermo Scientificrecorder, 7" 2-pen electronic
    308780FThermo Scientificlatch
    308953H02Thermo Scientificleg, appliance, heavy duty 4" w/
    308AQThermo Scientifichybrid oven medium 120v
    30900Brandtechpipette stand, pp, f. 94 pip., rotary
    309000RThermo Scientificscreen-vent
    309111H01Thermo Scientificrj45 patch cord, 6 position, 3
    309112H02Thermo Scientificrj45 patch cord, 10 position,
    309114G03Thermo Scientificdisplay asy, fisher ns intrlog
    309115G01Thermo Scientificdoor assy, glass, interlogic i
    309118H01Thermo Scientificdrain valve
    309158H01Thermo Scientificsensor asy, rel. hum. w/rj45 p
    309159H01Thermo Scientificsensor, 1k rtd w/rj45 w/heat sh
    309159H02Thermo Scientificsensor, 1k rtd w/rj45 w/h2o h.s
    309159H03Thermo Scientificsensor, 1k rtd w/rj45 w/metal s
    309159H05Thermo Scientificsensor, 1k rtd w/rj45 w/h2o h.s
    309159H09Thermo Scientificsensor, temp.4.7 & -30 deg 72"
    309159H10Thermo Scientificsensor, temp.-30 50-75 deg 120"
    309159H11Thermo Scientificsensor, l bottle 12-75 deg 120"
    309159H12Thermo Scientificsensor, ref display 4.7-30, 60"
    309159H13Thermo Scientificsensor, ref 45-75 deg 120"
    309159H14Thermo Scientificsensor, ref control 4.7-74, 60"
    309159H15Thermo Scientificsensor, ref control 45 deg 180"
    309288G02Thermo Scientificsvc.asy, scroll anti-reversing
    309327H02Thermo Scientificfuse, slo blo, 500ma, 5 x 20mm
    309471H01Thermo Scientificplug, fill hole 06298-04
    309520G01Thermo Scientifickit, drain replacement
    309576H01Thermo Scientificgasket, ult inner compliant 25
    309576H02Thermo Scientificgasket, ult inner compliant 21
    309576H03Thermo Scientificgasket, ult inner compliant 13/
    309576H04Thermo Scientificgasket, ult, inner 7 cu ft chest
    309576H05Thermo Scientificgasket, ult, inner 10 cu ' chest
    309597H01Thermo Scientificbracket, fan
    309607H01Thermo Scientificshim, hinge 6 x 2.5" x.036
    309607H02Thermo Scientificshim, hinge 6 x 2.5" x.048
    309607H03Thermo Scientificshim, hinge 6 x 2.5" x.060
    309607H04Thermo Scientificshim, hinge 6 x 2.5" x.075
    309607H05Thermo Scientificshim, hinge 6 x 2.5" x.120
    309609H01Thermo Scientificfan, cpu, 50 x 50 x 10
    309613G01Thermo Scientificaccum asy, uprt ngc 3'chest
    309993H01Thermo Scientifictube, drain long -30 frzr
    310-01STroemner50 g x 1 mg weight set stainless steel
    310-01STTroemner50 g x 1 mg weight set stainless steel w/ traceable cert
    310-10STroemner50 g x 10 mg weight set stainless steel
    310-10STTroemner50 g x 10 mg weight set stainless steel w/ traceable cert
    310021Thermo Scientific100 ohm 10t pnl mt pot
    310036Thermo Scientificlocking pot 150k-ohm
    31023G01Thermo Scientificlid asy revco-style chest 14'
    31050Thermo Scientificthermometer, dial -a-
    310596H03Thermo Scientificslide sub-asy, left, 28"jewett
    310597H03Thermo Scientificslide sub-asy, left, 22", jewett
    31067G01 SThermo Scientificoverlay plate/spacer asy chest
    310728H01Thermo Scientificmotor, pen drive ribbon ( 6" /
    310729H01Thermo Scientificmotor, chart ( 6" / 7" )
    310766H01Thermo Scientifichtr, beehive 4x4x8 120v kb
    310767H01Thermo Scientifichtr, beehive 6x6x9" 120v 900w k
