BRAND Quiksip Bottletop Aspirator BrandTech 4723150 4724150BRAND* QuikSip Bottletop Aspirators
It is small, portable, and doesn’t require an external vacuum or power source.
Each plunger stroke powers up to 25mL of aspiration.
SCILOGEX SafeVac Aspiration 761000 System Scilogex LLCSCILOGEX SafeVac Vacuum Aspirators from Scilogex, LLC.
Integrated vacuum pump with quick & easy control.
Autoclavable waste collection bottle & aspiration nozzles.
VACUUBRAND BVC Fluid Aspiration System BrandTech 727 SeriesVACUUBRAND* BVC Fluid Aspiration Systems for Cell Cultures
The BVC family of aspiration systems- Culture, refined.
Powered models have a VACUUBRAND chemistry-design pump for long service life.