Plastic Labware

VITLAB General LabwareVITLAB* General Labware
VITLAB offers a number of different general plastic items for the lab.
Funnels, Measuring Scoops, Forceps, Buckets, Imhoff Sedimentation Cones & Slide Staining Kits.
VITLAB Lab Bottles / ContainersVITLAB* Lab Bottles & Containers
Plastic bottles of various sizes, shapes and materials, with stoppers or screw caps.
Includes wash bottles and dropper bottles.
VITLAB Trace Analysis LabwareVITLAB* Trace Analysis Labware
PFA Reagent Bottles, PFA Low Form Griffin Beakers, PFA Sample Tubes, PFA Round Bottom Flasks.
PFA Sample Containers, PFA Volumetric Flasks, with Screw Caps, PFA Evaporating Dishes.
VITLAB Volumetric LabwareVITLAB* Volumetric Labware
Graduated cylinders, volumetric flasks, Erlenmeyer flasks and pitchers
Many items are available to Class A and Class B standards.
VITLAB VITgrip Lab BottlesVITLAB VITgrip Lab Bottles from BrandTech Scientific, Inc
Excellent handling - The slim waist of the VITgrip lab bottles greatly improves handling.
The molded volume graduations provide texture for an enhanced grip, especially when working with gloves.