    310768H01Thermo Scientifichtr, beehive 9x9x14 240v kb
    310778H01Thermo Scientifictube, heater
    310779G01Thermo Scientifichinged tube asy, (36" - 3 zone
    310869H01Thermo Scientificdixell xt11s dtd 12vac ntc pro
    310STroemner50 g x 1 g weight set stainless steel
    310STTroemner50 g x 1 g weight set stainless steel w/ traceable cert
    311-01STroemner100 g x 1 mg weight set stainless steel
    311-01STTroemner100 g x 1 mg weight set stainless steel w/ traceable cert
    311-10STroemner100 g x 10 mg weight set stainless steel
    311-10STTroemner100 g x 10 mg weight set stainless steel w/ traceable cert
    3110096Brandtechsocket head screw m6 x 16
    3110112Brandtechsocket head screws
    3110134Brandtechscrew m6 x 12 (din 912)
    3110137Brandtechblind screw for md1, screw plug g 1/8" each
    3110226Brandtechcountersunk screw m 4x45mm
    3110510Brandtechhexagon nut m6, nickel plated
    3110584Brandtechwasher b 6.4 din 125, each
    3110643Brandtechwasher 8.4mm, stainless steal
    3111147Brandtechcirclip din 47218x2
    311216H01Thermo Scientificclips, shelf trg70
    311219H01Thermo Scientificgrommet, 7/16 id, 15/16 od, 11/16
    311231H01Thermo Scientifichinge, piano inner door rp 4-4
    311240H02Thermo Scientificharness, rj45 for tc co2 sensor
    311341H01Thermo Scientifictube, hinged 1200\c
    311488H01Thermo Scientificsupport cup, shelf
    311515H01Thermo Scientificgasket, door(w/out mag)26 5/16"
    311547G01 SThermo Scientifictc asy, dbl 18ga k 5-1/2" ser
    311552G01Thermo Scientificcpi to dixell control conversi
    31159Thermo Scientificlamp fluorescent (rpo)
    311696H01Thermo Scientificfan blade
    311730H01Thermo Scientificheater, drain 115v 36"
    311730H02Thermo Scientificheater, drain 230v 36"
    311730H03Thermo Scientificheater, drain 115v 66"
    311730H04Thermo Scientificheater, drain 230v 66"
    311787G01Thermo Scientifickit, conv xt-16, 91p to yoko mo1
    311787G03Thermo Scientifickit, conv xt-16, 91p to yoko mo1
    311787G11Thermo Scientifickit, conv xt-16, 91p to yoko cc5
    311787H01Thermo Scientificinstr. conv kit (athena, euro t
    311840H01Thermo Scientificoverlay, revco incubator
    311896H65Thermo Scientificadapter, vestibule
    311921G01 SThermo Scientificdoor asy, gl inner, ser
    311923G01 SThermo Scientificlatch asy, glass door, ser
    311957H01Thermo Scientificgrommet, glass door
    311975H01Thermo Scientificrelay, 30 amp, 240v spdt
    311STroemner100 g x 1 g weight set stainless steel
    311STTroemner100 g x 1 g weight set stainless steel w/ traceable cert
    312-01STroemner500 g x 1 mg weight set stainless steel
    312-01STTroemner500 g x 1 mg weight set stainless steel w/ traceable cert
    312-10STroemner500 g x 10 mg weight set stainless steel
    312-10STTroemner500 g x 10 mg weight set stainless steel w/ traceable cert
    312-15AQThermo Scientific35mm carousel 312a series for hybridization ovens
    3120317Brandtechoverload switch
    3120348Brandtechcaptive ring
    312047H01Thermo Scientificharness, dcs 400 infrared co2
    3120544Brandtecho-ring (48mm x 3mm) for mz2d, md4, md8
    3120553Brandtecho-ring viton (fkm) 28x2.5
    3120565Brandtecho-ring, 11x3 mm, viton
    3120718Brandtecho-ring 19x2mm, nbr
