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    18900A-1CEQThermo Scientificlab-line aquabath water bath 28l analog 240v
    18900AQThermo Scientificlab-line aquabath water bath 28l analog 120v
    18902001Scilogexds-160/t5 dia 5mm x 50mm immerse length saw-tooth generator probe for d-160, for tissue, volumes 0.1-50ml (new!)
    18902002Scilogexds-160/t7 dia 7mm x 130mm immerse length saw-tooth generator probe for d-160, for tissue, volumes 1-50ml (new!)
    18902003Scilogexds-160/t10 dia 10mm x 115mm immerse length saw-tooth generator probe for d-160, for tissue, volumes 1-250ml (new!)
    18902004Scilogexds-160/t14 dia 14mm x 130mm immerse length saw-tooth generator probe for d-160, for tissue, volumes 100-1000ml (new!)
    189027Thermo Scientificvent stack&cap assy. 84
    18902A-1CEQThermo Scientificlab-line aquabath water bath 28l digital 240v
    18902AQThermo Scientificlab-line aquabath water bath 28l digital 120v
    189072Thermo Scientificfreezer back-up sys. brkt
    189173Thermo Scientificflat cable assy, uprt frzr
    189178Thermo Scientificcond fan motor mount 84
    189192Thermo Scientificcab latch shim .063alum84
    189288Thermo Scientificcab latch shim .125alum84
    189387Thermo Scientificcardboard 25-cell divider
    189402Thermo Scientificupright int door latch 83
    189433Thermo Scientificcmr-2800 cork/cover
    189434Thermo Scientific8030 cork/cover (cmr 3500
    189441Thermo Scientificmid-arm water-proof cryo gloves - small
    189442Thermo Scientificmid-arm water-proof cryo gloves - medium
    189443Thermo Scientificmid-arm water-proof cryo gloves - large
    189445Thermo Scientificelbow length water-proof cryo gloves - medium
    189446Thermo Scientificelbow length water-proof cryo gloves - large
    189447Thermo Scientificelbow length water-proof cryo gloves - extra large
    189448Thermo Scientificshoulder length water-proof cryo gloves - medium
    189449Thermo Scientificshoulder length water-proof cryo gloves - large
    189450Thermo Scientificshoulder length water-proof cryo gloves - extra large
    189451Thermo Scientificcryo apron - small
    189452Thermo Scientificapron - medium
    189453Thermo Scientificapron - large
    189470Thermo Scientificcryo box, 2.75" square cardboard box, does not include a 25 cell divider
    189498Thermo Scientificdoor ajar sw.mnt.ur.frz.
    189656Thermo Scientificint.door 23 cuft frz
    189658Thermo Scientificfrt grille, f-b air
    189745Thermo Scientificcork/cover assy 8036/8037
    189879Thermo Scientificexterior door 23ur "900"
    189894Thermo Scientificmotor replacement kit
    189934Thermo Scientifichandle-frz door & lid
    189936Thermo Scientificint.door 13 & 17 cuft frz
    18LC-16WW-TSThermo Scientificvalue series combo rfg/frz 18 cu ft 120v/60 hz repl with 18lceetsa
    18LCEETSAThermo Scientificthermo scientific, 17.6cf value refrigerator/freezer combo, 120v/60hz
    190-025-00Thermo Scientificplastic pan w/cover
    19000-11QThermo Scientificlab-line aquabath water bath cover 2l stainless rpo
    19000-13QThermo Scientificlab-line aquabath water bath cover 2l shal&5l stainless rpo
    19000-15QThermo Scientificlab-line aquabath water bath cover 10l stainless rpo
    19000-17QThermo Scientificlab-line aquabath water bath cover 20l & 28l stainless rpo
    1900000Thermo Scientificbuilt-in co2 gas guard, for 3950/3951 large capacity co2 incubators, factory installed
    1900005Thermo Scientifictwo shelf shaker support system without duplex outlet, each shelf will hold 200 lbs., for forma models 3920, 3940 (3949), and 3960 (3961). must be ordered with duplex outlet (505099 or 505094).
    1900013Thermo Scientificfill trough, 3950/51 inc
    1900015Thermo Scientificext drip pan, 29cf 3950inc
    1900020Thermo Scientificheat only inc cntrl panel
    1900031Thermo Scientificrh system options, condensate evaporator for forma models 3920, 3940, and 3911; includes separate line cord, 115v
    1900050Thermo Scientific3110 mod inc harn, drawer
    1900051Thermo Scientific3110 main cabinet harness
    1900052Thermo Scientifico2 sensor cble, 3110 w/j
    1900053Thermo Scientificcl100(phii)blwr plate inc
    1900054Thermo Scientifico2/co2 wj
    1900055Thermo Scientificcl100(phii)blr plt inc o2
    1900056Thermo Scientifictop dct cl100(phii)wj inc
    1900058Thermo Scientifico2 fuel cell block, brass
    1900067Thermo Scientificreplacement hepa & inline filter kit, for water jacket co2 incubator series
    1900069Thermo Scientificfltr air exc retro rel1-3
    1900071Thermo Scientific3110 blower motor replace
    1900073Thermo Scientifichepa filter adptr alum
    1900080Thermo Scientific3900series rh drip trough
    1900088Thermo Scientificcab door heat harn, 370
    1900100Thermo Scientificcorrosion inhibtr .5# bag
    1900101Thermo Scientificcorrosion inhibtr 800 ml
    1900117Thermo Scientific370 in.door sw replace qi
    190012Thermo Scientific3900 shelf channel, 25.2l
    1900124Thermo Scientificcl100 injctd mld scrl plt
    1900139Thermo Scientificcompressed dry air system, factory installed, heatless dryer for low ambient humidity conditions for forma env chamber models 3911 (3913), 3920 and 3940 (3949)
    1900144Thermo Scientificgasket&dr replacement 3110
    1900176Thermo Scientific3310 innr door strke assy
    1900178Thermo Scientific3310, misc hardware bag
    1900180Thermo Scientific310uncoted gskt(see note)
    1900182Thermo Scientifichigh temp.innr door mount
    1900185Thermo Scientific3310 filtr/stopper assy
    1900186Thermo Scientificsteam gen, 29cf field kit
    1900190Thermo Scientificsteam gen.w/ext htr, 29cf
    1900199Thermo Scientificstericult blower assembly
    1900200Thermo Scientificstericult humidifier assy
    1900201Thermo Scientificstriclt rh condition 115v
    1900205Thermo Scientific5/8"x1/8"x19"l vinyl tube
    1900216Thermo Scientificw/j control panel-3010
    1900223Thermo Scientific5/8"x3/32"x25" vinyl tube
    1900226Thermo Scientificinfared co2 control packages, factory installed for forma env chamber model 3920
    1900227Thermo Scientificinfared co2 control packages, factory installed for forma env chamber models 3940 (3949) and 3911 (3913)
    1900233Thermo Scientificstriclt temp sensor assy
    1900249Thermo Scientificblowr mtr shield wj inc.
