BRAND Accu-Jet Pro Pipette ControllersBRAND* Accu-Jet Pro Pipette Controllers
The accu-jet pro elevates pipette control to the next generation.
It improves upon the superior function of the accu-jet with new features, & improved functionality.
BRAND HandyStep Electronic Repeating PipettesBRAND* HandyStep Electronic Repeating Pipettes
Dispenser Tips, and VWRbrand Combi-Syringes.
The HandyStep electronic from BRAND adds ergonomics and ease-of-use to repeat pipetting.
BRAND HandyStep S Repeating PipettesBRAND* HandyStep S Repeating Pipettes
Robust construction, inspired design and innovative polymers deliver a dependable instrument.
A convenient integrated volume table provides a quick reference for dispensed volumes.
BRAND Macro Pipette ControllersBRAND* Macro Pipette Controllers
Operation is as simple as squeezing the suction bellows and adjusting a lever.
The macro is an excellent tool for laboratories with multiple and novice users.
BRAND Pipette FillersBRAND* Pipette Fillers
Universal model for pipettes up to 100mL. Pipette filler with 3 valves.
Simple pipetting aid made of natural rubber for one-mark and graduated pipettes.
BRAND PLT Pipette Leak Testing UnitsBRAND* PLT Pipette Leak Testing Units
This arises from damage either to the seals, pistons, or tip cones.
Often not detectable by the naked eye, leaks lead to significant volume errors.
BRAND Reagent ReservoirsBRAND* Reagent Reservoirs
BRAND reagent reservoirs are made from heavy-duty polypropylene to withstand repeated autoclaving.
Lids are included to help protect against sample contamination.
BRAND Transferpette -8 / -12 Electronic Multichannel PipettesBRAND* Transferpette -8/-12 Electronic Multichannel Pipettes
It is available in three volume ranges for reliable dispensing of volumes from 0.5µL to 300µL.
Single channel versions of the Transferpette-8/-12 electronic pipettes are also available.
BRAND Transferpette Electronic Single Channel PipettesBRAND* Transferpette Electronic Single Channel Pipettes
It is an accurate, ergonomic, motorized instrument that is simple to use.
Large, clear LCD screen with clear operational symbols and words makes settings obvious.
BRAND Transferpette S -8 / -12 Multichannel PipettesBRAND* Transferpette S -8/-12 Multichannel Pipettes
It is the perfect complement to our Transferpette S single channel pipette.
Completely autoclavable at 121°C/250°F (20 minutes).
BRAND Transferpette S Single Channel PipettesBRAND* Transferpette S Single Channel Pipettes
Available as fixed-volume and digital models in volume ranges from 0.1uL to 10mL.
Centralized pipetting button with optimized stroke length.
BRAND Transferpettor Positive Displacement PipettesBRAND* Transferpettor Positive Displacement Pipettes
Dispense Concentrated Protein Solutions, Oils, Fats, Resins, and More.
Excellent for a Wide Range of Applications.
SCILOGEX iPette Electronic LED Digital Single Channel PipettorsSCILOGEX* iPette Electronic LED Digital Single Channel Pipettors
Excellent accuracy and precision. 4 variable volume models, 0.5 to 1000µl.
The LED display and easy tip ejection button are designed for left or right handed use.
SCILOGEX Levo Manual Pipette FillersSCILOGEX* Levo Manual Pipette Fillers
Levo is an easy to use serological pipette controller for use with 1-100ml pipettes.
A press of the central button blows-out any remaing drops in the pipette.
SCILOGEX Levo ME Motorized Pipette FillersSCILOGEX Levo ME Motorized Pipette Fillers from Scilogex, LLC.
Coarse speed setting for small and large volume pipets.
Fine speed control using comfortable concave triggers.
SCILOGEX Levo Plus Motorized Pipette FillersSCILOGEX* Levo Plus Motorized Pipette Fillers
LCD Display shows battery charge and coarse speed setting.
Coarse and fine speed control. Comfortable concave triggers.
SCILOGEX MicroPette Fixed Single Channel PipettesSCILOGEX* MicroPette Fixed Single Channel Pipettes
Easy to calibrate and maintain with tool supplied.
Integral tip ejector for access into narrow tubes.
SCILOGEX MicroPette Multichannel PipettesSCILOGEX* MicroPette Multichannel Pipettes
Lightweight and ergonomic design. Clear digital display.
Easy to calibrate with tool included. Used with 'universal' pipette tips.
SCILOGEX MicroPette Plus Autoclavable Fixed Single Channel PipettesSCILOGEX* MicroPette Plus Autoclavable Fixed Single Channel Pipettes
Twelve fixed volume MicroPette's in the range.
Easy to calibrate and maintain with tool supplied.
SCILOGEX MicroPette Plus Autoclavable Multichannel PipettesSCILOGEX* MicroPette Plus Autoclavable Multichannel Pipettes
Lightweight and ergonomic design. Fully autoclavable.
Easy to calibrate with tool supplied. Used with 'universal' pipette tips.
SCILOGEX MicroPette Plus Autoclavable Variable Single Channel PipettesSCILOGEX* MicroPette Plus Autoclavable Variable Single Channel Pipettes
Volume adjustment is selected by turning the thumb plunger mechanism.
Each pipettor passes a quality control/calibration test and is supplied with a certificate.
SCILOGEX MicroPette Variable Single Channel PipettesSCILOGEX* MicroPette Variable Single Channel Pipettes
MicroPette's are calibrated in accordance ISO/DIS 8655.
Easily calibrated with tool supplied. 3 year warranty.
SCILOGEX Serological PipettesSCILOGEX* Serological Pipettes
RNase-free, DNase-free, DNA-free, and Non-pyrogenic. Gamma irradiation sterilized.
SCILOGEX pipettes are printed with bold clear bi-directional graduations and markings.
SCILOGEX StepMate Repeating PipettesSCILOGEX* StepMate Repeating Pipettes
Ideal for pipetting aqueous and viscous liquids.
Lightweight and ergonomic design. Maintenance free.
BRAND Transferpette Single Channel PipettesBRAND* Transferpette Single Channel Pipettes
This product line has been replaced.
recommended substitute is equivalent or has better features.
BRAND Transferpette -8 / -12 Multichannel PipettesBRAND* Transferpette -8/-12 Multichannel Pipettes
This product line has been made obsolete and is no longer available.
parts & accessories are made available for units up to 8 years old or until inventory is depleted.