    3120790Brandtechdrain plug o-ring (o-ring, 13mm x 2mm, nbr)
    3120794Brandtechfilter cup o-ring
    3120808Brandtecho-ring, 25mm x 2mm, fkm
    312096H04Thermo Scientificprobe, temp def 12-75 deg 72"
    312096H05Thermo Scientificprobe, temp def 4.7&45 deg 180"
    3121001Brandtechusit-ring u 6, 2x9, 2x1
    3121003Brandtechsealing ring gr 18x24x3mm fpm
    312128H01Thermo Scientifictransformer, 120v to 12v, 25va
    312129H01Thermo Scientifictransformer, 208/230v to 12v, 2
    31217G01Thermo Scientificfront grille weld asy, -140/15
    312189G01Thermo Scientificretro cntrl, bbr/lr/pr (cc - d
    312189G02Thermo Scientificretro cntrl, bbr/lr/pr/cr, 2a/2b
    312189G03Thermo Scientificretro cntrl, ct1/uc5b(cc - dix
    312189G11Thermo Scientificretro cntrl, 3' to 6'(gl-dix)1b
    312189G13Thermo Scientificretro cntrl, 3' to 6'(gl-dix)2a
    312189G15Thermo Scientificretro cntrl, 11'-55'(gl-dix)1b
    312189G17Thermo Scientificretro cntrl, 11'-55'(gl-dix)2a/
    312189G20Thermo Scientificretro cntrl, 1'w/dtd (gl-dix)1b
    312189G24Thermo Scientificretro cntrl, 5' w/dtd (gl-dix)1
    312189G26Thermo Scientificretro cntrl, 5' econ w/dtd 1b
    312189G30Thermo Scientificretro cntrl, 17'-55' w/o 7er 1
    312189G31Thermo Scientificretro cntrl, 17'-55' w/o 7er 2a
    312189G32Thermo Scientificretro cntrl, 17'-55' w/7er 1b
    31219Thermo Scientificswitch push 1-sp/momt -a-
    312229G02Thermo Scientificretrofit kit, eurotherm 93 rep
    312229H01Thermo Scientificinstruction, eurotherm 91e rep
    312476H01Thermo Scientifichinge, door ult r/d
    312476H02Thermo Scientifichinge, door led gray
    312477H01Thermo Scientifichinge, inner door, ult uprt r/
    312488H01Thermo Scientificgasket, door, 13/17' uprt r/d
    312488H02Thermo Scientificgasket, door, 21' uprt r/d
    312488H03Thermo Scientificgasket, door, 25' uprt r/d
    312535H01Thermo Scientificharness, dixell service kit
    3125725Brandtechme4 logo only (for plastic housing cover)
    312598H01Thermo Scientificpressure switch, hm200-24-0005
    312598H02Thermo Scientificpressure switch, hs200-24-0004
    312633G01Thermo Scientificser kit, cpu-midi inc all model
    312633G04Thermo Scientificser kit, cpu-fisher tc 3.0'
    312633G05Thermo Scientificser kit, cpu-fisher ir 3.0'
    312633G06Thermo Scientificser kit, cpu-fisher tc 5.8'
    312633G08Thermo Scientificser kit, cpu&rh fish tc w/rh
    312633G14Thermo Scientificser kit, cpu-revco elite tc 3.0
    312633G16Thermo Scientificser kit, cpu- elite tc w/hp 3.0
    312633G18Thermo Scientificser kit, cpu- elite/que tc 5.8
    312633G21Thermo Scientificser kit, cpu- eli/que ir hp 5.8
    312633G22Thermo Scientificser kit, cpu- ultima/que tc 5.8
    312633G23Thermo Scientificser kit, cpu- ultima/que ir 5.8
    312633G24Thermo Scientificser kit, cpu- ultima ir/tg 5.8
    312662H01Thermo Scientificfitting, y connector, 3/16"
    312798G01Thermo Scientificpep asy, jewett -40 frzr
    312822G01Thermo Scientificflour. light asy, 1b
    312840G01Thermo Scientificboost asy, 16v 30a d
    312844G01Thermo Scientificd62 upgrade kit, ch & uprt
    312848G01Thermo Scientific7er-1b field kit for 8mr, 8er r
    312892H01Thermo Scientificgasket, door, pvc, ult 25'uprt
    312892H02Thermo Scientificgasket, door, pvc, ult 21'uprt