    1900251Thermo Scientific3310 bottle bezel, nikon
    1900254Thermo Scientificblowr mtr field replac-qi
    1900256Thermo Scientificinner dr.sw.assy, 3307-11
    1900257Thermo Scientificrear drain sub-assy 3940
    190027Thermo Scientificlexan, 5 inner doors, 29cf
    1900296Thermo Scientificstericult water btl assy
    1900314Thermo Scientific370 inc.ext door assembly
    190031TFThermo Scientificcalibrated lcd mon alarm
    190032Thermo Scientificdoor light package with 8 lights for plant growth, seed germination, algae, small animal and insect studies 120v, 50/60 hz for forma env chamber models 3920, 3940 (3949) and 3960 (3961)
    1900336Thermo Scientific370 inc ir hole closeassy
    1900338Thermo Scientificinner door actuator 370
    1900346Thermo Scientificfisher/napco displ cir bd
    1900351Thermo Scientific3110 copper top air duct
    1900354Thermo Scientificfisher s/c inc bez w/over
    1900360Thermo Scientificw/j control display-3530
    1900364Thermo Scientificsteam gen fill reservoir
    1900369Thermo Scientificw/j control display - 3074
    1900388Thermo Scientificext.door sw.strike, w/tape
    1900391Thermo Scientificrh system options, condensate evaporator for models 3949 and 3913; includes separate line cord, 240v
    190040Thermo Scientificw/j h2o sensor level assy
    190041Thermo Scientificw/j knob assy-inner door
    1900413Thermo Scientificsteam gen.lid seal gasket
    1900415Thermo Scientificsteam gen.mtg plate seal
    1900416Thermo Scientificsteam gen steam port assy
    1900425Thermo Scientific370 vibration repair assy
    1900426Thermo Scientificinc duct support rod pack
    1900434Thermo Scientific370taper mtr & wheel assy
    1900435Thermo Scientificmidi inner glass door, sro
    1900438Thermo Scientific3110 series hinge pin asy
    190049Thermo Scientific5 position add-on tier for cell rollers for large capacity co2 incubators
    190072Thermo Scientific3033 temp module-sro
    190074Thermo Scientific3033 r/h module-sro
    190083Thermo Scientific3033 h2o valve repl kit
    190088Thermo Scientificair diffuser pan adapter
    190109Thermo Scientifictriac speed cntrl. type c
    190164Thermo Scientificthru-wall access port for forma env chamber model 3960 (3961), 2.4" (6.1 cm) id, factory installed, customer specified location
    190184Thermo Scientificfrzr bk-up temp control
    190186Thermo Scientificphen coated evap, 29cf inc
    190194Thermo Scientificco2 i/r elect. pc board
    1902000Thermo Scientifichepa filter airflow system for water jacketed co2 incubator series, factory installed
    190202Thermo Scientificmicro control w/c-b 3033
    190234Thermo Scientific3033 blower parts bag
    190239Thermo Scientificforma lexan® inner door kit (five doors) for models 3920, 3940, (3949), and 3960 (3961); factory installed
    190245Thermo Scientificblwr assy - wji w/156065
    190246Thermo Scientifictri gas blwr asy-w/156065
    190253Thermo Scientifici/r co2 sens assy -tested
    190269Thermo Scientifictemp control -160 to 100c
    190294Thermo Scientificfill port recess
    190306Thermo Scientificwater level switch mt
    190328Thermo Scientificmicro control bd, 3193 ir
    190342Thermo Scientificco2 i/r sens assy 3193 ir
    190396Thermo Scientificw reg. motor speed contrl
    190404Thermo Scientific800 rechargeable alarm
    190411Thermo Scientificwired wj gas guard contrl
    190446Thermo Scientificwired 1535 micro board
    190450Thermo Scientificprinter interface board
    190453Thermo Scientificss probe assy, -85 to +70c
    190454Thermo Scientificss probe assy, -200cto+70c
    190467Thermo Scientificdrain p-trap, 3900 series
    190490Thermo Scientificleft dor, dbl door bb 120v
    190491Thermo Scientificright dor, dbl dor bb 120v
    190512Thermo Scientificdata outputs for forma env chamber 4-20 milliamp
    190514Thermo Scientificforma door lock assembly for models 3920, 3940, (3949), and 3960 (3961); factory installed
    190517Thermo Scientificblast frezr temp. control
    190523Thermo Scientificdata outputs for forma env chamber model 3960 (3961), factory installed, rs-485 interface (compatible with model 1535 monitor/alarm only)
    190525Thermo Scientificwired triple output rly b
    190526Thermo Scientificcryoplus micro. board
    190543Thermo Scientificdata outputs for forma env chamber 0-5v
    190544Thermo Scientificdata outputs for forma env chamber 0-1v
    190546Thermo Scientificrh sensor cble, 3110 w/j
    190549Thermo Scientifichtd door, 29cf inc repl qi
    190550Thermo Scientificcable extn.co2 sensor 12"
    190551Thermo Scientificcryo control board
    190566Thermo Scientificdoor cord assy for unv/wj
    190571Thermo Scientificanalog bd, 4-20ma, modur wj
    190573Thermo Scientificanalog bd, 0-1v, modular wj
    190591Thermo Scientificstainless steel universal cover for glass doors, factory installed, for 3950/3960
    190594Thermo Scientificshaker ii wired interface
    190597Thermo Scientificforma left-hand door swing kit for models 3920 and 3940 (3949); factory installed
    190601Thermo Scientificmodular w/j base metalwrk
    190602Thermo Scientificmodular w/j base frt cov
    190604Thermo Scientificmodular w/j exterior door
    190609Thermo Scientificmodulr w/j control panel
    190611Thermo Scientificstn stl hinge pin
    190612Thermo Scientific3110 hinge block alum 2"
    190618Thermo Scientificright, innr dr hng 3110
    190619Thermo Scientificleft, innr dr hng 3110
    190621Thermo Scientificmisc hardware bag, 3110
    190623Thermo Scientifico2 hardware bag, 3110
    190634Thermo Scientificmodular w/j latch mount
    190641Thermo Scientificgas-guard mnfld assy 3110
    190647Thermo Scientificroller base for water jacket co2 incubator series
    190649Thermo Scientifict/c mount plate 3110
    190655Thermo Scientificmotor spacer polypro
    190664Thermo Scientificshelf chan.rt/lt
    190670Thermo Scientificss ductwork kit ci
    190671Thermo Scientifictemp control -160 to 100c
    190676Thermo Scientific120v compensation board
    190677Thermo Scientific230v compensation board
    190680Thermo Scientific124011 slide replace kit
    190707Thermo Scientificwrd micro bd i/r, 3110 w/j
    190714Thermo Scientificdcs ir retrofit kit
    190715Thermo Scientificir/co2 sensor cble, 3120
    190723Thermo Scientificmodular w/j duct sheet
    190726Thermo Scientifictemp control -160 to 100c
    190756Thermo Scientificreplacement int door kit
    190757Thermo Scientific190403 replacement kit
    190761Thermo Scientificforma three shelf shaker support system includes duplex outlet, each shelf will hold 200 lbs, for model 3920, 3940 (3949), and 3960 (3961)
    190764Thermo Scientifictemp.ctrl(grn led analog)
    190772Thermo Scientificwrd micro bd i/r, 310 a/j
    190777Thermo Scientificreinforced floor with removable ramp, factory installed, for forma env chamber models 3920, 3940, (3949), and 3960 (3961); accommodates a cell roller.
