SCILOGEX DILVAC MS Blue Metal Cased Dewar Flasks Scilogex LLC SCILOGEXSCILOGEX* DILVAC Blue Metal Cased Dewar Flasks
Blue metal cased economy Dewar Flasks are rust and corrosion resistant.
Safe for use with all liquid gases and dry-ice.
SCILOGEX DILVAC SS Stainless Steel Cased Dewar Flasks Scilogex LLCSCILOGEX* DILVAC Stainless Steel Cased Dewar Flasks
Our dewar flasks are rust-free, non-corrosive, hygenic and strong.
These Dewar Flasks have an all-stainless steel vented lid with self-contained insulation.
SCILOGEX DILVAC SS Stainless Steel Cased Low Profile Dewars ScilogexSCILOGEX* DILVAC Stainless Steel Cased Low Profile Dewars
Our dewar flasks can be used with magnetic stirrers & standard boiling flasks up to 2 L capacity.
The shallow style allows for minimum amount of coolant to be used.
Thermo Scientific CryoExtra Accessories Thermo Scientific ThermoFisherThermo Scientific* CryoExtra* Accessories
Box dividers, racks, sliding canisters.
Mini square racks, frames, swing arm canisters.
Thermo Scientific CryoExtra High-Efficiency Cryogenic Storage SystemsThermo Scientific* CryoExtra* High-Efficiency Cryogenic Storage Systems
Designed for both liquid and vapor phase storage.
User comfort features and convenient, built-in workspace.
Thermo Scientific CryoMed Controlled-Rate Freezers ThermoFisherThermo Scientific* CryoMed* Controlled-Rate Freezers
Bulb-style gaskets for tight door seal; PTFE heat-breaks to prevent door from freezing closed.
Chamber temperature is monitored by fixed-mount Type T thermocouple.
Thermo Scientific CryoPlus 740 LN2 Storage Systems ThermoFisherThermo Scientific* CryoPlus LN2* Storage Systems
Precise liquid level control with over 16 parameters; with autofill system.
Low-profile tank with vacuum-insulated, stainless-steel chamber.
Thermo Scientific CryoPlus Accessories Thermo Scientific ThermoFisherThermo Scientific* CryoPlus* Accessories
Swing arm canister, box & dividers.
Tall sleeves, racks, & hot gas bypass.
Thermo Scientific Cryopreservation Accessories ThermoFisherThermo Scientific* Cryopreservation Accessories
Sensaphone telephone, gloves, cryo vials.
Aprons, cryoclaw, cryo sleeve & markers.
Thermo Scientific LN2 Supply Tanks Thermo Scientific ThermoFisherThermo Scientific* LN2 Supply Tanks
For long-term storage of samples in cryogenic freezers, or controlling temperature.
Evaporate 2% of volume per day.
Thermo Scientific Smart-Vue Wireless Monitoring Systems ThermoFisherThermo Scientific* Smart-Vue* Wireless Monitoring Systems
Permanently records all readings, alarms, and user acknowledgments.
No complicated wiring, allowing easy movement of laboratory equipment.
Thermo-Flask Benchtop Liquid Nitrogen Containers Thermo ScientificThermo-Flask* Benchtop Liquid Nitrogen Containers
Ideal for everyday cryogenic storage needs.
Maximizes coolant retention with inner vessels of borosilicate glass.
Thermolyne Arctic Express Dry Shippers Thermo Scientific ThermoFisherThermolyne* Arctic Express* Dry Shippers
Transport nonhazardous biological samples at cryogenic temperatures via air carriers.
Includes durable shipping case that holds samples upright.
Thermolyne Bio-Cane Accessories Thermo Scientific Thermo Fisher ThermoFisherThermolyne* Bio-Cane* Accessories
CryoCanes, Cryogenic Vial Color Coders, CryoCane Coder.
CryoSleeve, Cryogenic Vials, CryoClaw.
Thermolyne Bio-Cane Canister Cane Systems Thermo ScientificThermolyne* Bio-Cane* Canister & Cane Systems
Cost effective storage for cells, tissues and other biological samples.
Safely store samples up to 7 months without replenishing LN2.
Thermolyne Freezer Racks Mechanical Freezers Thermo ScientificThermolyne* Freezer Racks for Mechanical Freezers
Heavy-duty design minimizes damage to freezer interiors.
The unique numbered grid system and one-way lid provides easy vial identification.
Thermolyne Liquid Nitrogen Transfer Vessels Thermo ScientificThermolyne* Liquid Nitrogen Transfer Vessels
Designed for storing and dispensing small amounts of liquid nitrogen.
Transport carts permit easy and safe movement in the lab.
Thermolyne Locator Accessories Thermo Scientific ThermoFisherThermolyne* Locator* Accessories
Ultrasonic Level Monitor, Locator Log, CryoClaw.
Designed for quick, reliable sample identification storage and relocation.
Thermolyne Locator Autofill Thermo Scientific Fisher ThermoFisherThermolyne* Locator* Autofill
Automatically Monitors and Refills Vessels with Liquid Nitrogen.
Designed for vapor phase storage in liquid nitrogen.
Thermolyne Locator Plus Rack Box System Thermo Scientific ThermoFisherThermolyne* Locator* Plus Rack & Box Systems
Cost effective - maximum storage capacity combined with minimum liquid nitrogen consumption.
Available with or without ultrasonic level monitor.
Thermolyne Locator Rack Box Systems Thermo Scientific ThermoFisherThermolyne* Locator* Rack & Box Systems
Keep Track of Your Samples-Easily!
Includes unique hanging rack.
Thermolyne Benchtop Liquid Nitrogen Transfer Vessels Thermo ScientificThermolyne* Benchtop Liquid Nitrogen Transfer Vessels
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recommended substitute is equivalent or has better features.