Thermo Scientific General Purpose Refrigerators

from Thermo Fisher Scientific

Thermo Scientific* General Purpose Refrigerators from Thermo Fisher Scientific 02LREETSA 05LRAETSA 05LREETSA 05LREETSV 20LREETSA

Safely store samples at temperatures from 1° to 12°C with Thermo Scientific Value Laboratory Refrigerators, featuring adjustable temperature control and manual defrost.

Product Description.

  • Adjustable shelves or baskets included.
  • Environmentally friendly, CFC-free insulation and coolant.
  • Factory tested prior to shipment.
  • NRTL tested.
  • Easy-to-clean, durable finish.

Ordering Information:

  • These units are intended for basic laboratory use only.
  • Storage of high-value, life science materials or clinical biologicals may require alarm, monitoring, back-up and temperature performance features.
  • The need to add these features should be determined by your industrial hygenist or safety officer.
  • These units are not suitable for corrosive environments.


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