    190782Thermo Scientific310 inc co2 cell adptr
    190802Thermo Scientific420 shaker micro board
    190807Thermo Scientificshaker micro board "kit"
    190831Thermo Scientificblower scroll-no hepa, 310
    190846Thermo Scientifichepa filter blower scroll
    190862Thermo Scientificmisc hardware bag, 310
    190864Thermo Scientific8500 control/monitor bd
    190867Thermo Scientifictemp alarm/monitor bd. sb
    190883Thermo Scientificair sample filter ass'y
    190884Thermo Scientificstainless steel shelf kit (includes shelf channels and shelf) for water jacketed co2 incubator series
    190885Thermo Scientificco2 i/r sensor, auto zero
    190886Thermo Scientificco2 i/r sensor auto zero
    190891Thermo Scientificfreezer rechargeable alar
    190892Thermo Scientificstainless steel door covers for forma env chamber models 3920, 3940, 3949, 3960, 3961 **
    190894Thermo Scientificreplacement inner dr. 310
    190944Thermo Scientificaccess port tube 2.250"lg
    190977Thermo Scientific8500 suva display board
    190983Thermo Scientificphen coated evap.kit, sro
    190985Thermo Scientificaccess port filter ass'y
    1910010Thermo Scientificright cable sub-as'y 1284
    1910012Thermo Scientificl.cable sub-asy.1284/1286
    1910028Thermo Scientificwork tray sub-ass'y. 1284
    1910036Thermo Scientificmotor assy, 1400 sash
    1910071Thermo Scientificleft/right window guides
    1910079Thermo Scientificfront dress cover 4'
    1910080Thermo Scientificwork tray stn stl 4'
    1910094Thermo Scientificwindow guide rail rt side
    1910124Thermo Scientific6 worktray ss/reinforc ci
    1910285Thermo Scientificwndow assy6'1300, 8ap sro"
    191066Thermo Scientificadjustable stand 1126 ci
    191240Thermo Scientific30#series sash spring mt
    191241Thermo Scientificsash balance cable 25-7/8
    191491Thermo Scientific1284 control pnl harness
    191534Thermo Scientificreplacement gskt see note
    191535Thermo Scientificwired motor drive board
    191545Thermo Scientificwired shaker temp ctrl bd
    191548Thermo Scientific4' adj stand cros brace
    191558Thermo Scientific480 micro bd.replace. kit
    191562Thermo Scientific435 micro bd.replace. kit
    191563Thermo Scientificwrd micro bd, 3950 reachin
    191584Thermo Scientific435 micro/tmp.replace.kit
    191596Thermo Scientificcarboy kit, for model 3950, 2 gallon (7.8 liters), autoclavable with valve, adaptor hose & mounting bracket, customer installed
    191615Thermo Scientificwrd micro bd, 3960 reachin
    191624Thermo Scientificfreezer rechargeable alar
    191625Thermo Scientific-40 temp.control(grn led)
    191628Thermo Scientific230v compensation board
    191634Thermo Scientificwrd micro bd i/r, 3110 w/j
    191644Thermo Scientificsuva micro temp. control
    191645Thermo Scientific8500 control/monitor bd
    191646Thermo Scientificwired o2 interface board
    191648Thermo Scientificctrl rate frz display bd
    191649Thermo Scientificctrl rate frz control bd
    191650Thermo Scientific370 inc.wired micro bd
    191658Thermo Scientifichigh voltage board, 230v
    191682Thermo Scientific3310 inc.wired micro bd
    191685Thermo Scientificbuilt-in backup sys board
    191723Thermo Scientificwindow assy 4ft 1300
    191724Thermo Scientificwindow assy 6ft 1300
    191730Thermo Scientificshaker b/l disp repl kit
    191733Thermo Scientifictt shaker b/l disp rep kt
    191734Thermo Scientificcon skr b/l disp repl kt
    191770Thermo Scientificmain control pcb assy sns
    191773Thermo Scientificsliding win offset handle
    191774Thermo Scientificsliding window supt brkt
    191785Thermo Scientificsliding window left stop
    191786Thermo Scientificsliding window right stop
    191802Thermo Scientific8600 dsply bd, ur freezer
    191816Thermo Scientific900 micro bd, ult sro
    191818Thermo Scientific900 micro bd, -40 sro
    191819Thermo Scientific5600 micro bd, 3/6.7 sro
    191823Thermo Scientific1400 series bsc ctrl bd
    191824Thermo Scientific1400 series display assy
    191825Thermo Scientific1400 window position pcb
    191826Thermo Scientifickey switch assembly
    191914Thermo Scientificfront window assy 4ft bsc
    191915Thermo Scientificfront window assy 6ft bsc
    191920Thermo Scientificprobe holder - 1400 bsc
    191923H01Thermo Scientificboard, high voltage 230v
    191924Thermo Scientificleft replacement window
    191931H01Thermo Scientificboard, door mounted
    191932Thermo Scientifichigh voltage board, 115v
    191932H01Thermo Scientificboard, high voltage 115v
    191933H01Thermo Scientificboard, built-in back-up
    191934H01Thermo Scientificmicro bd, ult freezer
    191936H01Thermo Scientificmicro bd, ult freezer
    191941Thermo Scientificform hi-end ur disp
    191944Thermo Scientificmain wired board 1300
    191955H01Thermo Scientificboard, base mounted
    191960Thermo Scientificwrd micro bd i/r, 3530 w/j
    191961Thermo Scientificdisplay wired board 1300
    191973Thermo Scientificwindow cable assy 4' 1440
    191974Thermo Scientificwindow cable assy 6' 1460
    191978Thermo Scientificsuppression capacitor kit
    191987Thermo Scientificforma ult backup brd
    191999Thermo Scientific1286 rel#6 window assy
    191CTalboysjacobs style chuck (fits 1/4" dia motor shaft, 3/8" capacity)
    191DTalboysjacobs style chuck (fits 5/16" dia motor shaft, 3/8" capacity)
    191LTalboysjacobs style chuck (fits 3/4" dia motor shaft, 1/2" capacity (for model 409))
    192Talboyscollet chuck, fits 1/4" dia motor shaft
    19200316Scilogexplastic rotor capacity: 8 x 15ml / 12 x 10ml/7ml/5ml vacutainer used with dm0412 / dm0412e
    19200317Scilogexrotor adapters, used with 19200316 rotor for 5, 7, 10ml vacu tubes, 12pcs/pk
    19200318Scilogexrotor adapter plugs, used with 19200316 rotor for 5, 7, 10ml vacu tubes, 12pcs/pk
    192024Thermo Scientificpainted strike weldment
    192043Thermo Scientific1300 control pnl overlay
    192345Thermo Scientific1300 micro sw.pos.ramp ci
    193Talboyscollet chuck, fits 5/16" dia motor shaft
    193004Thermo Scientificaccess ports for forma environmental chambers, factory installed, 2" nominal id port with cover
    193005Thermo Scientificaccess ports for forma environmental chambers, factory installed, 5" nominal id port with cover
    193006Thermo Scientificaccess ports for forma environmental chambers, facoty installed, 6" nominal id port with cover
    19400005Scilogexaluminum alloy rotor with cover, 15000rpm, 2ml x 12, used with d2012
    19400006Scilogexaluminum alloy rotor with cover, 15000rpm, 1.5/2ml x 24, used with d3024 & d3024r
    19400007Scilogexaluminum alloy rotor with cover, 15000rpm 0.5ml x 36, used with d3024 & d3024r
    19400008Scilogexaluminum alloy rotor with cover, 15000rpm, 4-pcr8 0.2ml, used with d3024 & d3024r
    19400015Scilogexrotor 2ml/1.5ml x 8, used with d1008 mini centrifuges
    19400017Scilogexrotor pcr8 x 2, used with d1008 mini centrifuges
    19400019Scilogexplastic rotor kit with lid, fixing clips and o'ring, 14000rpm, 2ml/1.5ml x 24, used with dm1424
    19400023Scilogexhematocrit rotor kit with a lid and a reading disk, 12000rpm, 24 x capillary tubes, used with dm1424
    19400026Scilogex0.5ml rotor adapters, used with d1008 rotor, 8pcs/pk
    19400029Scilogex0.2ml rotor adapters, used with d1008 rotor, 8pcs/pk
    19400032Scilogexaluminum alloy rotor with cover, 15000rpm, 5ml x 12, used with d3024 & d3024r
    194012Thermo Scientificcontwgt-24x36 platform*qi for maxq orbital shakers
    194021Thermo Scientific34 pos control to display
    194022Thermo Scientific34 pos control to display
    194026Thermo Scientificmotor drive/sensor harnes
    194031Thermo Scientificrs-232/remote/sensor harn
    194033Thermo Scientificoptional stainless steel shelf for max q hp 435/436/480/481
    194040Thermo Scientificquik chg.pltfrm adaptr*ci for maxq orbital shakers
    194045Thermo Scientificgassing manifold for maxq hp 420, 435/435/480/481
    194046Thermo Scientificspare part screw bag
    194047Thermo Scientific4520 34 pos dis.
    194048Thermo Scientific4520 high voltage harness
    194049Thermo Scientific4520 low voltage harness
    194054Thermo Scientificconsole shaker main harn.
    194055Thermo Scientific4536, 81, 85&86 rly enc har
    194056Thermo Scientificcondensing unit harness
    194120Thermo Scientificrelay enclosur-con shaker
    194121Thermo Scientificrelay encl cvr-con shaker
    194134Thermo Scientificmini orbital shaker
    194135Thermo Scientifictube mat for mini orbital shaker
    194139Thermo Scientificwipe-off magnet & pen kit for maxq orbital shakers
    194152Thermo Scientificshkr sro btm & top mechs
    194222Thermo Scientificsingle shaker stand *ci for maxq orbital shakers
    194223Thermo Scientificdouble shaker stand *ci for maxq orbital shakers
    194224Thermo Scientificdoor glass cover-shakr*ci for maxq orbital shakers
    194265Thermo Scientificquick-rel platform, anodiz
    195000Thermo Scientific34 pos main to ll display
    19500001Scilogex0.2ml rotor adapters, 24pcs/pk
    19500002Scilogex0.5ml rotor adapters, 24pcs/pk
    19500003Scilogex0.2ml rotor adapters, used with 19400007 rotor, 36pcs/pk
    195002Thermo Scientificcryoplus main harness
    1950024Thermo Scientificrepl vac rel end cap assy
    195003Thermo Scientifickey/lid switch harness
    1950069Thermo Scientificdmhvrp replacement kt qi
    195007Thermo Scientificcryoplus temp. probe
    195009Thermo Scientificcryo liquid level probe
    1950096Thermo Scientific700/5700 dmhvrp rpl kt qi
    1950106Thermo Scientificblast chest motor replace
    1950147Thermo Scientific8123 cork/cover (189419)
    1950183Thermo Scientificfan replacement kit
    195023Thermo Scientifichot gas by-pass
    195024Thermo Scientificln2 sol valve, 1/4fpt, 120v
    195025Thermo Scientific220 volt solenoid assem.
