SCILOGEX D160 HomogenizersSCILOGEX* D160 Homogenizers
Speed control from 8,000 to 30,000rpm.
Autoclavable stainless steel shafts.
SCILOGEX D500 HomogenizersSCILOGEX* D500 Homogenizers
Interchangeable shafts, rotors & stators.
Smooth acceleration also prevents unnecessary spills.
Talboys Cryogenic Homogenizing SystemsTalboys Cryogenic Homogenizing Cooling Systems from Troemner, LLC.
Handheld homogenizer with mortars and pestles.
System helps preserve sample integrity.
Talboys High Throughput Homogenizer AccessoriesTalboys High Throughput Homogenizer Accessories from Troemner, LLC.
24-Well 4mL Vial Sets, 5-Well 15mL Vial Set, Magnet Pipette Tips.
24-Pin Magnet and Magnet Stand/Ball Separator, Ball Dropper/Bead Dispenser.
Talboys High Throughput HomogenizersTalboys High Throughput Homogenizers from Troemner, LLC.
Ability to process small quantities.
Rapid sample processing.