Barnstead ROpure LP Storage Reservoirs

from Thermo Fisher Scientific

Barnstead* ROpure* LP Storage Reservoirs from Thermo Fisher Scientific D2622 D2623

Our Most Versatile Reservoir!

  • Rigid polyethylene.
  • 100 liter capacity.
  • 24-hour, automatic controls.

Product Description

  • Reverse osmosis systems require storage to eliminate back pressure on the reverse osmosis membrane and provide the quantity of water that will meet your requirements.
  • Barnstead provides a variety of storage reservoirs ranging in volume from 30 liters to 200 gallons, depending upon your needs.
  • All tanks are equipped to ensure automatic operation when used in conjunction with the Barnstead reverse osmosis systems.
  • Whether your need is for small volumes to feed a NANOpure, E-pure, or EASYpure II, or large volumes to feed an entire building, Barnstead has the tank for you.
  • Complete with automatic controls, ensuring automatic operation in conjunction with Barnstead reverse osmosis systems (except ROpure ST).
  • Draw-off points include spigot and feed port to NANOpure, E-pure, and EASYpure II systems.
  • Port to provide for installation of all style NANOpures and E-pure pump protectors.
  • Rigid polyethylene, providing strength and protection against material recontamination.
  • Optional sight glass available to alert you of water level within the reservoir.


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