    195027Thermo Scientificcryoplus control assembly
    1950272Thermo Scientificfloat rod assy
    1950273Thermo Scientificspring retainer 8121
    1950274Thermo Scientificspring -liquid lvl gauge
    1950275Thermo Scientificsight gauge o-ring
    1950276Thermo Scientificone piece sight gauge
    1950277Thermo Scientificnitrogen decal
    1950278Thermo Scientificsight gauge protector
    195028Thermo Scientificcryoplus level assembly
    1950338Thermo Scientificcryo log book
    1950343Thermo Scientificvent port cap locator
    1950397Thermo Scientificcork/cover dual 28
    1950445Thermo Scientificco2 backup system, factory installed for thermo sci tse and tsd series upright freezers and thermo sci chest freezers
    1950446Thermo Scientificco2 backup system, field installed for thermo sci tse and tsd series upright freezers and thermo sci chest freezers
    1950447Thermo Scientificln2 backup system, factory installed for revco tsc series
    1950448Thermo Scientificln2 backup system, field installed for revco tsc series
    1950499Thermo Scientificlocator 8 pl lid w/mon120-240v
    1950502Thermo Scientificlocator 6 plus, lid w/mon and 6
    1950505Thermo Scientificlocator jr. plus, lid w/mon and
    1950507Thermo Scientificlocator 4, lid w/mon and 4 rack
    1950517Thermo Scientificlocator 4 plus, lid 4 racks w/o
    1950518Thermo Scientificside access rack 2" box, 5 inner door freezers 20 bxs/rack, fits 300, 400, 500, 600, 700 uprights 5.4 x 9.4 x 27.5
    1950519Thermo Scientificside access rack 3" box, 5 inner door freezers 15 bxs/rack, fits 300, 400, 500, 600, 700 uprights 5.4 x 9.4 x 27.5
    1950520Thermo Scientificside access rack 2" box, 4 inner door freezers 25 bxs/rack, fits 300, 400, 500, 600, 700 uprights 5.4 x 10.9 x 27.5
    1950521Thermo Scientificside access rack 3" box, 4 inner door freezers 15 bxs/rack, fits 300, 400, 500, 600, 700 uprights 5.4 x 10.9 x 27.5
    1950522Thermo Scientificside access microplate rack, 5 inner door freezers 77 plates fits exf600, all uxf models and hfu600b and all hfu t series freezers
    1950523Thermo Scientificside access microplate rack, 4 inner door freezers 105 plates fits 28cf forma, 88000 series forma and tse600, all tsu series model freezers
    1950529Thermo Scientificshelf kit 28cf thermo sci tse ult
    1950533Thermo Scientificco2 backup system, factory installed for revco exf, cxf and dxf series
    1950534Thermo Scientificco2 backup system, field installed for revco exf, cxf and dxf series
    1950535Thermo Scientificln2 backup system, factory installed for revco exf, cxf and dxf series,
    1950536Thermo Scientificln2 backup system, field installed for revco exf, cxf and dxf series
    1950546Thermo Scientificshelf kit 13cf thermo sci tse ult
    1950547Thermo Scientificshelf kit 17cf thermo sci tse ult
    1950548Thermo Scientificshelf kit 23cf thermo sci tse ult
    1950592Thermo Scientificside access microplate standard/deepwell, 4 inner door freezers , fits 300, 400, 500, 600, 700
    195061Thermo Scientific7404 int.base plate 30.5d
    195063Thermo Scientific7400 int.temp.sleeve
    1950637Thermo Scientificsliding dreawer rack, 5 inner door freezers, 12-microplate indivdual slots, fits exf240, hfu240b, freezers
    1950638Thermo Scientificsliding dreawer rack, 5 inner door freezers, 16-microplate indivdual slots, fits exf320, exf400 and hfu320b, hfu400b freezers
    1950639Thermo Scientificrevco frzr rack slide microplate
    1950640Thermo Scientificsliding dreawer rack, 4 inner door freezers, 15-microplate indivdual slots, fits 13cf forma and tse230 model freezers
    1950641Thermo Scientificsliding dreawer rack, 4 inner door freezers, 20-microplate individual slots, fits 17cf, 23cf forma and tse320, tse400 series freezers
    1950642Thermo Scientificsliding drawer microplate rack for tsu ult freezers
    1950651Thermo Scientificside access microplate rack, 5 inner door freezers 56 plates fits exf240
    1950652Thermo Scientificside access microplate rack, 4 inner door freezers 84 plates fits 13cf forma and tse230
    1950666P5Thermo Scientificsliding drawer insets for microplates, 13 cu ft ult freezers
    1950668P5Thermo Scientificsliding drawer insets for boxes, 13 cu ft ult freezers
    1950669P5Thermo Scientificsliding drawer insets for microplates, 17.3 & 23 cu ft ult freezers
    1950670P5Thermo Scientificsliding drawer insets for boxes, 17.3 & 23 cu ft ult freezers
    1950671P5Thermo Scientificmicroplate inserts for 28.8 cu ft ult freezer
    1950672P5Thermo Scientificbox inserts for 28.8 cu ft ult freezer
    1950706Thermo Scientific7400 int. temp sleeve
    1950726Thermo Scientificsliding drawer rack, 25 2" box 4dr fits 4 inner door tse freezers, 900 series 600 size (28cf) ult freezers
    1950727Thermo Scientificsliding drawer rack, 15 3" bx 4 dr fits tse, 900 series, 600 size (28cf) ult freezers
    1950728Thermo Scientificsliding drawer rack, 20-2" bx 5 dr fits ext, hfu b 600 size (28cf) ult freezers
    1950729Thermo Scientificsliding drawer rack, 15-3" bx 5 dr fits exf, hfu b, 600 size (28cf) ult freezers
    1950730Thermo Scientificdrawer rack, 28-mplate 5dr fits exf, hfu b 600 size (28cf) ult freezers
    1950731Thermo Scientificsliding drawer rack, 35-mplate 4dr fits tse, 900 series 600 size (28cf) ult freezers
    1950809Thermo Scientificcanister for biocane 47
    1950878Thermo Scientific2" water repellant fiberboard boxes, multiple colors, qty 12
    1950879Thermo Scientific2" water repellant fiberboard boxes, pink, qty 12
    1950880Thermo Scientific2" water repellant fiberboard boxes, red, qty 12
    1950881Thermo Scientific2" water repellant fiberboard boxes, yellow, qty 12
    1950882Thermo Scientific2" water repellant fiberboard boxes, green, qty 12
    1950883Thermo Scientific2" water repellant fiberboard boxes, blue, qty 12
    1950884Thermo Scientific2" water repellant fiberboard boxes, black, qty 12
    195152Thermo Scientificvac.relief ass'y. 230v
    195153Thermo Scientificvac.relief ass'y. 120v
    195169Thermo Scientificupright int door latchtab
    195170Thermo Scientificint.door 13&17 slidelatch
    195171Thermo Scientificint.door 23cf slide latch
    195172Thermo dr. sldltch 13&17
    195173Thermo Scientificint.btm dr. sldltch 13&17
    195174Thermo dor. sldltch 23ur
    195175Thermo Scientificint.btm.door sldltch 23ur
    195221Thermo Scientificfrt grill, l&r side, altfrz
    195300Thermo Scientific12"hinge shim, dbl.dr.urfr
    195332Thermo Scientificlock mnt.assembly3&6.7frz
    195416Thermo Scientificbackup temp cont.sys 120v
    195435Thermo Scientificupright mon./dis. cable
    195492Thermo dor 13/17 900sva
    195496Thermo dr 13/17 suva frz
    195555Thermo Scientificsquare rack option interchangeable with canisters (for biocane 47)
    195602Thermo Scientificfzr int dr latch tab-28cf
    195656Thermo Scientificext.btm dr 13/17 60"h.900
    195710Thermo Scientificlocking rod for inv. rack
    195719Thermo Scientificcp disp cable rep kit
    195721Thermo Scientific40 pos disp harn
    195763Thermo Scientificretain'g bracket for cord
    195770Thermo Scientificext.door 13/17 60"h. 8600
    195771Thermo Scientificext.door 23 60"h. 8600
    195774Thermo Scientificext.door 23 cf 60"h 900
    195799Thermo Scientificside panl, 17 cf ur white
    195803Thermo Scientific23 rear access grile 8600
    195807Thermo Scientificchest side car side panel
    195816Thermo Scientificult battery harness
    195822Thermo Scientific23 & 28 ult main harness
    195884Thermo Scientificcryo lid close strap assy
    195885Thermo Scientificbus co2 solenoid assy
    195890Thermo Scientificair filter 5/pk, revco exf and thermo sci tse 13, 17, 23, 28cf upright freezers
    195895Thermo Scientificrs-232, 0-1v for all chest freezers
    195896Thermo Scientificrs-232, 0-1v for all chest freezers
    195897Thermo Scientificrs-232, 0-1v for all chest freezers
    195898Thermo Scientificrs-232, 0-1v for all chest freezers
    195899Thermo Scientificrs-232, 0-1v for all chest freezers
    195900Thermo Scientificsingle door switch assy
    195909Thermo Scientificvent stack&cap assy.