    312892H03Thermo Scientificgasket, door, pvc, ult 13/17'uprt
    312921H01Thermo Scientificchart rec, skeleton frame, 6
    312921H02Thermo Scientificchart rec, blue, enclosed, 7
    312921H03Thermo Scientificchart recorder, blue 7 inch
    312921H04Thermo Scientificchart recorder, blue 7, 240vac
    312961H01Thermo Scientifichp2000 faceplate w/overlay
    312962G01Thermo Scientificfront grill weld asy, 13/17' u
    312STroemner500 g x 1 g weight set stainless steel
    312STTroemner500 g x 1 g weight set stainless steel w/ traceable cert
    313-01STroemner1000 g x 1 mg weight set stainless steel
    313-01STTroemner1000 g x 1 mg weight set stainless steel w/ traceable cert
    313-10STroemner1000 g x 10 mg weight set stainless steel
    313-10STTroemner1000 g x 10 mg weight set stainless steel w/ traceable cert
    313095H01Thermo Scientificadhesive, silicone, ge rtv 157
    313184H01Thermo Scientificlatch plate w/roller
    313205G01Thermo Scientificser.kit dcs400 w/interlogic
    313218H01Thermo Scientifictransformer, power volt, cobex
    313219H01Thermo Scientificcircuit board, rec.series cobex
    313220H01Thermo Scientificpen motor asy, cobex
    313246H01Thermo Scientificcatch, economy door - sheldon
    313247H01Thermo Scientificbushing, stem, rubber
    313259H01Thermo Scientificgasket, nylon ring
    313261H01Thermo Scientificfan, evap, dual voltage
    313380G01Thermo Scientificinstr.motor replacement mo1490
    313380G02Thermo Scientificinstr.motor replacement mo1490
    313408G01Thermo Scientificfan motor service kit 120v
    313408G02Thermo Scientificfan motor service kit 240v
    313423H01Thermo Scientifickit condenser fan blade mt.
    313484H01Thermo Scientificcontrol, temp. 1-4c, 72"cap
    313618G01Thermo Scientificservice kit, motor 120v
    313618G02Thermo Scientificservice kit, motor 230v
    313691H01Thermo Scientificelectronic ballast
    313692H01Thermo Scientificbulb t8
    313693H01Thermo Scientificbulb t8 protective sleeve
    313694H01Thermo Scientificsocket t8
    313706G01Thermo Scientificfluo.light asy, 45' all volt
    313708G01Thermo Scientificfluor light asy, 50/75'all volt
    313710G01Thermo Scientificservice kit, pep retrofit, 115v
    313710G02Thermo Scientificservice kit, pep retrofit, 208v
    313755H01Thermo Scientificmonitor, temp hema pro 2000
    313756H01Thermo Scientificboard, pc hemapro 2000
    313765G30Thermo Scientificserv kit, 115v ngc3 bb hb
    313765G31Thermo Scientificserv kit, 115v ngc3 bb pl alm
    313765G33Thermo Scientificserv kit, 115v ngc3 -20 hb
    313765G34Thermo Scientificserv kit, 115v ngc3 -30 hb
    313765G35Thermo Scientificserv kit, 115v ngc3 -30 pl alm
    313765G40Thermo Scientificserv kit, 115v ngc3 -10 aa
    313765G41Thermo Scientificserv kit, 115v ngc3 45' hb
    313765G42Thermo Scientificserv kit, 115v ngc3 45' pl alm
    313765G43Thermo Scientificserv kit, 115v ngc3 45' pl
    313774H01Thermo Scientificharness, temp surevillance
    313819H01Thermo Scientificdryer, filter liquid line 5.24"
    313819H02Thermo Scientificdryer, filter 3/8" port 5.47"
    313841G30Thermo Scientificserv kit, 230v ngc3 bb hb
    313841G31Thermo Scientificserv kit, 230v ngc3 bb pl alm
    313841G33Thermo Scientificserv kit, 230v ngc3 -20 hb
