BRAND Methacrylate / Polystyrene Spectrophotometry CuvettesBRAND* Methacrylate and Polystyrene Spectrophotometry Cuvettes
BRAND plastic cuvettes are compatible with most spectrophotometers and photometers.
Semi-micro cuvettes require only 1.5mL of sample volume to provide reliable, accurate results.
BRAND Plastic Cuvette Chemical Compatibility ChartBRAND* Plastic Cuvette Chemical Compatibility Chart
Excellent, Marginal or Poor.
Properties of BRAND Disposable Cuvettes remain intact after 24 hours of exposure.
BRAND UV-Cuvette UV-Transparent Spectrophotometry CuvettesBRAND* UV-Cuvette UV-Transparent Spectrophotometry Cuvettes
Available in macro, semi-micro and ultra-micro sizes.
Process QC applications avoid the need for qualified SOP's for cuvette cleaning.