    195910Thermo Scientificco2 inject assembly
    195915Thermo Scientificfactory installed unique key lock - tse and tsd upright series
    195947Thermo Scientificair filter 5/pk, tsc 3 cuft chest freezers
    195948Thermo Scientificair filter 5/pk, tsc 13, 12.7, 17, 20 cuft chest freezers
    195949Thermo Scientificchest sidecar divder 2002
    195964Thermo Scientificwater cooled option for 13cf upright revco exf and thermo sci tse
    195965Thermo Scientificwater cooled option for 17cf, 23cf, 28cf revco exf and thermo sci tse
    195967Thermo Scientificwater cooled option for -86°c chest freezers thermo sci tsc series
    195986Thermo Scientificsro door gasket (7450, 51)
    195987Thermo Scientificsro door gasket (7452, 53)
    195988Thermo Scientificsro door gasket (7454, 55)
    196018Thermo Scientific34 pos. interface to disp
    197-1002-00Thermo Scientificop lcd display pcb assy
    197-1003-00Thermo Scientificop pwr brd assy spd111v-115
    197-1039-00 SThermo Scientificinterlock assy
    197-1043-00 SThermo Scientificauto valve assy 115v
    197-1050-00Thermo Scientificribbon cable assy pwr pcb-di
    197-1058-00 SThermo Scientificautovalve asy spd121p-115
    197-1086-00 SThermo Scientificcover assy w/ glass
    197-1087-00 SThermo Scientificassy motor w/ varistor 131dd
    197-6003-00Thermo Scientificouter lid
    197-6005-00Thermo Scientificwindow
    197-6020-00Thermo Scientifico ring seal
    197-6022-00Thermo Scientific'12" dia. tempered glass
    197-6042-00Thermo Scientificretainer, glass make from 19
    197030Thermo Scientific6" chart paper for recorders, 50 per box for single pen, -10°c to 70°c (14°f to 158°f)
    197054Thermo Scientificreplacement chart paper, 100 per box, for 12", 6 hour to 31 day digital recorders for forma env chamber models 3920, 3940 (3949), and 3911 (3913)
    197068Thermo Scientificcable terminator, 1535
    197070Thermo Scientificpressure sens. pen cobex
    197072Thermo Scientificpen arm for 6" recorder
    197075Thermo Scientificchart paper, 50 sheets per box
    197083Thermo Scientificglass for cobex rec.6"
    198036Thermo Scientific12", 6 hour to 31 day digital recorders for forma env chamber models 3920, 3940 (3949), and 3911 (3913); draw own chart as they record; single or dual pen; 120v, 50/60 hz; factory installed, left side
    198039Thermo Scientific12", 6 hour to 31 day digital recorders for forma env chamber models 3920, 3940 (3949), and 3911 (3913); draw own chart as they record; single or dual pen; 120v, 50/60 hz; factory installed, right side
    198042Thermo Scientific12", 6 hour to 31 day digital recorders for forma env chamber models 3920, 3940 (3949), and 3911 (3913); draw own chart as they record; single or dual pen; 120v, 50/60 hz; factory installed, top; adds 20.3" (51.6 cm) to cabinet height
    199ATalboysglass rod chuck, fits 1/4" dia motor shaft
    199BTalboysglass rod chuck, fits 5/16" dia motor shaft
    199CTalboysglass rod chuck, fits 3/8" dia motor shaft
    2-513004Thermo Scientificgasket ret door 10.0 rpo 1/09
    2-513005Thermo Scientificgasket 10" door gls10 rpo 1/09
    2-513163Thermo Scientificretainer 8" door gskt rpo 1/09
    2-58147Thermo Scientificfuse 3ab .25x1.25 15a 250v
    2-67811Thermo Scientifictray large, electro plish 1/09
    2-69904Thermo Scientificgasket 8" door sc8/mc8
    2-E6295Thermo Scientificnut self locking 10-32 ss
    2-E6596Thermo Scientificscrew ma 10-32x.75 ss p ph
    2-E6924Thermo Scientificscrew ma 10-32x.5 ss p ph
    2000-1CEQThermo Scientificled multi blok htr 1blk 230v
    20002613Thermo Scientificboard, indication & key
    20002695Thermo Scientificlid for use on megafuge 1.0r
    20003Thermo Scientific1/4-20x3/4 ss hh bolt
    20003357Thermo Scientificsuspension spring, rotor qty 8
    20003620Thermo Scientificlid lock assy model-3522, 3531
    20003621Thermo Scientificlid lock assy cpl
    200058Thermo Scientificgasket, gry sili. 1/8x3/4
    2000QThermo Scientificled multi blok htr 1blk 120v
    2001-1CEQThermo Scientificdri block htr 240v obs w/gone
    2001QThermo Scientificled multi blok htr 2blk 120v
    2002-1CEQThermo Scientificdri block htr 240v (repair)
    20020706Thermo Scientifichousing 12-020-706
    20020712Thermo Scientificseal front bio-15
    20020713Thermo Scientificseal rear bio-15
    20020717Thermo Scientificseal, clinifuge
    20020732Thermo Scientificantivibration mount, fresco
    20020738Thermo Scientificmotor cover, clinifuge & medif
    20020744Thermo Scientificantivibration mount
    20021775Thermo Scientificlid
    20022402Thermo Scientificfront cover
    20022598Thermo Scientificfront panel, bio13
    20022874Thermo Scientificantivibration mount, clinifuge
    20022901Thermo Scientificfoil, key, clinifuge
    20023748Thermo Scientifichinge bracket primo/stratos
    20024336Thermo Scientifichandle
    20024338Thermo Scientificspring
    20024499Thermo Scientifichub, locking
    20025246Thermo Scientifichub seal rotor 3360
    20025253Thermo Scientificseal for 3350/3360
    20027-DBThermo Scientificmanometer tube, 14-311-4 a
    2002QThermo Scientificled multi blok htr 3blk 120v
    2003-1CEQThermo Scientificdri block htr 240v (repair)
    2003350Thermo Scientificmukey pcb
    20037565Thermo Scientificscrew, hinge, biofuge fresco
    2003DThermo Scientificchem-dry drying tube assy op
    2003QThermo Scientificled multi blok htr 4blk 120v
    2004-1CEQThermo Scientificmulti-blok htr 6blk 240/50/60
    20048934Thermo Scientificrubber plate
    20049789Thermo Scientificspring integrater
    20049790Thermo Scientificspring
    20049932Thermo Scientificfoot, biofuge fresco
    2004QThermo Scientificled multi blok htr 6blk 120v
    20050543Thermo Scientificlid window, biofuge primo/pico
    20051919Thermo Scientifichandle, megafuge 1.0 vwr
    20052257Thermo Scientificconnection
    20052364Thermo Scientifichinge
    20052555Thermo Scientificantivibration mount, rc3bp+
    20052796Thermo Scientifichandle for centri-lab adapters
    20052842Thermo Scientificlid hook
    20053064Thermo Scientifichook
    20053184Thermo Scientificspeed disc for rotor 3746 hfa
    20053358Thermo Scientificnut, rotor, clinifuge & medifuge
    20053441Thermo Scientificlid seal, megafuge 1.0 vwr.
