Thermolyne Vortex Maxi Mix I Mixers

from Thermo Fisher Scientific

Thermolyne* Vortex Maxi Mix* I Mixers from Thermo Fisher Scientific M16700 M16710-12 M16710-12-26 M16710-33 M16710-33Q M16714 M16714Q M16715 M16715Q

Low Profile Vortex Mixer

  • Excellent for mixing single tubes, multiple tubes and small flasks.
  • Continuous operation or touch-on mode.
  • Ensures fast, uniform mixing.
  • Compact design.

Product Description

  • The soft foam rubber pad permits vortex mixing of 1 - 4 test tubes simultaneously, depending on tube diameter.
  • Excellent for mixing the contents of small flasks with closed tops.
  • Convenient top-mounted push button on/off switch can be activated with either a finger or test tube.
  • Vary vortex mixing by simply changing the pressure of the tube or flask against the foam pad.
  • Clean, white durable plastic case is both acid and alkaline resistant.
  • Special rubber feet prevent mixer from moving during operation.
  • Supplied complete with one extra foam top (PT167X2), power cord, and plug.


  • Enzymatic and RIA assays.
  • General test tube mixing.
  • Biochemical assays.
  • Vortexing cell suspensions.
  • Mixing tissue samples.
  • Viral dilutions preparations.
  • Precipitated Assays.


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