Thermolyne Vortex Maxi Mix III Mixers

from Thermo Fisher Scientific

Thermolyne* Vortex Maxi Mix* III Mixers from Thermo Fisher Scientific AY492X1A M65800 M65820-33 M65824 M65825 PT500X6A PT500X7A PT500X8A PT500X9A

Versatile Vortex Mixer!

  • Four interchangeable accessories.
  • Variable speed control - 100-2200 rpm for gentle or vigorous mixing.
  • Continuous, trouble-free shaking of loads up to 5 lb. (2.2 kg).

Product Description

  • The Maxi Mix III combines the strength of a heavy cast aluminum base with proven counterbalance system.
  • Spring dampened feet eliminate creeping/walking of unit during large volume mixing.
  • Supplied complete with one soft foam top (PT500X6A), a three-wire cord, and plug.


  • Four mixing and shaking accessories perform the function of four separate apparatus, saving valuable bench space in crowded labs and clinics.
  • Choose from foam pad, universal holder, utility tray or flask holder.
  • Precise matching of an electronic speed control to a high torque DC type motor provides versatile speed selection ranging from 100 to 2200 rpm.
  • Lighted main power switch indicates mixer is operating.


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