    20053847Thermo Scientificlid
    20054190Thermo Scientificpins, centrilab racks
    20054270Thermo Scientificrubber base
    20054377Thermo Scientificfront panel labofuge 400r
    20054407Thermo Scientificlocknut, microrotor, pico/fresco
    20054409Thermo Scientificfoil
    20054449Thermo Scientifichandle labo 400
    20054540Thermo Scientificmotor mounts labofuge 400
    20054544Thermo Scientificseal
    20054967Thermo Scientificrubber pad
    20055502Thermo Scientificfront console, biofuge fresco
    20055511Thermo Scientificcover, motor, biofuge fresco
    20055572Thermo Scientificfoil, megafuge 1.0 heraeus
    20055573Thermo Scientificfoil, megafuge
    20055577Thermo Scientificfoil labofuge 400 vwr
    20055918Thermo Scientifichousing, biofuge pico
    20055920Thermo Scientificlid seal, biofuge pico
    20055922Thermo Scientificspring, door, right side, pico
    20055923Thermo Scientificspring, door, left side, pico
    20055924Thermo Scientificnut, door axis, biofuge pico
    20056506Thermo Scientificlid seal, biofuge primo
    20056513Thermo Scientificinlet
    20056527Thermo Scientificlid hook biofuge primo
    20056535Thermo Scientificfoil, labofuge 300
    20056536Thermo Scientifichousing labo 300
    20056541Thermo Scientificmotor cover
    20056608Thermo Scientificmotorcover
    20056612Thermo Scientificcover
    20056625Thermo Scientificwindow, lower part
    20056650Thermo Scientificholder
    20056732Thermo Scientificwindow, door
    20056736Thermo Scientifichinge legend
    20056738Thermo Scientificroller
    20056748Thermo Scientificseal lid legend rt
    20056760Thermo Scientificseal lid legend t
    20056761Thermo Scientificmotor cover legend
    20056766Thermo Scientificseal gas lid legend
    20056791Thermo Scientificlatch protector legend
    20056792Thermo Scientificholder latch protection legend
    20056798Thermo Scientificinsulation motor boot legend
    20056832Thermo Scientificlid
    20056846Thermo Scientificpad rubber 6444 rotor
    20056847Thermo Scientificclip
    20057183Thermo Scientificfoil bio stratos sorvall
    20057217Thermo Scientifichook, door latch, stratos
    20057257Thermo Scientificholder sheet
    20057365Thermo Scientificdoor seal rc4
    20057833Thermo Scientificseal
    20057849Thermo Scientificdoor seal, bio fresco
    20057906Thermo Scientificfoil legend t
    20057909Thermo Scientificfoil legend rt knob
    20057932Thermo Scientificoring latch legend
    20058Thermo Scientific1/4-20x3/4 ss fhp uc scr
    20058093Thermo Scientificpico 17/21 lid spring
    20058095Thermo Scientifichousing
    20058114Thermo Scientificgasket
    20058120Thermo Scientificfoot
    20058121Thermo Scientificoverlay pico 17
    20058126Thermo Scientificoverlay-legend micro 21
    20058128Thermo Scientificoverlay legend micro 21r
    20058133Thermo Scientificoverlay fisher accuspin micro
    20058139Thermo Scientificfront cover
    20058140Thermo Scientifichinge
    20058201Thermo Scientificoverlay accuspin micro r
    20058205Thermo Scientificoverlay accuspin 3
    20058206Thermo Scientificoverlay accuspin 3r
    20058220Thermo Scientifichook
    20058222Thermo Scientifichook, legend, lid
    20058230Thermo Scientificgasket
    20058249Thermo Scientificmotor cover
    20058254Thermo Scientificair grille
    20058257Thermo Scientificspring 3, 5 mm
    20058276Thermo Scientificgasket for 75003473 rotor
    20058419Thermo Scientificdisplay frame lcd low end
    20058480Thermo Scientifichook
    20058491Thermo Scientificgas spring grommet
    20058500Thermo Scientificcover hinge
    20058516Thermo Scientificcondenser grid
    20058525Thermo Scientificcover hinge
    20058526Thermo Scientificchamber bowl gp3 ventilated
    20058527Thermo Scientificpanel
    20058539Thermo Scientificdisplay frame
    20058545Thermo Scientificchamber seal
    20058548Thermo Scientificpanel
    20058551Thermo Scientificmotor rubber boot
    20058561Thermo Scientificoverlay - multifuge 40
    20058576Thermo Scientificoverlay - legend xfr
    20058601Thermo Scientificfront panel ref units
    20058642Thermo Scientificstrip seal - xf lid
    20058704Thermo Scientificoverlay megafuge 16
    20058707Thermo Scientificoverlay legend x1r
    20058708Thermo Scientificoverlay legend st16
    20058722Thermo Scientificoverlay sorvall legend 21r wht
    20059010Thermo Scientificnut
    20059357Thermo Scientificgas spring support
    2006100Thermo Scientificpcba champ-01
    2006170Thermo Scientificmudmv-01 pcb
    2006230Thermo Scientificmain pcb, spectrum
    2008LThermo Scientificpivot threaded (lq)
    201080Thermo Scientificdot matrix printer
    20109Thermo Scientificgyro cover seal
    20110321Thermo Scientificcontactor 115vac, 1.5kw
    201113Thermo Scientificrec.assy 1p 60hz 7day *ci
    201120Thermo Scientific6" electronic 1 pen rec
    201126Thermo Scientificchart recorder, 6 inch, 7-day, 115v
    201127Thermo Scientificchart recorder, 6 inch, 7-day, 2205v
    201144Thermo Scientificsingle pen, factory installed, for 6", 7 day chart recorders for models 3920, 3940 (3949), and 3911 (3913); 0c to 60c (32f to 140f); 115v, 50/60 hz
    201145Thermo Scientificsingle pen for 6", 7 day chart recorders for models 3920, 3940 (3949), and 3911 (3913); 0c to 60c (32f to 140f); 115v, 50/60 hz
    201146Thermo Scientificdual pen, factory installed, for 6", 7 day chart recorders for models 3920, 3940 (3949), and 3911 (3913); 0c to 60c (32f to 140f); 115v, 50/60 hz
    201147Thermo Scientificdual pen for 6", 7 day chart recorders for models 3920, 3940 (3949), and 3911 (3913); 0c to 60c (32f to 140f); 115v, 50/60 hz
    201149Thermo Scientific6" elec cobex 2 pn rec/rh
    201155Thermo Scientific6", 7 day chart recorders for model 3960 (3961), 0c to 60c (32f to 140f), single pen, 115v, 50/60 hz
    201156Thermo Scientific6", 7 day chart recorders for model 3960 (3961), 0c to 60c (32f to 140f), single pen, 230v, 50/60 hz
    201161Thermo Scientificrh/temp probe cobex rec.
    201167Thermo Scientific6"ss probe for cobex rec.
