Barnstead standard cellulose acetate membrane
NOTE: P/N are made available for units up to 8 years old or until inventory is depleted.

Thermo Fisher Sci D6828 : Barnstead Cellulose Membrane

Thermo Fisher Sci IncD6828Barnstead standard cellulose acetate membraneIndividually (EA)Obsolete! This item is no longer available.Thermo Fisher Scientific D6828, Barnstead D6828, Cellulose Membrane D6828
Barnstead standard cellulose acetate membraneThermo Barnstead D6828 Cellulose MembraneProduct description:Barnstead standard cellulose acetate membraneThermo Fisher Sci IncBarnsteadThermo Barnstead D6828 Cellulose Membrane logoMPN: D6828 SKU:D6828 Model:D6828
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