    313841G34Thermo Scientificserv kit, 230v ngc3 -30 hb
    313841G35Thermo Scientificserv kit, 230v ngc3 -30 pl alm
    313841G41Thermo Scientificserv kit, 230v ngc3 45' hb
    313841G42Thermo Scientificserv kit, 230v ngc3 45' pl alm
    313956H01Thermo Scientificpanel, side 21'/ 25'
    313958H01Thermo Scientificgrille, rear 21'
    313960H01Thermo Scientificpanel, side 17'
    313STroemner1000 g x 1 g weight set stainless steel
    313STTroemner1000 g x 1 g weight set stainless steel w/ traceable cert
    314-01STroemner200 g x 1 mg weight set stainless steel
    314-01STTroemner200 g x 1 mg weight set stainless steel w/ traceable cert
    314-10STroemner200 g x 10 mg weight set stainless steel
    314-10STTroemner200 g x 10 mg weight set stainless steel w/ traceable cert
    314022H01Thermo Scientificpanel, side 25'
    314025H01Thermo Scientificpanel, eye level blank bezel
    314032H01Thermo Scientificharness, ribbon cable 4ft
    314033H01Thermo Scientificharness, magnetic door switch
    314044H01Thermo Scientificprobe, 1000 ohm rtd
    314049H02Thermo Scientificrelay encl, 230v high end micro
    314079H01Thermo Scientifickey, replacement, 45' door
    314084H01Thermo Scientificbumper strip, glass door, 45'
    314085H01Thermo Scientificwiper seal, glass door, 45'
    314086H01Thermo Scientificspring asy, 1.5 lb, 45' door
    314088H01Thermo Scientificlock, glass door, 45'
    314090FThermo Scientificbrush holder, packaged(pr)
    314101G01 SThermo Scientificpressure equalization port asy
    314130H01Thermo Scientificambient probe 1000 ohm rtd
    314131H01Thermo Scientificcomp.temp sensor 1000 ohm rtd
    314139H01Thermo Scientificharness, high voltage ult uprt
    314161H01Thermo Scientificvalve, solenoid, 2 way
    314162H01Thermo Scientificvalve, solenoid, 3 way
    314191H01Thermo Scientificnameplate, thermo large
    314204G01Thermo Scientifictube asy, ln2 delivery
    314208H01Thermo Scientificmagnet, bus
    314219G01Thermo Scientificcond srv kit, "a" -30 ngc
    314236H01Thermo Scientificpaint, touch-up aerosol, led gra
    314236H02Thermo Scientificpaint, touch-up aerosol, led blu
    314237H01Thermo Scientificpaint, touch-up bottle, led gray
    314237H02Thermo Scientificpaint, touch-up bottle, led blue
    314258G01Thermo Scientificstart component kit 230v
    314263G01Thermo Scientificdoor bumper stop kit asy
    314276H01Thermo Scientificstart cap kit for h44
    314276H02Thermo Scientificstart relay for 60594h44 cond
    314295G01Thermo Scientifickit, rc6+ software upgrade
    314338G01Thermo Scientifickit, accumulator insulation
    314338G02Thermo Scientificaccumulator ser kit plus -86c
    314343H01Thermo Scientificbracket, accumulator
    314357H01Thermo Scientificbulb, fluorescent, pl-c, 13 watt
    314503Thermo Scientificdrive box, 50 amp, rc-12bp
    314596H01Thermo Scientificdixell ctrl, xr60cx-0n0c0
    314602H01Thermo Scientificpanel, ctrl, small, jewett
    314603H01Thermo Scientificpanel, ctrl, large jewett
    314644G01Thermo Scientificdeadbolt style lock, asy
    314649H01Thermo Scientificcam follower, .75d x 3/8-24
    314681G01Thermo Scientificsrv kit low end ur nbkup
    314681G03Thermo Scientificsrv kit high end chest nbkup
    314681G05Thermo Scientificsrv kit low end ur bkup