    201172Thermo Scientificchart drive motor cobex
    201174Thermo Scientific3 button membrane switch
    201176Thermo Scientific6" electronic recorder
    2011LThermo Scientificbar
    201240Thermo Scientificchart recorder field installed for revco exf, cxf, dxf, thermo sci tse, tsd and tsc
    201241Thermo Scientificchart recorder factory installed for revco exf, cxf, dxf, thermo sci tse, tsd and tsc
    201248Thermo Scientificchart recorder inkless field installed for revco exf, cxf, dxf, thermo sci tse, tsd and tsc
    201249Thermo Scientificchart recorder inkless factory installed for revco exf, cxf, dxf, thermo sci tse, tsd and tsc
    201286Thermo Scientificcontrol board for 201210
    20130221Thermo Scientificrelay, stratos
    20130308Thermo Scientificrelay compressor
    20140612Thermo Scientifictemp sensor rc4
    20140614Thermo Scientifictemp sensor, biofuge fresco
    20140628Thermo Scientifictemperature sensor, mr23i
    20140632Thermo Scientifictemperature probe rc3bp+
    2014LThermo Scientificnut knurl 1/4-20 delrin
    20150028Thermo Scientificboard, speed 17rs
    20150072Thermo Scientificboard, main, microcentrifuge
    20150082Thermo Scientificboard, biofuge 13
    20150091Thermo Scientificpc assy main megafuge 220v
    20150092Thermo Scientificboard, main, megafuge
    20150102Thermo Scientifictachometer, stratos
    20150106Thermo Scientificmain board labofuge 400
    20150107Thermo Scientificboard, labofuge 400
    20150114Thermo Scientificzboard , labofuge 400r
    20150122Thermo Scientificdisplay pc board, stratos
    20150127Thermo Scientificmain pc board, 230v, stratos
    20150176Thermo Scientificpcb, rotor recognition
    20150178Thermo Scientificmain board
    20150180Thermo Scientificrotor recognition board legend
    20150184Thermo Scientificcontrol board legend
    20150185Thermo Scientificcontrol board, legend 230 volt
    20150186Thermo Scientificsensor board legend
    20150188Thermo Scientificdisplay board legend t
    20150189Thermo Scientificdisplay board legend t
    20150190Thermo Scientificdisplay board legend rt
    20150193Thermo Scientificpc assy labo-300 pico
    20150196Thermo Scientificpc bd, main, light cycler
    20150200Thermo Scientificpcb main rc4
    20150201Thermo Scientificpcb spd/imb rc4
    20150203Thermo Scientificpcb power fac corr rc4
    20150219Thermo Scientificpcb, rotor id, multifuge 1
    20150220Thermo Scientificpcb, main, mach 1.6r
    20150226Thermo Scientificdisplay board accuspin 1
    20150227Thermo Scientificdisplay board accuspin 1r
    20150228Thermo Scientificpcb, power factor correction
    20150236Thermo Scientificcurrent limiter
    20150241Thermo Scientificmain board accuspin 400
    20150244Thermo Scientificpcb display
    20150245Thermo Scientificpcb display red
    20150246Thermo Scientificpcb display
    20150247Thermo Scientificdisplay pcb-red non-refrigerat
    20150248Thermo Scientificpcb tacho
    20150258Thermo Scientificmain pcb 120v air
    20150259Thermo Scientificmain pcb 230v air
    20150266Thermo Scientificoverlay adapter
    20150269Thermo Scientificmain pcb 230v
    20150270Thermo Scientificpcb speed/imbalance
    20150281Thermo Scientificdisplay high end
    20150282Thermo Scientificdisplay routine version
    20150288Thermo Scientificmain pcb - gp3r/gp3fr 120v
    20150293Thermo Scientificcontrol brd, accuspin micro
    20150295Thermo Scientificcontrol brd, accuspin micro r
    20150345Thermo Scientificdisplay pcb, white
    20151026Thermo Scientificboard disp mega/labo 400
    20151028Thermo Scientifictach board accuspin 1/1r
    20151090Thermo Scientificmain pcb, megafuge (3491/01)
    20151092Thermo Scientificmain board accuspin 1/1r
    20151102Thermo Scientificpcb speed indicator
    20151127Thermo Scientificmain pcb, 230v stratos
    20151141Thermo Scientificmain pcb, primo 120v
    20151175Thermo Scientificpcb controller
    20151176Thermo Scientificpcb rotor recogn accuspin 400
    20151180Thermo Scientificpcb rotor recogn accuspin 3/3r
    20151184Thermo Scientificmain board accuspin 3/3r
    20151185Thermo Scientificmain pcb, 230v-legend t/multi
    20151188Thermo Scientificpcb display accuspin 3
    20151189Thermo Scientificpcb, display, multi 1l
    20151190Thermo Scientificpcb display accuspin 3r
    20151191Thermo Scientificdisplay bd, legend rt
    20151193Thermo Scientificpc bd, labro 300
    20151214Thermo Scientificpcb tach/imbalanc accuspin3/3r
    2015LThermo Scientificscrew ts 6-32x.8 ss kn
    2016Thermo Scientificnut knurl 6-32 br
    20160546Thermo Scientificresistor 12-160-546
    20160733Thermo Scientificbrake resistor w/o switch
    20160734Thermo Scientificbrake resistor w/switch
    20160740Thermo Scientificresistor 200r 100w
    20160741Thermo Scientificstratos load resistor
    20170327Thermo Scientifictransformer, 115/225v, stratos
    20180557Thermo Scientificswitch, micro
    20180581Thermo Scientificmain power switch, fresco
    20180589Thermo Scientificswitch
    20180608Thermo Scientificreceptacle, power cord, fresco
    20180654Thermo Scientificmicroswitch legend
    20180671Thermo Scientificmain breaker, 120v/16a, stratos
    20180677Thermo Scientificmicroswitch legend
    20180683Thermo Scientificswitch main legend t
    20180753Thermo Scientificpower switch 30a
    20180761Thermo Scientificmicroswitch legend
    20190247Thermo Scientificline cord, 120 volt primo/pico
    20190270Thermo Scientificline cord, contifuge, stratos
    20190274Thermo Scientificline cord 120v/20a
    20190300Thermo Scientificline cord 120v legend
    20190322Thermo Scientificpower cord us 10a
    20190346Thermo Scientificpower cord - gp3
    20190362Thermo Scientificuniversal power cord
    202002Thermo Scientificaccumlator 1/2 sw
    20210255Thermo Scientificfan, condenser, biofuge fresco
    20210275Thermo Scientificmotor, clinifuge
    20210290Thermo Scientificmotor, induction, biofuge 13
    20210332Thermo Scientificmotor megafuge 1.0 vwr
    20210343Thermo Scientificmotor labofuge 400r
    20210349Thermo Scientificmotor, biofuge fresco
    20210357Thermo Scientificmotor, biofuge pico
    20210376Thermo Scientificmotor, also requires 20210377
    20210377Thermo Scientificbracket used with 20210376
    20210382Thermo Scientificmotor, biofuge stratos
    20210384Thermo Scientificmotor, labo 300
    20210385Thermo Scientificmotor primo r
    20210390Thermo Scientificmotor legend
    20210402Thermo Scientificfan motor legend t
    20210413Thermo Scientificmotor, multifuge 1
    20210416Thermo Scientificfan
    20210417Thermo Scientificlatch motor legend
    20210429Thermo Scientificmotor, legend xt
    20220408Thermo Scientificearth terminal
    20220422Thermo Scientificterminal
    20220625Thermo Scientificterminal - 4 pole
    2022LThermo Scientificclip retainer large
    20230136Thermo Scientificfuse mega 1215
    20230172Thermo Scientificfuse, 15 amp time delay
    20230189Thermo Scientificfuse 6.25 amp slow blow
    20230211Thermo Scientificfuse 8a, slow blown
    20230224Thermo Scientificfuse, 6.25a t/d 6, 3x32 ul csa
    20240453Thermo Scientificfilter dryer
    20240463Thermo Scientificcompressor
    20240465Thermo Scientificcompressor sc15g r134a 110v
    20240475Thermo Scientificcompressor
    20240477Thermo Scientificfilter-dryer, biofuge fresco
    20240578Thermo Scientifichigh pressure control, stratos
    20240607Thermo Scientificcompressor legend rt
    20240634Thermo Scientifichigh pressure switch
    20240640Thermo Scientificinjection valve tlk
    20250085Thermo Scientificwasher 6, 4
    20270138Thermo Scientificgrease, optimol 100 ml, stratos
    20270170Thermo Scientificdrive/lip seal oil, fda, 20l
    20290061Thermo Scientifico- ring
    20290387Thermo Scientifico-ring, 56.2 x 3
    20290388Thermo Scientifico-ring
    20290391Thermo Scientifico-ring
    20290419Thermo Scientifico-ring 4.47 x 1.78
    20290464Thermo Scientifico-ring
    20290483Thermo Scientifico-ring 160 x 4
    20290516Thermo Scientificseal
    20290547Thermo Scientifico-ring for use on 75008081 cap
    20290559Thermo Scientifico-ring 86 x 2, 5 viton
    20290572Thermo Scientifico-ring cont stratos rotor
