BriskHeat SRMU Silicone Rubber Heating Blankets

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BriskHeat* SRMU Silicone Rubber Heating Blankets SRLCB SRMU020612 SRMU020612P SRMU020624 SRMU020624P SRMU020636 SRMU020636P SRMU0206D SRMU0206DP SRMU021212 SRMU021212P SRMU021224 SRMU021224P SRMU021236 SRMU021236P SRMU0212D SRMU0212DP SRMU021818 SRMU021818P SRMU021836 SRMU021836P SRMU022424 SRMU022424P SRMU022436 SRMU022436P SRMU050612 SRMU050612P SRMU050624 SRMU050624P SRMU050636 SRMU050636P SRMU0506D SRMU0506DP SRMU051212 SRMU051212P SRMU051224 SRMU051224P SRMU051236 SRMU051236P SRMU0512D SRMU0512DP SRMU051818 SRMU051818P SRMU051836 SRMU051836P SRMU052424 SRMU052424P SRMU052436 SRMU052436P SRMU100612 SRMU100612P SRMU100624 SRMU100624P SRMU100636 SRMU100636P SRMU1006D SRMU1006DP SRMU101212 SRMU101212P SRMU101224 SRMU101224P SRMU101236 SRMU101236P SRMU1012D SRMU1012DP SRMU101818 SRMU101818P SRMU101836 SRMU101836P SRMU102424 SRMU102424P SRMU102436 SRMU102436P

Product Highlights.

  • Thin, our lowest profilesilicone rubber blanket with multi-stranded resistance wire.
  • Easy-to-apply industrial strength pressure sensitive adhesive backing option.


  • Power densities: 2.5 watts/in2 (.004 watts/mm2), 5 watts/in2 (.008 watts/mm2), 10 watts/in2 (.016 watts/mm2).
  • 120VAC single phase.
  • Heating element is laminated between two layers of 15mil fiberglass reinforced silicone rubber.
  • Moisture, chemical, and radiation resistant.
  • Exposure temperature range: -60°F to 450°F (-51°C to 232°C).
  • Dielectric strength of over 2000 volts.
  • Silicone density 16.8 oz/yd2 (570 grams/m2) per layer.
  • PFA extruded power leads: 12” (305mm) standard length.

Ordering Information:

  • Standard Sizes and Wattage.
  • Rectangular & Round.
  • IMPORTANT: Temperature controller is required for this product.
  • Other Sizes and Designs Available.

Product Matrix Detail:

  • Product Series: SRMU

  • Power Density:
  • 02: 2.5 watts/in2     05: 5 watts/in2     10: 10 watts/in2

  • Dimensions:
  • Rectangular: 0612 : 6" x 12"     Round: 06D: 6" diameter

  • Pressire Sensitive Adhesive:
  • P: with PSA     blank: without

  • Lead Length Adjustment Option:
  • Additional lead lengths in 6" increments: example
  • -096: 96"     blank: standard 12"

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