    314681G08Thermo Scientificsrv kit high end ur bkup
    314720H01Thermo Scientificdisplay overlay, refrigerator
    314720H02Thermo Scientificdisplay overlay, refrigerator
    314722H02Thermo Scientificdisplay bezel, grey, ref / fr
    314724G01Thermo Scientificframe rec flush mt led blue
    314725G01 SThermo Scientificrec asy ref/frz 115v led blue
    314727G02Thermo Scientifictop pnl wld asy, 23'control on
    314730G01Thermo Scientifictop pnl wld asy, 30' w/rec
    314737G01Thermo Scientifictop pnl wld asy, 12' w/rec
    314737G02Thermo Scientifictop pnl wld asy, 12'conrol only
    314744H01Thermo Scientifictop level assembly 5 led top
    314746H01Thermo Scientificvbl swoosh for thermo sci ref/
    314748H01Thermo Scientificpilaster, mullion led revco
    314759H01Thermo Scientifichinge plate glass door lower r
    314759H02Thermo Scientifichinge plate glass door lower l
    314762H01Thermo Scientificadaptor glass door hinge
    314778H01Thermo Scientificbrkt, top hinge glass revco
    314779H01Thermo Scientificlatch, magnetic push to close
    314785G01Thermo Scientificassm, door rec w/pins led blue
    314790G01 SThermo Scientificglass door-l.h.115v 23, 50, 75'
    314790G02 SThermo Scientificglass door-r.h.115v 23, 50, 75
    314790G04 SThermo Scientificdoor, glass 23' rh 230
    314791G02 SThermo Scientificdoor, glass 30' rh 120
    314800H01Thermo Scientific115v, 60hz, 1/3hp cond. unit,
    314803H01Thermo Scientific115v, 60hz, 1/5hp cond. unit 1
    314810G02 SThermo Scientificassy solid door 12' r/h
    314810G03 SThermo Scientificassy solid door 23/50/75' r/h
    314810G04 SThermo Scientificassy solid door 30' r/h
    314831H01Thermo Scientificfilter, condenser 04 ref/fz
    314838H01Thermo Scientificharness (light harness)
    314864H01Thermo Scientificdoor switch, n.c.
    314878H01Thermo Scientificcover top, 12'
    314882H01Thermo Scientificpanel top rear, 50'
    314890H01Thermo Scientificpanel upper side 12'ref
    314892H01Thermo Scientificpanel upper side 23/30/50/75'
    314894H03Thermo Scientificassm pur, handle charcoal ref/
    314945H01Thermo Scientifictop front grill panel 50'
    314949G01Thermo Scientificinner door asy, 13/17' uprt ab
    314949G02Thermo Scientificinner door asy, 21' uprt abs
    314949G03Thermo Scientificinner door asy, 25' uprt abs
    314949G04Thermo Scientificinner door asy, 25' uprt abs s
    314949G05Thermo Scientificinner door asy, 11/32' uprt ab
    314STroemner200 g x 1 g weight set stainless steel
    314STTroemner200 g x 1 g weight set stainless steel w/ traceable cert
    315018G01Thermo Scientificinner door, asy, 300, 5 door
    315018G03Thermo Scientificinner door, asy, 500, 5 door
    315018G04Thermo Scientificinner door, asy, 600, 5 door
    315221G01Thermo Scientificui assembly, revco, auo
    315229G01 SThermo Scientificasy, pressure equalization port
    315281G03 SThermo Scientificasy, rec blnk pnl, f/h/t 500-700
    315328H02Thermo Scientifichandle, forma
    31535G01Thermo Scientificaccumulator asy. uprights
    315378Thermo Scientificgrommet
    315497H01Thermo Scientifictube, distribution ln2 bus
    315513H01Thermo Scientificlatch, push to close, grille
    315533H01Thermo Scientificend trim, ui, revco