    20290607Thermo Scientificcenter o-ring pico rotor
    20290621Thermo Scientifico ring w/75007598 primo
    20290628Thermo Scientifico-ring highconic rotor
    20290630Thermo Scientifico-ring for 75003057 rotor
    20290640Thermo Scientificseal 49692, 0.9m
    20290653Thermo Scientificseal
    20290657Thermo Scientifico ring 6441 bucket
    20290671Thermo Scientificseal
    20290729Thermo Scientifico-ring for myspin 6 minicentrifuge
    203-1020-00 SThermo Scientificmodulyo power pcb 115v
    203-1505-00 SThermo Scientificvacuum sensor assy
    203-2500-00Thermo Scientificassy wiring harness digital
    20300076Thermo Scientificantivibration mount, primo
    20300101Thermo Scientificfoot, accuspin micro
    203026Thermo Scientificl&h/s compressor 120v
    203027Thermo Scientificl&h/s compressor 220-240v
    203029Thermo Scientificcompressor120v, rf41c1e-caa-250
    203049Thermo Scientificrf41 caa-253 compressor
    20310283Thermo Scientificgas lid stay
    20310293Thermo Scientificgas lid stay, bio13r/mega 1.0
    20310301Thermo Scientificclamp
    20310309Thermo Scientificgas lid stay
    20310311Thermo Scientificgas lid stay, labo 400 vwr
    20310318Thermo Scientificgas lid stay
    20310418Thermo Scientificgas spring, door, stratos
    20310420Thermo Scientificgas spring, lid, biofuge primo
    20310428Thermo Scientificgas lid stay
    20310439Thermo Scientificgas lid stay legend rt
    20310441Thermo Scientificgas lid stay
    20310443Thermo Scientificknob quickcontrol legend
    20310446Thermo Scientificgas lid stay rc4
    20310518Thermo Scientificgas lid stay
    20310534Thermo Scientificgas lid stay
    20310539Thermo Scientificgas spring b(r)4i/c(r)3i
    20310540Thermo Scientificgas shock - x1
    20350132Thermo Scientificbushing
    20350133Thermo Scientificplain spring, 3360 rotor
    20350210Thermo Scientificcont. flow rotor ball bearing
    20350211Thermo Scientificcollar, door axis, pico
    20350241Thermo Scientificbushing latch legend
    20350242Thermo Scientificspring latch legend
    20350272Thermo Scientificspring washer
    20360047Thermo Scientificbox spanner
    20360073Thermo Scientifictool, rotor removal, stratos
    20382BIThermo Scientifichead bd 22/pb
    204006Thermo Scientificevap.coil 18wx9hx1.75f-b
    204009Thermo Scientificcondenser w/desup 18wx12h
    204010Thermo Scientificcondenser w/desup 12wx18h
    20420025Thermo Scientificnut
    20420070Thermo Scientificnut
    20420107Thermo Scientificnut m 6 left
    20420121Thermo Scientificnut
    20420151Thermo Scientificnut m10 x 1.25
    20430220Thermo Scientificscrew, m 6x 25
    20440285Thermo Scientificscrew
    20440286Thermo Scientificscrew m 4x10
    20440292Thermo Scientificscrew m 4 x 30
    20460133Thermo Scientificscrew 3 x 14
    20460202Thermo Scientificscrew latch protector legend
    20462Thermo Scientificcplg assy, lower (motor to
    20474Thermo Scientifictapered spindle 2x2x2
    204742Thermo Scientificpin tapered
    20480130Thermo Scientificwasher 4, 3
    20480301Thermo Scientificsand washer
    20490287Thermo Scientifichinge pin, primo/stratos
    20490312Thermo Scientifichandle, locking nut
    20490376Thermo Scientificpin, motor, biofuge pico
    2050-1CEQThermo Scientificheater multi blk 1 240/50/60
    205062Thermo Scientificcnd unt 1/4hp 115v r-134a
    205072Thermo Scientificcnd unt 1/2hp 115v r-134a
    2050QThermo Scientificheater multi blk 1 120/50/60
    20510224Thermo Scientificpin
    20510285Thermo Scientificscrew m5 x 12
    20510294Thermo Scientificscrew m3 x 10
    20510303Thermo Scientificscrew m6x10
    205121Thermo Scientificcnd unt 1/3hp 230v r-134a
    205142Thermo Scientific1/3hp 120/1/60 r134a air
    205149Thermo Scientific1/4hp 120/1/60 r404a air
    2052-1CEQThermo Scientificdri block htr 240v (repair)
    20520145Thermo Scientificglycerine kit for cont. flow r
    2052QThermo Scientificheater multi blk 2 120/50/60
    2053-1CEQThermo Scientificdri block htr 240v (repair)
    2053QThermo Scientificheater multi blk 3 120/50/60
    2054-1CEQThermo Scientificheater multi blk 4 240/50/60
    20540048Thermo Scientificcapacitor
    20540344Thermo Scientificcapacitor
    20540372Thermo Scientificcapacitor start
    2054QThermo Scientificheater multi blk 4 120/50/60
    2056-1CEQThermo Scientificheater multi blk 6 240/50/60
    2056QThermo Scientificheater multi blk 6 120/50/60
    2058QThermo Scientific.2ml/.5ml combo tube block
    2059QThermo Scientific.2ml tube block
    206014Thermo Scientific115v mtr replace melco qi
    206015Thermo Scientific230v mtr replace melco qi
    206016Thermo Scientificball jnt asy, melco lpr qi
    20602651Thermo Scientifickeypad - pm600
    20622Thermo Scientifictube dist 30" w/ftgs 1g
    20624Thermo Scientifictube dist 30" w/ftgs 2-5g
    2064QThermo Scientificmicro titer plate blok dir bs
    2065QThermo Scientificblok for 96 well titer plate
    2066QThermo Scientificmdul block cuvet w/12 adaptor
    2068QThermo Scientificmdl blk 8mm microcntrfg tubes
    2069QThermo Scientificmdl blk 10mm microcntrfg tubes
    207008Thermo Scientificpress sw, n.c, 35fla/110lra
    207008TFThermo Scientificpress sw, n.c, 35fla/110lra
    207010Thermo Scientificpress sw, n.c, 18fla/85lra
    207010TFThermo Scientificpress sw, n.c, 18fla/85lra
    207011Thermo Scientificpressure swtch spdt 15amp
    2070QThermo Scientificmodule blok 30 tube capacity
    2071QThermo Scientificmodule blok 24 tube capacity
    2072QThermo Scientificmdl blk 22 hole cap 12-13m dia
    2073QThermo Scientificmdl blk 12 hole cap 15-16m dia
    20747Thermo Scientificbrush warning a #2 2x2.5x5
    2074QThermo Scientificmodule blok 8 tube capacity
    2075QThermo Scientificmdl blk 6 tube cap 25mm dia.
    2076QThermo Scientificmodule block combination
    2078QThermo Scientificmodule blok solid
    2081QThermo Scientificmodule blok 12 hole
    20820Thermo Scientificgrommet, panel
    2083QThermo Scientificcombo pcr tube blok
    20840Thermo Scientificknob -a-
    2085Thermo Scientificcoverplt mcrotitr plate block
    20854Thermo Scientificmanometer, 14-311-6 -a-
    20855Thermo Scientificpotentomtr, speed contrl(4940eu
    20867Thermo Scientifictimer 50 hz rc-5 #5
    20868Thermo Scientifictimer 60hz
    209003Thermo Scientificdryer 3/8 odf copper
    209006Thermo Scientificdryer 1/4 ods (noncfc)
    20901059Thermo Scientificmain cable
    20901101Thermo Scientificlid lock, biofuge pico
    20901131Thermo Scientificlatch labo-300 pico
    20901141Thermo Scientificlatch, pico (new)
    20901144Thermo Scientificlatch, labro 300
    20901160Thermo Scientificlatch
    209016Thermo Scientificc-052 dryer 1/4 ods
    209016TFThermo Scientificc-052 dryer 1/4 ods
    209017Thermo Scientificc-082 dryer 1/4 ods
    20904156Thermo Scientificlid lock 115v 60hz
    20904430Thermo Scientificcollet drive stratos/legend
    20904501Thermo Scientificlatch asy, accuspin micro r
    20904502Thermo Scientificlatch protection kit, legend
    20907075Thermo Scientificfoot, rc4 (
    20913G01Thermo Scientificcapillary asy
    20931BriskHeatreplacement vacuum bag feed-through
    20938BriskHeatreplacement vacuum hose: 10ft (3m)
    20950BriskHeatvacuum venturi pump. converts shop / compressed air to vacuum. requires shop / compressed air
    20EFEETSAThermo Scientificthermo scientific, 20cf explosion-proof freezer 120v/50hz
    20EFEETSVThermo Scientificthermo scientific, 20cf explosion-proof freezer, 230v/50hz
    20ERCETSAThermo Scientificthermo scientific, 20cf corrosion resistant, explosion-proof refrigerator, 120v/60hz
    20ERCETSVThermo Scientificthermo scientific, 20cf corrosion resistant, explosion-proof refrigerator, 230v/50hz
    20EREETSAThermo Scientificthermo scientific, 20cf explosion-proof refrigerator, 120v/60hz
    20EREETSAThermo Scientificthermo scientific, 20cf explosion-proof refrigerator, 120v/60hz
    20EREETSVThermo Scientificthermo scientific, 20cf explosion-proof refrigerator, 230v/50hz
    20FFEETSAThermo Scientificthermo scientific, 20cf flammable materials storage (fms) freezer, 120v/60hz
    20FFEETSVThermo Scientificthermo scientific, 20cf flammable materials storage (fms) freezer, 120v/60hz