Vacuum Concentrators / Kits

Thermo Scientific Rotors / Rotor Carriers / Block InsertsThermo Scientific* Accessories for Bath Circulators from Thermo Fisher Scientific
Speedvac Carriers, Rotors and Rotor Blocks.
Centrifuge Tubes, Flasks, Vials, Microwell Plates, Microtubes, Glass & Plastic Tubes.
Thermo Scientific Savant DNA SpeedVac Concentrator KitsThermo Scientific* Savant DNA SpeedVac Concentrator Kits
Dual digital timers: independent control of heat/run times.
Dry at ambient temperatures or at very low heat to avoid sample denaturing.
Thermo Scientific Savant SC210 P1 SpeedVac KitsThermo Scientific* Savant SC210 P1 SpeedVac Kits
PTFE-coated chamber provides long lasting durability against harsh solvents.
Three selectable heating levels to optimize evaporation.
Thermo Scientific Savant SC250EXP SpeedVac KitsThermo Scientific* Savant SC250EXP SpeedVac Kits
These kits contain everything you need under one model number.
Heated glass lid reduces drying times and prevents condensation.
Thermo Scientific Savant SPD111 SpeedVac KitsThermo Scientific* Savant SPD111 SpeedVac Kits
Safety coverlock. Variable drying rate. Manual/auto timed run.
Time/temperature display incorporating membrane touch pad switches.
Thermo Scientific Savant SPD121P SpeedVac KitsThermo Scientific* Savant SPD121P SpeedVac Kits
Deep aluminum standard PTFE-coated chamber.
PTFE plumbing and tubing. Safety cover lock.
Thermo Scientific Savant SPD131 SpeedVac KitsThermo Scientific* Savant SPD131 SpeedVac Kits
Deep aluminum standard PTFE-coated chamber.
Two valve manifold with built-in automatic bleeder valve.
Thermo Scientific Savant SPD1010 / SPD2010 SpeedVac / SpeedVac KitsThermo Scientific* Savant SPD1010 & SPD2010 SpeedVac & SpeedVac Kits
Integrated design for plug-in simplicity and control.
Digital display for viewing and setting parameters (time, temperature, vacuum).