    315537H01Thermo Scientificcover, ui, forma
    315538G01Thermo Scientificassembly, hinge, revco, inner
    315558G01 SThermo Scientificassembly, rh side pnl deck id1
    315559G01 SThermo Scientificassembly, lh side pnl deck id2
    315672H01Thermo Scientificconnector, terminal block, 7pos
    316006Thermo Scientificdiffuser pan 270 db
    316007Thermo Scientificdiffuser pan 253/265 db
    316016Thermo Scientificgable cover 270 db
    316017Thermo Scientificgable cover 25/260 db
    31604-016Thermo Scientificswitch, limit spdt 25a 480v
    316048Thermo Scientificdiffuser pan 181/281 gp
    316049Thermo Scientificdiffuser 180/2 280/2 gp
    31605-020Thermo Scientificswitch, rocker dpdt 20a@277v
    3160509Thermo Scientificshelf std lh102645003-co2
    3160510Thermo Scientificshelf std rh102645002-co2
    316053Thermo Scientificdiffuser pan 185/285 gp
    31606-002Thermo Scientificswitch, tog dpst 20a@250v w/pl
    316064Thermo Scientificlegs, steamer db
    316065Thermo Scientifictable, 4 hole, steamer db
    316066Thermo Scientifictable, 8 hole, steamer db
    316089H01Thermo Scientificharness remote/alarm, rohs
    316092H02Thermo Scientificharness key switch, rohs compl
    316094Thermo Scientificpropeller, s/s, broke db
    316098Thermo Scientificscreen assembly waterbath
    316103Thermo Scientifictray assy, autoclave
    316104Thermo Scientificshelf, autoclave
    3161200Thermo Scientifico-ring kit-dyn bath
    316153Thermo Scientificcover, heater-finishd 30mr
    316156Thermo Scientificsupport-shelf-30m/mr
    3161572Thermo Scientificprecision general purpose water bath cover-gable-prec 181/281
    3161593Thermo Scientificprecision general purpose water bath concentric ring covers
    3161597Thermo Scientificprecision dubnoff reciprocal shaking bath test tube rck/sh frm/dubn
    3161599Thermo Scientificprecision dubnoff reciprocal shaking bath flask rck/25ml/sh frm/dub
    3161601Thermo Scientificprecision digital coliform water bath 50 tube rack
    316170Thermo Scientificsupport, shelf. 6/6m/6lm
    316205H01Thermo Scientifichinge eyelet, cobex / 7er
    3162118Thermo Scientificrelay assy 248153
    3162145Thermo Scientificmotor assembly 00307401
    316215G01Thermo Scientificcam latch retro kit cryo, blue
    316215G02Thermo Scientificcam latch retro kit cryo, grey
    316219G01Thermo Scientificdr plt, cam latch repair kit bl
    316220G01Thermo Scientificcam latch repair kit, blue
    316221G01Thermo Scientificcabinet plt rep kit blue
    316221G02Thermo Scientificcabinet plt rep kit grey
    316225Thermo Scientificsupt, shelf 2.5-5.5cf th
    316231Thermo Scientifichinge, top thelco
    316232Thermo Scientifichinge, bottom thelco
    316233Thermo Scientificdoor latch mtg thelco
    316233G02Thermo Scientificdoor plt retro repair kit, grey
    316235G01Thermo Scientificcabinet plt retro rep kit blue
    316236Thermo Scientificdoor support angle, thelco
    316237Thermo Scientificdoor striker angle, thelco
    316240Thermo Scientificdoor handle, small blue
    316252H01Thermo Scientificcompressor sc12clx.2
    316256H01 SThermo Scientificcompressor kit sc12clx.2
    316262Thermo Scientificcontrol panel eg/em-th
    3162639Thermo Scientificprecision dubnoff reciprocal shaking bath hood gassing small