Barnstead Accu DIspense Deionization Remote DispensersBarnstead* Accu DIspense* Deionization Remote Dispensers
Dispense water remotely with our patented volumetric dispense feature without monitoring your carboy.
LED on the base indicates that the water is above or below your programmed purity level.
Barnstead B-Pure Cartridge Deionization SystemsBarnstead* B-Pure* Cartridge Deionization Systems
Don’t Need the Highest Purity? B-Pure Systems are for You!
Produces up to 4 liters per minute, depending upon feedwater quality.
Barnstead Deionization AccessoriesBarnstead* Deionization Accessories
Digital Monitor, Pura-Lite, and Low Pressure Pump Protector.
Low Water Level Pump Protector, Flow Meters.
Barnstead Deionization Bantam DeionizersBarnstead* Deionization Bantam Deionizers
Can be used with any PCS cartridge; is most often used with ultrapure or high capacity cartridges.
Minimum inlet pressure 5 psi; maximum inlet pressure 70 psi.
Barnstead Deionization Cartridge KitsBarnstead* Deionization Cartridge Kits
Barnstead ultrapure water systems require expendable cartridges & filters not supplied with the unit.
NANOpure DIamond, NANOpure Infinity, NANOpure, NANOpure II, E-pure Ultrapure Water Systems
Barnstead Deionization Hose Nipple CartridgesBarnstead* Deionization Hose Nipple Catridges
Cartridges utilize the same superior quality resins used in PCS cartridges.
The 100% virgin polypropylene cartridge rinses to high quality quickly.
Barnstead Deionization Individual CartridgesBarnstead* Deionization Individual Cartridges
Pressurized cartridges, half size.
Ultrapure, organic free, mixed bed, activated carbon.
Barnstead Deionization Replacement CartridgesBarnstead* Deionization Replacement Cartridges
Replacement Cartridges for Millipore Water Systems.
PUREpack Deionization & RO Replacement Cartridges.
Barnstead DIamond TII Deionization SystemsBarnstead* DIamond* TII Deionization Systems
Easy to read LCD display provides all the information you need.
30 and 60 liter cylindrical reservoirs available.
Barnstead EASYpure II LF & UV Deionization SystemsBarnstead* EASYpure* II LF & UV Deionization Systems
Ultraviolet lamp in UV model controls bacterial growth and oxidizes organics.
Water remains clean and free from recontamination and ready to use when you need it!
Barnstead EASYpure II RF & RF / UV Deionization SystemsBarnstead* EASYpure* II RF & RF/UV Deionization Systems
Portable Reagent-Grade Water System Provides the Ultimate in Purity and Convenience.
Standard RF (Reservoir Feed) and RF/UV (Reservoir Feed/UV Lamp) available.
Barnstead EASYpure II UF & UF / UV Deionization SystemsBarnstead* EASYpure* II UF & UF/UV Deionization Systems
Both systems provide pyrogen-free water for your life science Applications
UV/UF unit provides nuclease (RNase and DNase) free water on demand.
Barnstead EASYpure RoDi Deionization SystemsBarnstead* EASYpure* RoDi Deionization Systems
Tap to Type I Water with One Compact System
Produces 800 ml/min. of Type 1 water on demand.
Barnstead E-Pure Deionization SystemsBarnstead* E-Pure* Deionization Systems
Lowest operating cost of any system on the market.
Virgin polypropylene water pathways prevent recontamination.
Barnstead MicroPure Deionization SystemsBarnstead* MicroPure* Deionization Systems
Barnstead* MicroPure, the "micro-sized" ultrapure water system, is compact and reliable.
Backlit display tilts for easy viewing.
Barnstead NANOpure DIamond Analytical & UV Deionization SystemsBarnstead* NANOpure* DIamond* Analytical & UV Deionization Systems
Dispense water without monitoring your carboys with volumetric or timed dispensing.
Monitor TOC and resistivity with the DIamond TOC Models.
Barnstead NANOpure DIamond UF & UV / UF Deionization SystemsBarnstead* NANOpure* DIamond* UF & UV/UF Deionization Systems
Save on bench space without reducing product output with the smaller footprint.
Monitor TOC and resistivity with the new DIamond TOC Models.
Barnstead Remote Dispenser Deionization SystemsBarnstead* Remote Dispenser Deionization Systems
Convenience and purity, the remote dispenser has it all.
Add to your E-pure system or older style NANOpure System.
LabStrong Cascade Individual Cartridges & KitsLabStrong Cascade Individual Cartridges & Kits from LabStrong Corp
Type II Water Cartridges: D00291 D00293 D00295 D00296 D00297 D00298
Type II Water Cartridges Kits: D002910KT D002911KT D002912KT D002913KT D002914KT, D00298KT D00299KT D002910KT
LabStrong Cascade Water Purification SystemsLabStrong Cascade Water Purification Systems from LabStrong Corp
Fully customizable for your laboratory needs
Shut off/control valve allows users to easily control water output
LabStrong Deionization Cartridge KitsLabStrong* Deionization Cartridge Kits
The cartridge kit is an economical alternative for all laboratories.
Side-by-side testing shows fantastic results for purity and longevity.
LabStrong Deionization Individual CartridgesLabStrong* Deionization Individual Cartridges
Cartridges are sealed in a military specification vapor barrier foil Mylar bag.
Outstanding quality you expect from your water system at a low cost.
LabStrong Water Cartridge PacksLabStrong Water Cartridge Packs from LabStrong Corp.
Meets strictest requirements for TOC and Resistivity.
Leak free technology.
LabStrong Water Replacement PartsLabStrong* Water Replacement Parts
UV Lamps, Diaphragm Pumps, Encapsulated Reverse Osmosis Membranes.
Puri-Fi Pretreatment Particulate Filters, Ventgard* Filters.