Barnstead Cabinetized Distillation StillsBarnstead* Cabinetized Distillation Stills
Hands-free operation; turns still off when the tank is full, restarts still when tank empties.
Choice of two sizes: 2 or 5 GPH.
Barnstead Classic Distillation Still AccessoriesBarnstead* Classic Distillation Still Accessories
Cylindrical Storage Tanks, Rectangular Tanks, Ventgard Air Filter and Water Seals.
Floor or Wall Mounted Storage, Ultraviolet Lamp Assembly, Pretreatment Kits, Floorstands.
Barnstead Classic Distillation StillsBarnstead* Classic Distillation Stills
Durable copper and bronze with inert pure tin lining.
Low water cut-off protection included.
Barnstead Mega-Pure ACS Automatic Collection Distillation SystemsBarnstead* Mega-Pure* ACS Automatic Collection Distillation Systems
ACS designed to collect water from Mega-Pure stills.
ACS will work with MEGA-PURE stills to store up to 45 liters of Type II distilled water.
Barnstead Mega-Pure Distillation Deionizer AccessoriesBarnstead* Mega-Pure* Distillation Deionizer Accessories
Choose from two deionization models single (D1) or dual (D2) cartridge.
Greater flexibility in meeting varying feedwater qualities.
Barnstead Mega-Pure Distillation Glass StillsBarnstead* Mega-Pure* Distillation Glass Stills
Can be wall or bench-mounted depending on lab space requirements.
Includes feedwater solenoid valve for automatic operation.
LabStrong Fi-Streem 2S Distillation Glass StillsLabStrong* Fi-Streem* 2S Distillation Glass Stills
LabStrong Fi-Streem Stills will meet your water needs while remaining budget-friendly.
Totally enclosed still assures safety from breakage and hot surfaces.
LabStrong Fi-Streem Distillation Glass StillsLabStrong* Fi-Streem* Distillation Glass Stills
Space saving designs can be wall or bench mounted.
Glass components prevent leaching of impurities into distilled water.
LabStrong Fi-Streem Distillation Storage ReservoirsLabStrong* Fi-Streem* Distillation Storage Reservoirs
Easy to install - 4 models to choose:
8 Liter | 20 Liter | 40 Liter | 50 Liter Carboy.
LabStrong Fi-Streem Hose Nipple Cartridge & Wall MountLabStrong* Fi-Streem* Hose Nipple Cartridge & Wall Mount
Water purity indicated by resin color change at two 'windows' in the cartridges casing.
Cartridge easily snaps into wall mount without using tools.
LabStrong Fi-Streem III Bi-Distiller & Pretreatment Distillation KitLabStrong* Fi-Streem* III Bi-Distiller & Pretreatment Distillation Kit
Double distillation process increases water purity to above 1 megohm-cm.
For convenience, unit is designed with capabilities for tap or pretreated feedwater.
Barnstead Fi-Streem III Bi-Distillers & Pretreatment KitBarnstead* Fi-Streem* III Bi-Distillers & Pretreatment Kit
This product line has been replaced.
recommended substitute is equivalent or has better features.