Price & Freight Policy

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and assistance.

  • Please read the following information carefully.

Online Pricing

  • Please note that typographical errors, incorrect price entered into its database, miscommunication and other glitches can result in items being listed incorrectly.
  • If you suspect an error in pricing, please contact our Customer Service Team.
  • We reserve the right at any time to correct any errors in the pricing or product descriptions.
  • In addition, we have the right to cancel orders and refund customers' money because of pricing errors (or for any reason).

Freight Policy

  • We determine the most efficient shipping carrier for your order as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.
  • Domestic freight and/or handling is based on shipping conditions required to safely transport the products to your order destination.
  • Actual shipping charges will be billed; and will include any applicable packaging and handling fees that may apply: excludes taxes, duties and other charges.
  • If you prefer to use your standard shipping carrier such as UPS or FedEx, please notify us with your carrier account information and your shipping option (ground, next day, second day, etc).

Additional shipping condition fees may apply for:

  • - Products shipping on dry/wet/gel ice.
  • - Products classified as hazardous materials that require special handling.
  • - Unusually heavy products.
  • - Expedited delivery.
  • Note that shipping conditions and recommended storage conditions may not be identical.
  • Complex instrumentation is subject to specific access/setup fees that vary by product; please contact us for further information.
  • If you have a question regarding our freight policy, please contact our Customer Service Team.